7 Signs Your Friend Likes Your Crush

Your best friend is someone who knows about your secret crush. 

That is why it hurts the most when your best friend likes your crush secretly and you found it when you least expect it. 

If you are suspicious and don’t want to ruin your friendship with just a doubt, make sure you have a valid reason to feel so. 

And here, we’re talking about the signs to check if what you believe is true. 


7 Signs Your Friend Likes Your Crush

Your crush and your BFF both mean a lot to you in different ways. 

The one is someone you’re having a great friendship with, while the other one you’re expecting to have a lifelong relationship with. 

And it’s normal to feel doubtful when after letting them know about your crush, your friend is being clingy and their behavior feels odd. 

To get rid of that doubt, if your best friend has a crush on your crush, then the following signs will help you confirm the case.

1. Your friend tries to look better but puts you down often.

They already know how much you’re into your crush. 

Being your friend, they are supposed to fix your meetup with them, if they know your crush more. 

But instead of fixing you, they attempt to look better than you and often try to make you look less in front of your crush. 

2. Your friend asks more about your crush than they should know.

Well, your Bestie knows enough about your crush. 

But, lately, your conversations are about nothing but your cute crush. 

When they ask you more questions about your crush, you can doubt that maybe your friend is also interested in them, too. 

3. Your friend has a harder crush on her than you do.

You are good at hiding a crush from someone, but your friend isn’t. 

Every time when you are together, your friend seems more uncomfortable, like having a romantic attraction

They can’t be normal when your crush is around.

Well, your friend might say that they don’t have a crush on someone, but they do and that’s on your crush. 

4. Your friend knows more about your crush than you.

While here you’re trying to know about your crush somehow, your friend has everything figured out. 

She knows your crush’s hobbies, what he’s doing on a Sunday afternoon, or what he thinks about you.

Possible that your friend is already connected with your crush like you’re hoping for.

5. Your friend often reminds you that you’re not a match to your crush.

And to prove that they often point out how your potential date is out of your league

Their remarks that you’re not good enough, is to break your confidence.

Maybe your friend is trying to get closure to your crush, and for that they need to remove you from the line. 

6. Your friend seems to hang out a lot with your crush.

It’s not a problem until you get to know it and figure it out by yourself. 

Your friend is trying to hide that your crush and they are getting along. 

If they’re nothing wrong to you, then don’t have to hide it, but here they’re. 

7. Your friend isn’t the same as they used to in your friendship.

You notice that your bestie’s behavior is getting odd for no reason.

There was no fight or any arguments, but something seems off. Well, a changed behavior of a friend can’t always be because of your crush.

But it is when you have a double-faced friend, who cannot see you happy with someone. 


What To Do When Your Friend Likes Your Crush?

Noticed that some of the signs here relate to your situation precisely? 

Well, this is an indication that your friend likes your crush for sure. 

And, now what? Whether you should tell your friend to stop or you’ve to tell your crush who he likes the most among you both. 

None of that, both are even uncomfortable options. 

It is always a good idea to discuss it with your friend without getting emotional. 

After all, you also have to know if this crush is more important than your best friendship.

So don’t just do anything, without much thought. Think wisely. 

There’s also the possibility that your crush likes someone else, while you ‘two friends’ are here fighting for no reason.