12 Signs Someone Looks Down On You (And, How To Deal With Them)

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 05:52 am

There is no way you could be likeable to everyone in your connection.

Not everyone will appreciate you for what you do.

Even friends feel jealous and try to bring you down when you get better but not they.

While some can’t say any good about others.

Whatever that is, you better to aware of such telltale signs that someone looks down on you and they don’t deserve to be with you.

Whether it’s one of your close friends, a coworker, or someone from the neighborhood, better not waste your time on such people who disdain you inside. 


What Does It Mean When Someone Is Looking Down On Me?

Well, the simple meaning of ‘when someone looks down on you’ is… that person doesn’t like you. 

And the way they treat you itself proves that.

This involves, constantly putting you down, making fun of you, and simply being awkward or uncomfortable around you… and even, they start ghosting you for no reason

All because they have no respect and care for you. 


Ever Wonder, Why Someone Would Look Down On You?

Some do it because they’re jealous of your success or feel insecure about your progress.

It is possible that you might have done/said something which they take it personally.

Else, maybe they see themselves as ‘the best’ than everyone else.

Therefore, don’t make assumptions about why someone doesn’t like you.

Maybe this individual treats everyone the same way.  

Some people do it by nature, while some feel fearful to express their ‘real’ interests or likes. 

Some just can’t say any good about others.

They are known to find faults in the ‘person’ who is praised by everyone.

You can check whether this person is among your friend circle or at your office, simply by noticing a certain type of behavior.

Knowing such signs will tell if someone is looking down on you and isn’t enjoying your company. But pretending it. 


12 Signs Someone Looks Down on You

When someone doesn’t like you they simply show it from the nonverbal clues specifically towards you.

In several cases, such signs you get to see when someone is looking down on you, whether it’s from your friend circle, your work colleague, or even a new dating partner you dream of as a lifelong relationship. 

1. They behave awkwardly or are uncomfortable around you.

Find out if they act the same way with everyone, or only to you. 

It’s the first step to finding out whether someone has a natural tendency to disrespect everyone…

Or if they carry something personal against you that leads them to behave in such a negative manner. 

When someone in your group doesn’t like you, they simply don’t interact with you much and avoid any conversation with you.

Fake smiles, giving very little to the conversation, or not wanting to talk with you specifically are signs that someone does not like you and also does not feel comfortable with you.

signs someone looks down on you

2. They never make eye contact with you.

It’s because they fear that if they do so, you will get to know that they don’t like you. 

Whether it’s a new friend or a coworker you sit beside, check…

Are they making eye contact with you or prefer catching other people or the walls around while talking to you? 

Someone may be kind of shy, feeling uncomfortable interacting with someone. 

But if they always look down on you or don’t involve themselves in communication the way others do, that’s because they don’t enjoy your company. 

You can count this one as nervous behavior but it’s also the one sign that someone looks down on you, as when your discussions most of the time go above their head.

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3. They are always in a hurry when you need help or to talk.

It shows that you are not someone’s priority, and they don’t enjoy being with you. 

If you are their favorite person or not but when they have some respect for you…

They will prefer at least listening to you and promise to help you out any possible way they can. 

But, when someone is always making excuses for their busy schedule or simply informs you that they have no time to talk, it means they don’t care for you.

Prefer scrolling social media feeds while you are discussing something important to them…

Or keep checking the time left are signs that someone doesn’t like you and want this conversation to end as soon as possible. 

when someone looks down on you

4. They try to keep the conversation short and to the point.

It is someone who isn’t interested in getting to know you or sharing anything with you. 

In a genuine friendship or loving relationship, the communication is always two-side and both the parties contribute equally.

As if you both want to continue the discussion, you can feel the excitement in the air.  

On the other hand, when someone doesn’t enjoy your company, they simply keep the communication to a lower level.

You can see that they do not contribute to the conversation and avoid anything to say which keeps the conversation further.

A simple ‘yes or no’ reply or just an emoji over anything to say, are clear signs that someone looks down on you and has no interest to talk anything further with you. 

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5. They show no interest in staying in touch.

It’s most likely a friend or colleague who has no interest in contacting you again. 

If someone respects you as a friend or as a person to share something with, they eventually show their excitement or interest in staying in touch.

They either ask for your contact number or send you a friend request on social media. 

But, there’s someone who avoids sharing any contact information with you or shows no interest in making more connections.

Indeed, count it as one of the clear signs that they don’t enjoy your company

Nor, they have any further plans with you. 

When they do not want to learn more about you, you can’t make the connection possible by yourself. 

Deal with someone who looks down on you

6. They never care to see How you feel or react to them.

You mean nothing to them and they show no interest, respect, or care to you. 

Whether you call it careless behavior, inattention, or not being involved in the relationship, they show absolutely no interest and respect to you. 

They don’t pay attention to how you feel or how you will react… Because you are not their priority.

All they want is to stay away from you as much as possible and never give too much attention to you. 

No matter if it’s your best friend who prefers someone else over you or a coworker who doesn’t even ask for your opinion in a meeting…

Which tells that, You mean ‘nothing’ for them. 

Such ignorant approaches to you are signs that someone looks down on you and hates you. 

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7. They cut you off from the conversation, most of the time.

When they have no respect for you, they disagree with anything you say. 

You might have friends who talk too much about themselves and never leave room for anyone to speak.

It is always apparent that people like these think they are above everyone else. 

It can be either someone from your group or at the working team but this person won’t let you speak and share your views.

In every conversation, they always add something that either cuts you off or drags the discussion back to about themselves. 

A constant interruption and never paying attention to your words, are signs that someone thinks they are better than you.

Possible that this person is a bad communicator and also lacks social skills… especially when they do this to everyone. 

someone looking down on you

8. They always target you with their jokes or pranks.

When you’re the only one they make fun of, it’s either they like you or it’s just their dislike. 

Fun and a regular joke are crucial to building close friendships and relationships of passion. 

It’s okay to some level, as this shows people really like your personality and also kind of comfortable to you, for doing or saying something stupid. 

But, you also have to watch out for not being treated like a granted and letting someone show no respect for your feelings.

You should not allow anyone to cross their limits or do anything that would hurt your feelings and kind nature. 

If you have such a friend or colleague who constantly makes fun of you or does pranks on you…

It’s their approach to show their hate towards you. 

When someone doesn’t like you they always name it ‘just a joke’ rather than apologizing for hurting your feelings. 

These are signs that someone looks down on you and uses jokes and humor to put you down in front of everyone around you because they dislike you. 

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9. They are more determined to change you.

Especially when they have no choice but to be with you, they want you to live like them. 

Most likely, your partner simply found something wrong about you that they think you better fix before moving forward with this relationship.

Something which they never expect in their future partner and they try to change it as possible.

It appears that they are expecting you to appear perfect to their expectation. 

There will always be differences exist between two individuals.

And, the process of adjusting and accepting these differences is something that gives a relationship its power and uniqueness. 

But when your partner or friends always try to change you to something which you are not, these are signs that they don’t like you for what you are. 

Signs they look down on you

10. They never talk about a connection with you openly.

This shows that they aren’t confident or comfortable being introduced as your partner or friend. 

Does that friend only talk to you only when you are in a group together or also care enough to contact outside such a meeting? 

Or do you have a partner who usually hesitates to post your selfie on social media?

Are they worried about letting others know, you two are together? 

This shows their insecurities and uncomfortable nature around you.

Perhaps they do not like you or something about you makes them want to stay away.

Or they are not sure what to expect from this relationship.

Any hesitation to contact you directly or to show up publicly are clear signs that your partner or friend doesn’t like you and has no respect for you. 

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11. They make sure you don’t get too close.

Well, when they look down on you, they won’t do anything to make you feel good about yourself. 

You can count the energies that you get from your coworker who has a great connection with everyone, but you. 

Either they are behaving too professionally to you or keep the talk only limited to work only.

They behave friendly to others, but you. Further, they do not attempt to know about you or make fun of you.  

Their treatment of everyone else in the company is totally different from yours.

Such biased and intentional behavior is actually a sign that your coworker looks down on you. 

And via not giving any attention to you they try to keep you in control because they don’t like you and never wish to overtake them even at a professional level. 

What to do when others look down on you

12. They correct you and advise you on everything.

It shows that they fear if you will leave them behind. Such coworker sees you as a competition, even being in the same team.

Are you feeling like they are the only one who dislikes everything about you?

Are they pushing for changes and pressuring you to follow their instructions? 

It all shows they are trying to dominate your mind, let you think you can never be good as they’re. 

Such intimidated coworkers or insecure people behave more like a boss of your life…

Who always has something negative to say about you and tries to put you down. 

Their advice and suggestions are more likely to reverse your progress than to help you in life. 

Always correcting you on everything plus not giving any appreciation or respect for what you do for them are signs that someone doesn’t like you and wants to keep you under pressure. 

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How Do You React When Someone Looks Down On You?

It is a heartbreaking and shocking experience when you learn that someone dislikes or disrespects you, even if you have done nothing wrong to them. 

But, here you’ve to understand that we don’t have control over everyone’s mind, their words, and the way they behave to us.

Sometimes it could be your fault. But not always, Remember that.

Whenever you are to blame, you need to just apologize and should be more careful with your behavior. 

Well, if you found yourself relatable with the most signs that someone looks down on you, the first thing you can do is to check whether you have done something wrong. 

Or it’s in their nature to hate everyone for no apparent reason. 

In such case, you’ve nothing to do about them.

Let them do or think what they want.

You better stay focused on what you’ve been doing.

Never see yourself as so weak just because of someone’s words.

Remember, it’s just in someone’s nature to treat everyone as inferior to them, you can’t change it. Nor you should be stressed over it.

Keeping your focus away from those who wish to bring you down is the right thing to do.

Spend more time with people who look up to you and actually want you to be famous and successful in life.


Consider doing your good work and being your true self, without checking who likes you and who doesn’t.

Because the way you have no control over their thinking, they have no control over your unique nature, kindness, or dedication, as well.