14 Signs You Hate Someone (And, How To Stop?)

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 05:59 am

If you hold grudges against someone, you’re living in the past.

Apparently, the signs that you hate someone are so evident, that you know such behavior in return hurts you… but now getting over it is hard for you.

In the long run, carrying hatred for someone affects your mindset and life the most.

And so, it becomes critical that you control your hatred for anyone.


Why You Should Stop Hating Someone? (At Least, for Yourself)

Hatred is a really poisonous thing.

It might be you who dislikes someone, but while throwing out your hate for them, you do more damage to yourself, than to them. 

When you hate someone, all your energy, time, and feelings are wasted on someone else.

That’s not a good deal. 

On top of that, you are most likely to stay away from positive things in your life, such as success or happiness.

Because they mostly show up on your big day to spoil it.

Later on, most of the time goes into hating someone.

You deserve good times and everything you want, but negative emotions like ‘hate’ hold you back.


Signs You Hate Someone So Much

You can have your reasons to hate them, no matter how valid they might be.

Getting rid of such hatred for anyone is actually a huge favor to you.

However, after some time you need to realize that you are the one who appears more hateful and becomes toxic to others. 

How can you stop hurting yourself due to carrying hatred for someone?

It is possible for you to remove the poison from yourself, but first, you have to know if you really hate someone, or if it’s just a temporary emotion. 

The following signs of hatred, show that it is so toxic it affects your mental well-being.

1. You always find something wrong with them.

Every time they do something or say something, you feel annoyed.

No matter whether they’re right or wrong…But in your eyes, they’re wrong, anyways. 

Your approach to them is so negative and truly toxic.

That, you can’t agree with them on any point. It’s all because you hate them so much.

2. You don’t want to have any connection with them.

In general, when you dislike someone, you tend to distance yourself from them.

You leave no room for them to connect with you at any level. 

Regardless of how close you are to a person, you act like you don’t care about them, when you really hate them. 

From avoiding eye contact to ignoring greeting them, are signs you hate someone and you want to cut them off from your life. 

3. You feel very anxious when they’re around.

Your behavior is not welcoming to anyone when the person you hate is within your sight.

Whether it’s in their attempt to get under your skin or not but you feel irritated.

But even though you are away or have no regular interaction with them, you feel worried. 

It’s becoming hard for you to connect with others when someone you hate is there.

You simply can’t ignore that person, as your hatred is strong.  

4. You get irritated even just by thinking about that person.

It’s their name alone that makes you easily irritated, and you don’t like anything about them. 

Your mood and tone of voice have suddenly gone from relaxed to filled with rage when you are hating someone. 

No matter how bad the person they’re, if someone tries to provoke you and you react… They actually win over you.

While others are praising that person, you’re the one who picks their mistakes, anyway. 

Just a small discussion about them is enough to spoil your mood or even the day, which is a strong sign of hatred.

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5. You start to hate yourself for doing something for them.

You seriously don’t want to engage with them in any way possible.

When they are coming toward you, change lanes. But if you have to do something for them, you do so with a heavy heart. 

You stress yourself out too much and spend the rest of the day regretting the help you provided to them. 

These are signs that you hate someone with your heart, but pretend to be nice around them.  

6. You simply avoid any conversation with them.

And if you must have, it was just small talk that made no sense. 

You can’t even make eye contact with them. And, there’s no way you enter into some deep-level conversation.

Well, that’s not possible because you dislike that person, anyways. 

Even though they talk about something you’re passionate about, you simply avoid the discussion, particularly with that someone, which is a sign you dislike someone very hard. 

7. You end up insulting them now and then.

You have that negative impression of that person.

You aim to bring their confidence down every so often.

It’s hard for you to say something nice to them, even as part of the formalities.

But, you start to cut them off during the conversation or simply insult them in front of others.

Beware of your hatred for someone, it may ruin your reputation and image, too. 

8. You don’t tell them too much about yourself.

Whereas to others, you’re open and free to talk about anything. Except to them. 

It is not in your best interest to share your good or positive experiences with them.

You feel that they’ll either be jealous or they don’t deserve to share anything good. 

It is your insecurity and discomfort that make you more private around someone you hate. 

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9. You can only be happy when that person is in pain.

In that person’s absence, you make fun of them, and when they’re around, you try to be nice. 

When someone is going through a painful situation and facing challenges, it makes you happy.

Instead of helping them, you defame them. 

Saying something negative, blaming them, or even keeping them under stress with mean jokes are all signs that you hate someone and would like to see them fail.

10. You look for ways to put them down.

You never miss an opportunity to criticize them.

Whatever you can, you do whatever you can in order to break their self-confidence.

You try to lower their morale and keep them under pressure if at all possible. 

Then you become that hater of that person who stalks their posts and makes sure to leave something negative about them.

That clearly indicates you dislike someone so much. 

11. You truly want to destroy their life.

Well, if you choose to, you can simply focus on yourself and make something of your life. 

But, as you’re filled with hatred for someone, you put all of your efforts to damage their reputation.

In this way, you set them up for failure at work or in their personal lives. 

Most of your time is spent talking behind their back and manipulating others against that person you hate most, which is a sign your hatred for someone spoils your life.

12. Your heart aches for their success and happiness.

Your inner self cannot feel good or positive about them, you want them to fail. 

Even though they don’t depend on you or they’re independent, you still want them to fail hard.

You relish watching them enduring distress.

Well, you’re just like that jealous colleague who feels intimidated when someone’s role increases and could threaten them later.

Wishing someone bad luck inside and hoping to hurt them are strong signs you really hate someone.

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13. You treat them completely differently than others.

It is totally different how you interact with others and that person you hate. 

No matter whether there is a conflict between you two or not, you treat that person as if they do something wrong to you all the time.

To others, you’re a friendly and very likeable person. But only with that person, you can’t resist showing the hatred you have inside. 

14. You don’t hesitate to express your hatred for them.

The issue with someone is temporary and gets resolved as time passes. 

The problem is, when you hate someone with your whole heart, there is no way for you to fix it.

Neither you are ready to change your nature, nor do you forget about them and move on.  

Since it’s so hard for you to let go of that person, you constantly do things to make them think that you really dislike them, without any remorse or hesitation.


Why does hating someone mean hating yourself?

Hatred is definitely damaging and shows the ugly side of your personality. 

No matter what the reason may be, hatred eventually leads to misery.

You could improve yourself, achieve great things in life, and create the life of your dreams.

If you keep hating someone, you won’t achieve any of these.

Because of your hatred for someone, you stay away from what is best for you now and in the future.

In fact, the above signs are enough to tell you that you hate someone really hard, which ultimately costs you your happiness and peace.

You certainly do not want to ruin your life because of someone you dislike. 

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How to stop hating someone and move on?

If you would like to remove the hateful feelings toward someone and also realize that you are keeping your life from progressing and succeeding, you need to make a change

Here are a few good ways to stop hating someone and start moving on in life.

  1. Be careful not to get upset with someone. Put your energies into the right direction.
  2. Accept that person for who they are. Nothing you can do to change them. 
  3. Stop giving them anything, even your time or attention. 
  4. Whatever they did wrong to you, just move on. This is hard but necessary. 
  5. Be careful not to let your peace be ruined by hatred for anyone.
  6. Be with the person you love. Avoid discussing someone you despise with anyone. 
  7. Turn your mind to your future and focus on it. You’re better off investing your time and energy there.


It’s not healthy to hate someone. The more you think about them, the more it affects your mindset to think good. So why keep you under pressure, due to someone you dislike.

The best response is to stop thinking about them and start thinking about yourself and your life.