9 Signs Your Job Is Killing You (And, What To Do When You Feel So)

Last updated on November 10th, 2022 at 06:50 pm

‘Working’ is an integral part of life, but when the work itself becomes a life, there is no life left to live.

Sound familiar?

Then check out these signs that your job is killing you.

As well, we will share a few tips on what to do if you want to quit the job but are unable to do so. 


How Do You Know When Your Job Is Killing You?

Despite the fact that most people are unhappy with their jobs, not every job is ‘that’ toxic one. 

The reasons behind feeling drained at work differ from person to person and job to job. 

Some are unhappy because they are underpaid or not appreciated as per the work they deliver.

Some are unhappy because their superior or boss makes it difficult for them to work well and with focus. 

While some are at jobs which they are not sure what they’re doing. 

Like, some are frustrated with their jobs, and others are frustrated with the ‘working’ itself. Those are such quitter mentality who just can’t fit into no work at all. 

But, here we are talking about those feelings you have that ‘my job is killing me’.

This is about how the dreadful job that is negatively affecting your mental health as well as your entire life. 

If you feel that this job is slowly killing you, quitting is the only option you normally get to see. 

However, before you make any sudden moves, it’s important to examine first whether your job is toxic or you see it that way. 

Check if the work does not align with your dream job or if you simply hate working there.

And, here are some signs that you may be in a toxic job that negatively affects your mental health and personal life.


9 Signs Your Job Is Killing You (As It’s A Toxic One!)

You might be that workaholic employee who devoted his time and life to the job or the one who feels under pressure to work.

Plus, these signs are clear clues that your work-life balance has been impacted and you should do something about this miserable job. 

1. You are unable to think or feel positively about anything at all.

When you are not happy with your job, everything feels negative.

After returning from work, the rest of the evening and night you constantly complain about how horrible your day was at work and how sick you are of working there. 

That’s all because you hate your job and simply can’t quit it. 

In the situation where you feel like you have no other choice but to work at this job, you’re stuck. That slowly impacts your ability to feel and think good about anything. 

Which are the foremost common signs that your job is toxic. 

2. You’ve picked up negative habits due to work pressure.

When you know you have no other option for this work, you start to escape from reality. 

That draws you more to the negative habits and toxicity in your nature. This is nothing but your approach to lower the pressure – or just a way to demoralize you.

Since you aren’t expecting anything positive in life, you only cause negative things to happen. 

If you already developed some bad habits like smoking or drinking even knowing they aren’t good for you but you use them to declutter from work stress, those are signs that your job is slowly killing you.

Such negative influence due to work is impacting your soul and mindset.

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3. Your health and life quality are sacrificed due to overworking.

Even though you’re overly motivated to work, that can cause trouble for you. 

It may be that you are that workaholic who lives by his job and uses it as the only reason for living.

In either case, you sacrifice your health, your peace, and sufficient sleep, all of which lead to further issues in your life and relationships. 

You’re not sleeping enough, not eating or overeating due to work stress, and not taking care of yourself.

All of which are signs that your job is slowly killing you because you’re busy all the time.

4. Your family and nearest one also suffer a lot due to your work stress.

Career and relationships are important aspects of life. However, they should be kept separate. 

Indeed, you spend more of your time at work than at home with your family.

But that doesn’t have to negatively impact your family and valuable relationships in life. 

Watch out if you find your work is affecting your personal or family life. 

Your family never has to face the pressure at home, the same you feel at your work. 

When your family or kids suffer a lot because of your work anxiety, those are signs your job is toxic and also impacting your personal life, too. 

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5. You barely have time for yourself due to this toxic job.

What was the last time you did something you loved or went on a vacation? Can you recall?

If not, that means you’ve not got any chance to do something for yourself. You are so busy in life, working and making money that you forget to make the best use of that time or money.  

Even though you work from home, you have no time for yourself or your family. 

Such an overworked lifestyle and keeping busy in the job are not bringing you anything positive at all. 

When your work-life balance appears to be damaged and these are signs your job is killing you even if you don’t feel that. 

6. You start to feel empty and lost in life.

You feel like your life will never be any good or change from working at this deadly routine.

Beware, this feeling empty and lost from life could be the early signs of depression in life. That is most commonly found in someone who is working at a job that they’re not into. 

You lost your interest and passion for something. You like nothing and feel no good. 

Possible that you find no hope for good in life. You’ve stopped dreaming or working passionately for the goals that you want to achieve. 

Such feeling worthless or blaming yourself for everything are signs that your job is toxic. 

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7. You are not motivated, but you are forced to work harder.

Monday mornings are hard for everyone. But, yours feels dreadful. That’s a serious thing. 

Every morning, whether on Monday or any other day, you start to hate your life from that moment on.

You no longer feel inspired by positive and motivational quotes. 

Although you know you have no choice but to go to work, you cannot seem to stop hating it. 

Maybe you’re working at an inappropriate job, your work environment is toxic, or you’re tired of this routine boring life you live. 

Moreover, when your work is more pressured to you than helps you become a better person, these are signs that your job is toxic and you feel stuck in the wrong job

8. Your emotional, mental, and physical health suffer at this job.

Work should remain the only part of your life. Never let it obstruct your other priorities. 

Having a job or a business provides you with financial support for your family and your personal needs. 

It is also important for your work to enrich you as a person. 

While this current job requires you to sacrifice your mental, emotional, and physical health.

You may not even realize but it’s already happening to you.

When your soul, mind, and body are suffering due to your routine those are signs your job is killing you as you’re at an unhealthy job. 

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9. You wish to quit this job, but you can’t.

Constant project targets, meetings, and office problems all make change impossible. 

You’re constantly complaining and making excuses for your bad boss and all the negative things at work.

You can’t change it though, because you don’t think you have any other option. 

Most of the time you take your frustration out, but actually get habitual to it. 

Since you feel stuck in the working and achieving targets of your company, you forget about your dreams and your personal self. 

Any approaches where you force yourself to keep doing this dreadful job while ignoring other good things are warning signs that your job is killing you and you are letting it be.


What To Do When Your Job Is Killing You?

After examining such signs, you now have the feeling that you really are stuck at the wrong job. And this job is costing you more than it gives you back. 

Following are some tips about what to do when you feel that your job is getting toxic to you. 

A. Determine whether the problem is the job or your approach to it.

First and foremost make sure that you’re not that victim mentality or lazy one who just wants to stay away from work.

Most of them see any work as toxic and they want to avoid it. 

Although we can be in the wrong job, not every job is wrong for us. 

So Identify whether your approach to this job is wrong or you are incompetent for this job. Such self-analysis helps you to change your mindset before you quit the job. 

B. Do some preventative action against your work stress.

When you find that your approach to your present job is all wrong, that means you need some time to settle your feelings.

Feeling work anxiety when you’re new to this work is normal, but it usually fades with time

But, when you’re constantly around those who complain and make excuses about their work, you’ll feel the same.

Instead, be positive and develop some good habits to work with focus. 

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C. Taking a vacation, a short or long one will help a lot.

If you cannot recall when was the last time you took a vacation, then it is time to go for the new one.

Working for your family and yourself is all fine, as long as it gives you time to spend time with them. 

If that isn’t possible, then your work-life needs to be redesigned in order to spend more time with your family.

You want to enjoy life and live it instead of spending it in front of the computer screen. 

A. Seek good advice and assistance from others.

That means we will no longer make excuses like ‘my job is killing me’ and all.

Here you will share your thoughts and feelings to come up with a solution and won’t complain about it.

Be with some good people from your work industry or outside that understand you and know your abilities well.

Their advice might help you choose the right job or pursue your passion more effectively. 

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E. Find the work you love. And just Quit the toxic job.

Even though knowing that your job is toxic for you, simply leaving it is not possible at all.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck and pressurize yourself for it. 

When you want to make a change, there’s always hope for you. 

Take time to figure out things you love doing. Prepare your resume and start applying.

Always do some research and planning and the next option is ready before leaving the toxic job. 


Immediately leaving the job after knowing signs your job is killing you, is no way a safer option, ever.

Also, don’t use ‘quitting the job’ as an excuse, but have this as your reason to find work that completes you and do something that adds value to your life.