8 Signs Of A Happy-Go-Lucky Personality (And, How To Be Like Them!)

Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 08:09 pm

Want to befriend someone who has a positive and fun-loving nature or has a more relaxed approach to life?

Take note of these signs of a happy-go-lucky personality to recognize them.


What Is A Happy-Go-Lucky Person?

Talking about happy-go-lucky people, who have the easiest personalities to get along with. 

Of course, they’re a positive attitude and are the kind of a lovable person that everyone wants to be friends with. 

They’re not careless, but don’t take anything over their head. Especially the negative ones. 

Their quirks and silliness may appear odd sometimes, but they remain positive no matter what.

Rather they find their way to enjoy little things and be happy anyway!


8 Signs Of A Happy-Go-Lucky Personality

Most people feel stressed over the little things in life and lose hope easily, but happy-go-lucky people have a completely different outlook on life. 

It is more important to them to live their lives with no worries and to find reasons to stay positive. 

If you want to be more relaxed, add more laughter to your life, and be healthier, these are some signs you should look out for. 

A happy-go-lucky person has such traits that give them a different perspective on life. 

1. They habitually look for the positive, always!

It’s of course, challenging to be relaxed and positive in any situation. It is necessary, though.

An optimistic, happy person always prefers good over bad and positive over negative.

Instead of expecting much, they focus on the positive side of everything. 

2. They don’t complain but are flexible with their demands.

It’s not like a happy go lucky people are always blessed. It’s easy for them to adjust. 

They don’t usually complain about things. However, they look for a solution and follow it.

If there is no solution, they lower their expectations and proceed. 

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3. They are away from unnecessary worries.

People over-worry about the small things, happy people find joy in them. 

Of course, they have big dreams and goals to achieve, and also take challenges.

However, they are more likely to enjoy the process of accomplishing something than being concerned about the outcome. 

4. They keep their child inside alive.

Some people might get irritated by their childish nature or silly behavior.

That’s what makes them happy-go-lucky.

It’s not fun to live the same way, every day. There must be a bit of humor. 

Happy people who can’t help but find humor in anything they encounter. 

Do you know that friend or someone who is always smiling, laughing, and having fun? Those are signs he or she is happy-go-lucky. 

signs of someone is a happy-go-lucky person

5. They don’t take life too seriously.

Some prefer them as childish adults because they seem to be careless about life. 

It’s not the case, they’re serious about life and already aim for big.

However, they don’t let it interfere with their enjoyment of everyday life. They keep smiling.

As well, they know how to laugh at themselves and keep the situation lighter to work more efficiently. 

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6. They remain hopeful.

People who are happy-go-lucky don’t react to pressure or disturbances. When they’re into it, they do it.

They work with full focus and attention. Their minds are filled with positive thoughts.

These people probably prioritize success and celebration over failure and challenges.

Such an approach gives them an upbeat outlook on life. 

7. They spend enough time with things they enjoy.

Most people are too busy in life to spend time on themselves or their hobbies.

While some finds time to do things they love, such as playing sports, spending time with kids and family, and taking a vacation. 

Being able to spend time on good things and spending time outside, help them to maintain such a happy-go-lucky personality.

8. They are thankful for what they have.

Your problems become bigger the more you complain and worry. 

It is more common for happy-go-lucky people to spend time on good things rather than negative ones.

They remain hopeful because they have an eye on what they have achieved so far in life. 

Happy-go-lucky people can be grateful for everything in life and eventually attract more good things with this way of thinking!

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How To Be A Happy-Go-Lucky Person?

Have you ever wished you could be happy and lucky like someone else? 

Well, that person might already have more challenges than you. Despite this, he manages to remain happy in any situation. 

Yes, they’re the happy-go-lucky people who inspire you to be more positive in life. 

How To Be A Happy-Go-Lucky Person

You already have the signs of a happy-go-lucky personality and you could develop it by following similar traits.

But the transition isn’t that easy.

To be a happy-go-lucky person, you need to put yourself in a better position to think, react, and behave positively. 

Here are some small steps you can start with: 

  1. Start to accept things as they are without much expectation. 
  2. Be grateful for the things you already have. You’re lucky already. 
  3. Put no pressure on yourself about things you cannot control. 
  4. Try to look at the positive side of something.
  5. Find enjoyment in little things every day. Let’s be silly like kids.
  6. You want to have a fun-loving and positive connection.
  7. Keep believing that all will be well, later.


Having a happy-go-lucky personality means, you see the positive side of everything and look for fun in everything… It helps you stay younger and healthier.