12 Signs Your Boss Likes You As An Employee (And, You’re Favorite In The Team)

Last updated on December 31st, 2022 at 06:26 pm

When your boss is not happy with your performance, you’ll be informed.

However, when your boss trusts you and cares about you, he never lets you know.

Agree with you… It’s not fair. But, It is what it is.

So, you might want to look for signs that your boss likes you as an employee, and whether or not your hard work and passion for this job are being respected by your company.  


How Do You Know If Your Boss Respects You?

Particularly when you keep working hard at your job without trying to impress anyone including your boss, eventually you’ll get attention. 

There is no need to worry about whether your boss cares about your efforts or not; instead, you always put forth your best effort.

That’s because you know your job and strive to do your best. 

Your efforts are already noticed, displaying a sense of seriousness and passion for the work

With such unique qualities at your job, you eventually earn the respect of your boss and your manager.

There’s nothing like bragging or trying to leave an impression, but you always focus on giving your best rather than plainly talking about it. 

Have you ever wondered whether your boss or manager appreciates you as an employee?

If so, then pay attention to the signs that prove you are your boss’s favorite employee and trust you more than anyone in the team or in the company. This is, of course, one kind of appreciation at work.  


12 Signs Your Boss Likes You As An Employee

1. You have a direct and regular connection with your boss.

Getting noticed for your work is the first step to gaining appreciation on the job. 

Having regular interactions with your boss is not essential.

However, it is at least necessary to let your boss know that you work for him/her.

And yes, here we are talking about earning respect for your performance and the quality you deliver at work. 

If you are consistently in contact with your boss at work and are performing well, this is a sign that you will be appreciated at work. 

This is because your superior already know you and how you contribute to the projects. 

2. You are well-tested by your boss or manager.

Well, your work is no longer routine, boring, or the same as everyone else’s. 

In fact, you feel like you have more to do than anyone on your entire team and are one of the busiest employees in the company. 

It may initially feel frustrating or cause you to complain. 

In that case, your boss tests your potential and invests in you to help you being an expert in your area. 

If you consistently get extra work and challenging tasks, you can count this as signs that your boss likes you as an employee, is preparing you for better roles. 

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3. You are a trustworthy employee that they can rely on.

That’s great that you have access to their most important clients & projects. 

As your manager or boss, they are constantly watching you as an employee and monitoring you as a trustworthy person to trust upon.

And when they give you a most crucial job, that means you impressed them with your performance plus gained thier trust.

Usually, bosses don’t share such details with anyone they don’t trust. When you’re trusted by your boss, that’s itself an appreciation.

When you are aware of your boss’ most important strategies, decisions, or project details, that is a good sign he trusts you and you’re his favorite employee.

4. You are given a charge in the absence of your boss.

If your boss is on vacation or unavailable, you are in charge. 

You should be pleased that your position within the company is steadily growing and that your boss sees you as a leader.

Plus, he provides you with such opportunity to train your leadership skills. 

In the absence of your boss, other team members, and management contact you.

Usually, when a manager is away from the office, he transfers his duties and responsibilities to the closest and most likable employee. 

If your boss chooses you to manage the team while he or she is away, this is a sign that they like and trust you more than anyone else in the team.

5. You feel respected & recognized at your jobs.

Possibly, you receive great attention from the boss in the team and management. 

You might not be aware, but your boss is impressed with your work and behavior at work.

Possibly he may have advised management to extend you additional perks, and make you feel appreciated at the job. 

You’ve been mentioned many times by your boss, so management knows you are a valuable employee to watch out for. 

From feeling respected for your performance to often being recognized in front of the whole team or company are signs that your boss appreciates you and likes you as an employee.

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6. You are the link between your teammates and the boss.

You can reach both of them quite easily than anyone else. 

When your boss has something important to share with the team, he picks you because you are that trustworthy employee who knows you well. 

On the other hand, when your colleagues have some request or proposal to make to your boss, they choose you.

Because they know you and your boss have some good connections. 

Being trusted by both parties from your teammates and the boss are great signs that you’re everyone’s favorite at the job. 

7. You have the authority to make decisions for your team.

Usually, the boss feels intimidated to transfer control to others until the employee is trustworthy or ready for the responsibility. 

Yes, that’s who you are.

You are viewed as a trustworthy employee to share something and an effective team player who can take charge.

Since your boss has been watching your performance for a long time, he knows what you’re good at and how dependable you are. 

When your boss gives you the power to take decisions and plan strategies. 

Most probably your boss is also aware of your critical thinking skills plus believes that you can make great decisions, these are signs that your boss trusts you and your abilities.

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8. You are free to share your opinion and reviews in meetings.

That’s one thing, but the best part is that your opinions are being heard. 

Every time you attend a meeting with your boss, whether it’s a team meeting or management, your boss will allow you to speak.

Often, your boss explains thoroughly how to make reports and prepare for meetings in advance. 

Furthermore, your boss considers your opinion when reviewing every team member’s performance and behavior. Your boss respects your opinions and never doubts them.

Overall, these are good signs that your boss likes you as an employee, plus appreciates in person.

Because you’re his favorite person in the team. 

9. You get timely feedback and guidance from your boss.

Along with the extra work and heavy responsibility, you’ll also receive the required direction. 

When your boss tests your abilities, he often gives you challenging tasks that require extra attention and effort on your part.

During the process to train you to become a leader, your boss closely examines you and helps you become a better employee, to work on your full potential. 

That might seem exhausting for you at times.

But your boss recognizes the potential in you and wants to personally train you so you can become all that you can be. 

It’s indeed a great indication that your boss works on your skills and uniqueness to groom you for a challenging role.

Because your boss wants to promote you, as you he trusts you and can see potential in you.   

10. You are the first one the boss contacts when needed.

It seems like you are your boss’s favorite employee in the company. 

It’s your boss who relies on you to provide information about the team or anything that relates to the team.

Do you feel acknowledged and trusted by your boss?

If yes, that means your boss sees you as reliable more than anyone else.

Contacting you before anyone else or only you, when he needs something urgent or gets done at the moment are signs that your boss likes you plus you’re his favorite one. 

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11. Your boss takes extra care of your needs & requirements.

Because you are such a hardworking and dedicated employee, the boss never wants to let you go.

Here, the most important thing is that you are not sidelined or overlooked.

Your boss sees you as a value and how much your work is meant for the company.

If you succeed in gaining your boss’ trust, he will make sure you feel like a part of the company management.

Your boss provides you with all the adjustments and responsibilities needed to get the job done in a better way.

Apart from that, you can see that your boss wants you to stay with the company plus take care of your most needs at the workplace.

That’s an appreciation for your hard work so far, which are great signs that your boss appreciates you and enjoys working with you.

12. You feel that your boss takes an interest in you outside your professional connection.

When you’ve worked together for a long time, you don’t remain boss and employee.

You become more like partners who are committed to the same goals. 

You’ve been working hard for the company’s success so far. There is no way that your boss will overlook this.

Of course, he is your boss and will notice which employee is working hard and which one is not. 

Due to your long-term working relationship, you know what each other’s nature is outside of work. This no longer feels like a professional or formal relationship.

Moreover, you both like each other’s company as well as joking with each other.

In the meantime, your boss asks you about your weekend plans. Furthermore, he asks you some personal questions to get to know you better in person.

Yes, that’s good in a way. But you should be careful.

Because when things get too personal from the boss’s side, these can be signs that your boss likes you but is hiding it.

It may be that he sees more than just an employee and has romantic feelings for you.

A certain level of formal & limited informal connections with a boss or colleague helps you in a career and to have professional connections.

In the case when things get too personal, you may be adversely affected, and you shouldn’t ignore it. 

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How Do You Tell If Your Boss Cares About You?

Observing you relate to the majority of the signs from the above list, is quite encouraging.

That indicates that your boss likes you as an employee and you’re in his good book.

On top of that, your hard work and unique talent are truly noticed by your management and you’re working with the right company. 

Thanks to your consistent performance and dependable behavior, you are succeeding in gaining the boss’s trust and respect for your role in the company. 

When you have such a boss who cares about their hardworking team and dedicated members, you feel inspired, appreciated, and guided.

Because they know how valuable employees are to them, so to the company.  


Most bosses won’t easily show their appreciation to their employees.

But, when they openly talk about that, they make sure that you stay with the company for a long time and that you will now be more like a company partner and not just an employee.