12 Signs You Are A Patient Person

Do you often hear someone saying, ‘I wish I had such a level of patience as you’, or ‘you’re very a patient person’ and all? 

Maybe your level of patience is irritating to your nearest people.

Because they can see your friend is taking advantage of you or it’s a tough time for you…. but you still appear as if nothing happening.

Possibly you don’t take anything personally or prevent yourself from being harsh to anyone. 

No matter what the reasons may be, you might have a patient personality that lets you remain calm and collected in any situation.


12 Signs You Are A Patient Person

When you adjust to a situation instead of complaining about anything, you’re being patient. 

Well, not every situation is the same. Sometimes patience comes naturally, but in other cases, it is very difficult. 

But if you’re a patient personality, it’s easy for you to stay cool and calm in any situation.

You don’t lose your temper… while others find it tough or impossible. 

To check if you are patient, you need to check your reaction to a variety of situations.

Let’s check with such apparent signs to know how patient you are. 

There might already be someone trying to test your patience by getting under your skin

1. You’re happy with your process and not frustrated with it.

The good thing about patient people is that they give more than they expect.

It doesn’t matter how many trials it takes to accomplish something.

No matter how long you have to wait, you don’t mind. This shows that your patience is strong while waiting for results.

You keep yourself busy working. 

Signs of being a patient person

2. You show a flexible nature and adapt when required.

Those who are patient can adjust themselves to various situations.

It’s your go-getter mindset that doesn’t let you see everything from one angle. And let you make decisions faster.

You also don’t treat everyone the same way.

It’s your patient personality that allows you to manage your nature and approach rather than making situations difficult for everyone. 

3. You’re being optimistic about life.

You don’t take any pressure when things don’t go your way.

Nor do you bring your frustration out on anything or anyone.

It’s simply part of the process, you know.

Well, the good thing is that you keep your focus on the bright side and keep putting in your best efforts.

Thinking positively and keeping cool comes naturally to you like most patient people.

Because they know where they’re going in life. 

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4. You’re totally determined to get something done.

It is not enough to have the confidence to set higher goals in life.

One must be patient while working toward such goals. Because big goals demand a great level of dedication.

You know what you’re aiming at in life.

Same as you, you do not stop going forward even when faced with challenges or small wins/losses.

The fact that you are determined to achieve success already makes you patient enough to handle any difficulties.

5. You make others feel comfortable around you.

Well, you might act according to your nature.

But those who know you well are already aware that you have a patient personality.

You’re a kind-hearted person and always be there for someone in need.

At the office, at home, or in your friend circle, you see others are drawn to you and connect with you very easily.

The common characteristics of a patient person show they are supportive, helpful, and friendly to others.

Your patience helps you to limit your expectations from others and accept them for who they’re. 

Signs you've a patient personality

6. You look for the solution and don’t just sit there.

Well, your level of patience is challenged during the stuck situation when there is no way out.

How you handle yourself and how you react to those who just give advice but don’t do anything, also require patience.

But you’re not like those who just complain and wait for miracles.

Instead, you get more active to find a solution and try to fix the situation. 

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7. You don’t pay attention to rumors about you.

What others are doing at your back is none of your business.

You don’t even care to check what others say about you.

It’s easy for people to talk negatively about you and criticize you when you do something different than them.

Being a patient person, you’re habitual to handle such critiques well, by ignoring them.

Because you know they don’t determine your self-worth. 

8. You stay focused on the present and what you do right now.

Neither you let the past events control you nor do you let the anxiety about the future undermine your confidence.

You very well know how to keep your cool and stay working.

You set your priorities in life clearly and never lose focus.

You never are found complaining about the past or daydreaming about anything, because you’re living in the moment

9. You never hesitate to learn from anyone.

No matter how young or old someone is, everyone is unique and better at something.

When you see someone doing great in life, you don’t compare yourself with them.

Instead, you appreciate them for their uniqueness.

You don’t feel hesitation to ask for help. Even you’re ready to learn at any stage and from anyone.

Because you value knowledge over your ego. 

10. You see challenges as training and not as obstacles.

How you see the roadblocks on your way to success define whether you’re a complainer or a patient nature.

While the complainer has nothing to do but just moan about the problem, you as usual work in silence.

Rather than lowering your effort after hitting an obstacle, you improve it. For you, challenges are a way to prepare yourself.

This is a sign that you’re such a patient person by nature.

Signs you are such a patient person

11. You are hopeful in life that one day everything will be better.

No matter how hard your life has been with you, or no support you get from others, you never lose faith.

Inside, you believe that one day everything will be greater than you ever imagined.

You don’t expect others to value you, but leave it up to them to realize your worth over time.

While being a patient person, you keep your entire focus on what you have to do in life. 

12. You know you can’t have control over everything.

The clear acceptance that not everything is under control is already a sign that you’re a patient person.

You don’t want to control others’ thinking, perspective, situation, and outcomes.

Because you know nothing is in your control. You don’t waste your time trying to prove something.

Instead of that, you play your part well and do what you can do to improve your life. 

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How To Keep Your Patience When You’re Losing It?

When you feel connected to most situations above and accept that you can keep yourself focused, such are signs that you are a patient person by nature.

While it all depends from person to person and situation to situation. 

Still, there comes a time when no matter how patient a person you are, you feel that you’re reaching your limits.

And, you want to let the frustration out.

When that happens, notice whether you’re striving for perfection or not.

Check if you’re expecting too much from the situation or someone. 

If so, you need to lower your expectations from others and outside factors. On such things, we have no control. 

If after doing so may attempt, you still don’t get what you deserve, that means it’s time to change your plan. 

Keep testing with new approaches or you can also need to lower your goals, maybe you’re being too ambitious and set goals too high.


Sometimes, it’s also a good idea to get your frustration out, instead of pressuring yourself to be patient.

Same way, it’s also good to set your boundaries clear for those who bother you to see how patient person you are or can be.