7 Signs Someone Is Trying To Get Under Your Skin (And, What To Do)

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 06:26 am

No matter how patient you’re, there’s always that one person you get to meet that never fails to annoy you. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about them. 

But, it’s better if you ignore them or don’t take them seriously.

If you notice the early signs that someone is trying to get under your skin, you don’t have to deal with anything they do or say.

And, to help you deal with such irritants, here are some tips to follow when someone gets on your nerves.

You don’t need to waste any more time dealing with annoying folks.


7 Signs Someone Tries To Get Under Your Skin

Not necessarily that person is your talkative or selfish friend.

It could be the person sitting next to you at work, or it could even be a sibling or parent. 

Well, you need to be on the watch for signs that prove someone is trying to make you mad, panicked, or disappointed.

Just don’t let them get you, somehow. 

1. Someone starts to ignore you.

If you refuse to do anything they want from you or do not agree with them, you’re likely to receive silent treatment from them. 

They simply can’t see and accept that they could be wrong. 

Indeed, the ignorance you have from your friends, or the silence from your partner, family member, or anyone is part of their passive-aggressive behavior towards you. 

2. Someone becomes dangerous and toxic, eventually.

Being around dangerous people makes you feel worthless.

Suddenly you lose all of your excitement and enthusiasm. 

You tend to feel sad, negative, and toxic to anything and anyone. Just because of ‘that’ person.

If someone’s presence is off-putting and their every word is destroying your confidence, such are signs that person is trying to get under your skin. 

Better to Stay away from them, that’s good for you.

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3. Someone who is always critical of you.

There will always be someone who never has something nice or positive to say about you.

No matter how well you perform or how many right things you do, they never praise you.

But they’re often the first to criticize when something doesn’t go as planned. 

Negative comments, criticism, and praising others to undermine you are signs that someone might be getting under your skin; maybe it’s your manager or colleague at work. 

4. Someone makes you feel you’re not good enough.

They always make you feel that you’re unattractive or simply unfit for them.  

Well, such negativity doesn’t just come from any outsider, but also from your home, too. 

It could be your parents and family who don’t care about you or friends who just don’t like you without having any reason why.

Someone who pulls you down constantly is not someone you want in your life.

5. Someone abandons performing their responsibilities.

All of a sudden, they stop doing their chores and the things they are responsible for. 

It is simply because that person wishes to put pressure on you and burden you.

It is their intention to control your mood and feelings by giving you more work or responsibility. 

Families and colleagues can display this behavior by no longer helping.

They keep around but avoid being involved as they once did, and try to manipulate you. 

6. Someone who constantly interrupts you at work.

This could be jealous coworkers who are intimidated by you or a boss who sees you as a threat

But, they never let you stay focused on something you do with great passion.

Rather than letting you excel, they discredit you and denigrate your efforts.

Every word they say is just meant to destroy your confidence and distract you from work, which are clear signs someone is trying to get under your skin.

7. Someone always has excuses for you.

When it’s only false promises, they show that they are only there to help you.

But when it is time to support you, they give you nothing but an excuse.

It could be a friend that uses you and leaves you in the dark, when you need them.

This doesn’t happen just once, they do it like every time. 

Such individuals know only to talk.

They are skilled manipulators, yet they never actually help others.

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What To Do When Someone Gets Under Your Skin

Well, what is your immediate reaction when someone irritates you or does something that provokes your anger? 

Do you do what they want or just exert pressure on yourself to control yourself? 

If It always happens to you that someone gets you, now it’s your time to do something not for them, but for you. 

Because you don’t want to waste your image or mood just because of someone else.

And, here are some things you can do to not let anyone get under your skin anymore. 

1. Before responding, wait a moment.

If you instantly react to them and appear concerned, after their comment, they win. 

But, not anymore.

Give yourself a moment to reflect on what you will say and do. 

Is it going to change them for the better or damage you even more?  In other words, avoid them. 

2. Start to distance yourself from them or cut them off from your life.

It’s hard to stay focused when you’re interrupted by sneaky or disgruntled employees.

Stop giving them any attention, any more.

Make sure your boundaries and limits are clear.

Even more, you should say no when you are forced to say yes by that someone. 

And when they still don’t stop, simply cut them off, no matter how long you’ve been together. 

3. Don’t take them seriously.

Keep your head up.

No matter what they say to you or do anything to irritate you, show you’re not affected a bit.

Don’t make yourself so vulnerable that anyone can damage your confidence with such negative remarks.

Become more independent and self-assured. 

Overall, you can completely avoid contacting them or don’t take them seriously at all. 

4. Try to be more understandable and kind to them.

It’s always challenging to remain calm around people who are so sneaky and annoying. 

We all have our own opinions and viewpoints, remember that.

No matter what, you can’t change them or help them.

Why can’t we just accept the person as they are? For the sake of kindness, at least. 

Maybe when you stop trying to change them, they will change themselves, eventually. 

5. Divert your mood and focus on something positive and important.

Indeed, why let someone destroy you, if they do not know the journey you are on? 

You are unique and have a purpose in life you want to fulfill.

When they don’t have a goal for themselves, they will divert others, who have a purpose in life. 

Rather than focusing on people like that and what they do, it’s better to be more positive and confident about yourself. 

Even though you try hard, you end up meeting someone who wants to annoy, irritate you and bring out the worst in you.

Ultimately, your focus should be on your development, rather than responding to such people rudely.

Never waste your time proving anything to anyone.


It’s necessary to spot signs that someone is trying to get under your skin, right away.

Because of this annoying person, you might end up hurting others as well. It could negatively affect your reputation.

Therefore, never let irritants adversely affect your mood or feelings, anymore. Stop taking anything from them.

Do what you do, stay what you are, just don’t ever let anyone under your skin, anymore.