14 Signs You’re Too Independent (And, Actually Fighting Alone)

Last updated on July 15th, 2022 at 09:16 am

Being independent draws people to you for guidance. Too much self-reliance makes them flee, as they believe you can do everything on your own and don’t need around you. In this post, we will cover common signs that you’re too independent and fighting your battles alone. 


How do you know if you’re too independent?

Independent people are those who are able to set higher goals for themselves, change something in their lives, and keep going in spite of no support from others. 

Of course, achieving independence is good for your life and career. 

That way you make the desired accomplishment possible. More than that, you actually learn to be happy with yourself anyways. 

But when you’re so independent in a relationship or career, problems may arise.   

Whether it be for friendship or relationship, you may have difficulty connecting with others.

Or others may perceive you as an intimidating personality, which most of the time makes your partner, colleague or friends feel uneasy around you. 

You may not realize it, but your independent personality actually makes people feel inferior to you, as if you don’t care about anyone or anything at all. 

And the good thing is you’re strong and determined enough to figure everything out, by yourself. 


14 Signs You are Overly Independent that Isolates You

Now let’s take a look at some good signs that present you as a strong and confident person, which help you accomplish a lot in life. 

Plus, these signs also demonstrate common characteristics of an independent person, which makes you one of them.

But you also need to watch out if that makes you isolated from others.

1. You are after goals that no one, only you believe in.

Do you aim for goals that no one knows or believes, but you? 

If so, that means you live your life by your choices and are confident about it. You want to figure something out of your life and actually know HOW. 

Earlier, you may have sought some support from others. 

But when you keep getting rejected, it makes you habitual of being independent for everything. 

Since then, you have never stopped working on yourself and now you are more confident when working alone than with anyone else. 

Such great determination to process are signs that you are an independent soul. 

2. You are always busy with your work and career.

Now that you have clear goals to live by, you don’t waste time anymore.

It seems that you’re passionate about something in life. That daydream you see while working is actually your inspiration to put on your best work every new day. 

You know work should not be your only priority, but you let it be the one. 

But no one has expressed interest in your idea, so you continue to work on it alone. 

Especially when you have a purpose for your life, you are mostly busy working on it. 

You are no longer spending time on activities that do not add value to you and you prefer to work without any support or guidance, which are great signs you’re too independent. 

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3. You are a strong-minded person.

You don’t mind when someone forgets to wish you or give you a gift on your birthday. 

There’s nothing in the outside world that can change your mood and a positive mindset. You are free from all of that. 

Like when someone tries to pull you down or backstab you at work, you don’t care at all. 

Because you know your worth and where to invest your energies. 

When you are confident in yourself and know how to handle things around you, those are signs that you become an independent person who can make the right choices in life. 

4. You say NO without a second thought or hesitation.

This comes naturally to you, but not to others. You talk honestly and remain straightforward.

Well, sometimes you appear like a cocky person to express your confidence and opinion as it is.

It may, however, make others feel offended. 

On the right side, some people see it as good quality, because you are being your true self. 

When you stop being too nice and say what you really want to say, it shows that you are talking facts and are confident about that. 

Having boundaries in life and setting priorities are great signs that you’re so independent and actually know to take care of your needs. 

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5. Your all decisions and choices are purely yours.

When you decide on something to do, you make sure that you’re ready to do it alone later on. 

Maybe you asked for advice or suggestions from others. When their beliefs don’t align with yours, you don’t force them to believe.

It instead makes you decide to be independent. 

You consider your thinking, ideas, values, and dreams in the planning process. 

Which ultimately gives you strength and motivates you to continue working without being dependent on others. 

You believe in your gut feelings and actually, take reckless decisions. 

Whenever something doesn’t go as planned, you also have a plan to fix it. Those are signs that you’re an independent person who’s prepared for anything. 

6. You are very confident about your abilities.

What others think, believe, or talk about you, you have no concern for that. 

What matters to you is what you think of yourself, what you can do, and what you cannot do.

You of course are confident about yourself and also know your limits, too. 

You consider logic and are always prepared to work on yourself. 

Overall, you’re that leader who is totally filled with strengths and has some good habits. 

But also, you never feel shy about accepting your limitations and actually doing something about them, which are signs that you’re too independent. 

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7. You know to let things go rather than keep them.

You don’t like holding grudges and collecting regrets. 

Rather than spending a lot of time complaining about the damages, you fix the problem. Eventually, you learn a lesson and just move on. 

When it comes to failures and challenges, you don’t let the toxicity spoil your other day. 

Inside, you believe whatever negative happened in your life was just one part and should be left behind at the right time.

You are just never afraid to cut someone off your life

Such an approach to forget, forgive, and move on are nothing but characteristics of an independent person who prefers to keep going. 

8. You never hesitate about change and new opportunities.

Working on new projects or taking on new challenges is exciting for you. 

You have no fear of working on a completely new task for the first time. Because you are ready to improve your skills and upgrade your personal version. 

While others pick a relaxed option, you go for the route that no one knows about. 

By overcoming such challenges, you are actually training yourself and investing in yourself. 

Confident attitudes like these are signs that you are an independent personality. 

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9. You are always ready for whatever life has for you.

You are not the one who prays for an easy life, but the one who asks for strengths. 

Whatever your past has been, you are way ahead of it and have learned some valuable lessons.

You are living in the present and making the most of it. 

Indeed, you’re worried about the future, but you do something in the present for that. 

Your higher goals are more like motivation than to keep you scared of the future. 

When you’re away from the past and excited about the future, living in the present, that is a sign you’re an independent thinker.

10. You take full charge of your entire life.

Whatever you do you do it properly with your all hearts in. 

You don’t do anything under pressure. You know what exactly you want from your life and make the right choices following the right path. 

Other people’s beliefs or opinions are not what drove you. You are confident about your views. 

Maybe you are misunderstood as the controlling personality, but you are more about your life decisions than the others ones. 

When you know where you’re going in life and can make the changes likewise as the situation demands, this is a sign that you are an independent person. 

11. You actually make other people jealous or intimidated by you.

Being an independent and confident individual makes some feel jealous and afraid of you. 

The reason is that you are the one they can secretly wish to be or know that they won’t be like you. This creates insecurity in them, secretly hating you and more likely they do something to destroy you

You are just never afraid of anyone and be clear with your approach to such toxic behavior. 

Since you are too focused on your goals and know how to make effective decisions, you successfully handle such people with reserved thinking. 

You just ignore them and bring yourself out of such a blame game, keeping your cool because that’s not what you need in life. 

Such confident moves in challenging situations are signs that you’re too independent during your hustling period. 

12. You take great care of your family and parents.

Well, being self-reliant doesn’t mean you are the only one who made you. 

Generally, your parents, friends, and closest people are those who help you make confident choices while not questioning your dreams. 

Along with an independent personality, you’re a kind-hearted person who takes good care of family, friends, and the new joinee of the team. 

Your family and friends are also so proud of you. 

You know how important it is to maintain a close relationship with them and spend time with them. 

Whether it’s moving out of your parents’ home or the purchase of a house for mama, you actually prove that you know your responsibilities now and that you’ve become independent now. 

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13. You are actually afraid to ask for help.

When you have the image of being independent, it’s quite hard to ask for some external help. 

The thought of asking for advice or help just doesn’t seem right to you. Because you don’t want them to see you as weak or insecure. 

Or else, others realize they can help you best but simply stop offering it. 

This is most common to the most self-reliant individuals that, they can do something the hard way, but mostly ignore taking others’ help. 

Lacking the confidence to ask for help from others or being unable to share your viewpoints with anyone are signs you’re too independent and alone. 

14. You have no problem being alone forever.

Actually, you might have decided that you live your life by yourself all alone.

All because you know how to handle yourself and can control everything by yourself. 

You don’t have any problem celebrating your birthday with a few people, or even not getting any wishes from others at all. 

The way you live your life shows you are enjoying the way life goes now.

You are more concerned with figuring out your life purpose, as well as becoming the best version of yourself, without any pressure or societal expectations. 

You are totally happy with yourself and actually choose to be alone than feeling pressure to be with someone anyhow and, those are clear signs that you are so independent.

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When You Know You’re an Independent Personality…

It’s not necessary that being independent always means having opposing opinions. 

Your thinking and way of seeing things are quite different from others around you.

It may take others time to understand your thoughts and to be as confident as you. And you better accept the differences than force others to believe in you. 

With these signs you’re too independent now you have an idea that you are completely on your own.

But you also need to make sure that someone in your workplace or relationship should not feel inferior or low due to your approach. 

Embrace your independence while showing others respect for being in your life.


Be the one who helps others to feel confident and independent by themselves, than to intimidate them with your overpower.