17 Signs You Are A Clingy Friend

Do you always need a friend to talk to you about everything? Do you always seek validation from others to accept you? 

Do you feel insecure when your friend shows up with someone else and not you?

Well, you might not feel it, but it seems that you’re being a clingy friend to others. 

It could feel like you’re being a good friend to someone and caring for them. 

But, when they don’t need your care and you’re just being too clingy. 


17 Signs You Are Being ‘A Clingy Friend’

You can’t be there for everyone, nor should you. 

When you try to be everything to your friend, you also expect the same from them. 

Refer to the most signs of clingy friends to know that it’s you already or you’re slowly being one. 

1. It’s only you who calls or approaches them every time.

Because no one is as available or interested to talk to you, like you. 

Everyone got some work, and maybe you should, too. 

Signs Of A Clingy Friend

2. You never care to check if a friend is free to talk with you.

Being clingy, you often invade your friend’s personal space. 

Nor do you ever respect someone’s boundaries, but you want someone beside you. 

3. You don’t mind paying for someone, you just need someone.

Well, you can’t spend the weekend alone like your best friend occasionally. 

Instead, you expect some friends to accompany you. 

You try to convince them to be with you, even paying for their lunch and everything. 

4. You always feel the urge to talk to someone.

After work, in the evening, you expect someone to discuss your office problems or life situations. 

If one friend is busy then, you call another to share things. 

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5. You sometimes feel jealous of your friend.

You might be with them all the time, very close to them. 

Knowing a friend is having a girlfriend or moving to another town for further study, makes you feel lonelier and jealous. 

6. You try to keep your friends’ attention.

And to do so, you don’t mind if you have to do crazy things. 

You’re fine with childish acts just to make sure everyone is with you. 

It’s hard for you to believe that you could be happy with friends.

7. Your friend has started giving you excuses lately.

No one wants to hang out with you anymore. Or occasionally. 

Maybe it was not so fun or you’re too clingy a friend they want to get rid of. 

8. You make sure that everyone thinks good about you.

Anything you do for someone is to make sure to keep your good image.

You force yourself to be likable to every friend and even keep reminding them what you did for them years ago. 

9. You expect too much from them.

Fine, if you do something for them as part of your role in friendship. 

But, it’s wrong to expect the same from others. 

Because not everyone is you and you might not be their sole priority. 

10. You want to have at least one friend to talk about after a get-together.

Meeting your friends and partying isn’t enough for you. 

You still need someone to rewind everything and how much fun you all had. 

You just can’t let someone go, even if they’re already late home. 

Signs You're Being A Clingy Friend

11. You keep asking friends, ‘Is everything okay?”

This shows your desperate behavior. 

You think that this person might be upset as you didn’t pick up their call or text her within three minutes. 

Well, there’s nothing wrong, it’s you who are being too clingy. 

12. You fear that your friend forgets about you.

This insecurity constantly makes you do anything to keep their attention. 

What if they forget about you and replace you with another friend, this fear is always in you. 

13. No one asks you ‘Are you okay?’.

Either because they know it must be some depressing conversation later on. 

14. You always seek approval from your friend.

It’s hard for you to be alone and do something by yourself. 

Even to get groceries from the mall, you need a friend to accompany you. 

Not only that, but you also feel like your friend needs you around them all the time.

15. You get easily mad at friends but apologize even faster.

When your friend doesn’t understand you or doesn’t reply interestingly, you get upset. 

After being alone for a few hours, you can easily get along with them. 

Because you’re too clingy and don’t want to be alone. 

16. You have to know everything about your friends.

Just because you share everything about yourself, doesn’t mean they also have to. 

It’s you who are asking too many questions about your friend’s life, relationship, or job. 

17. You often stalk your friends’ activities online or offline.

Thanks to social media, you get updated with everything your friend does in their life when it’s not with you. 

While in person, you keep gossiping about other friends and have to get all the details. 

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What To Do When You’re A Clingy Friend?

You might not relate to all the above signs, but going through them you already know that you’re being a clingy friend and you need to stop right now.

It’s fine that you care too much for your friends and want them when you need them. 

But, it’s not possible for them to always stay with you all the time. 

Being too clingy in friendship, they turn away from you or even block you from life. 

All you need to do is to be respectful of your friend’s time, feelings, and personal space.

Rather than being around all the time, check if they want you there or not.