16 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay With The Company

Last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 07:41 am

Before you send off your resignation letter, consider these signs to see if your boss wants you to stay in the company or not. Of course, it’s possible that your boss likes you as an employee and doesn’t want to lose you. Because… you’re viewed as a true value for the business. 


How do you know if your boss wants to keep you?

Training a new employee in the same role as you does not always mean you will be replaced at this role or indirectly that’s the indication for you, to leave. 

On the other hand, it can be one of the signs that your boss wants to promote you a better position than the present one.

Because he sees some potential with you and has planned something that greatly matches your way of working and skills.

After all, they are more concerned about the company’s overall performance.

Plus, they know how to value the employees who are truly a good investment for the company’s future.

Feeling like your boss likes you as an employee and sees the value in you? Then…

You are more likely to be that good employee that they never let leave that easily. 

In short, if you want to know if you should look for a new opportunity or stay with this company, then these are possible signs that you better look at.

Keep reading to find more signs informing that this company, management, and your boss values you and they plan to keep you in the company for the long term. 


16 Signs Your Boss Wants You to Stay for Longer Period

1. You are treated like a valuable employee.

When your company sees you as a valuable investment and your performance really does matter…

They will provide enough things that make you feel appreciated and respected. 

From giving you a pay raise, assigning you to the team-handling role, or guiding you with constant support are clear signs that your boss wants you to stay in the company. 

Probably he’s impressed with your performance and likes you as an employee.

And so they never want you to leave this company. 

2. You never have to ask for a raise or promotion, you just get it.

First check, Do they have to give you a promotion, or do they genuinely like to promote you? 

Normal employees are kinds of liabilities to the company…

And so the management has to give them raises at regular intervals. 

Whereas, for special employees like you the management follows a personalized promotional plan.

Responsible management won’t wait for promotional time to come to appreciate such hardworking and dedicated employees. 

Which further makes you a special person in the company. 

Because your work is much greater than waiting for the yearly appraisal plan.

And not appreciating such hard work, they don’t want to lose your dedication or focus. 

If you see your management or boss giving you special treatment like this, that is a sign that they don’t want to lose you or feeling like you’re unappreciated at your job. 

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3. You are given the challenging roles and time to do that.

If you suddenly move to the routine work you are doing and move to the important things that involve serious efforts and dedication, that means your boss trusts you. 

They have been seeing your performance and approach to every work you do.

To make you feel confident, motivated, and more involved in the company’s important work, they assign such next-level roles and responsibilities to fulfill that. 

You should not think about it as you are being pressured.

The reason is also that they see you have potential and don’t wish to restrict your abilities to a particular position only. 

Well, it’s definitely showing their faith and trust in your abilities…

But moreover, these also are signs that your boss wants you to stay because your work is now more crucial than before. 

4. You are given the freedom to make the right decisions.

Your boss and management really have good faith in your work you can deliver for them.

They very well know that you’ve been in the industry for a long time and also have some great experience with working for this company.  

Like the challenge, they also provide you the authority and full freedom to do such tasks as well. 

They know you are good at this work and also have achieved expertise in this area. 

If you see that your boss is no longer micromanaging you or doubt about the work you delivered, that shows their confidence in you. 

Overall, giving you authority to make your decision by yourself, further…

Allowing you the favorable conditions to take the right decision are signs your boss wants you to stay in the company for long. 

Moreover, that also shows their trust in you to handle the team and lead the company in the right direction. 

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5. You are appreciated and acknowledged.

Well, this is but obvious signs that your boss doesn’t want you to leave. 

After all, why do they?

You are a valuable employee of the company who has pretty good experience working here and also has a great skill set to bring the company to the next level. 

You find that your boss pays serious attention to your work and appreciates or guides you when necessary. 

If your boss appreciates you in the public and provides constructive feedback when you’re not giving your best to your role…

That means your boss likes you as an employee. 

Publicly appreciating you and giving you credit for the work that you did, are signs that your boss wants you to stay and never wants to leave by any means. 

6. Your suggestions and words are always noticed.

The management and your boss have been impressed with your performance because it speaks for itself.

Due to your expertise in the subject, your boss takes your advice seriously during the meeting. 

Not only that, the boss or management follow the necessary adjustment to the situation like you suggested.

When such happens, that means they see you as a trustworthy employee to count on. 

Whether it’s a weekly meeting or an occasional one, your feedback and suggestions are taken seriously, which are signs your boss likes you as an employee. 

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7. You are trained well for your future and personal goals.

When there is a great boss, they never just focus on the company’s goals and profit alone…

They also show interest in the employee’s professional career and personal life goals, too. 

First, your work develops the trust in your abilities and your honesty gives them trust to treat you like more than an employee, like a vital part of the organization. 

Have your boss asked you about your career plan or something to know a little bit more about you that they can help with? 

If they create such an environment that is supportive to you and aligns with your needs outside employees…

And such are signs that your boss likes you as an employee and obviously he wants you to stay with the company for a longer period. 

8. You are in a separate training program.

Your boss has a special expectation from you because you’re not like the other employees who just come to work, to leave early. 

Your work, dedication, and honesty to this company are truly noted…

And so by training you to become a better person at the job and outside, they do invest in your training program.

You see that your training program is specially designed.

They pay attention to your performance in the sense to improve it, which means your boss is planning something for you in the future. 

Indeed, they see the value in you and never want you to leave. 

And if not, then they never invest their time and money in. Simple, as that. 

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9. You are asked to train the new employees or a team.

Your boss or manager is very well aware of your abilities and they can see the potential in you. 

Every time a new employee comes into the team when your boss allows you to train them for the company’s environment and work culture…

That shows you’re a trustworthy person. 

You have been associated with the company for so long and also got the skill to train the other person as well. 

And knowing this…

Your boss wants you to train the new employees because they see you as the right candidate to share your knowledge, skills, and expertise. 

Further, that’s also a good sign that your boss wants you to stay and to train a more skilled person like you in the company. 

Due to that, your boss also trains you for the team handling position that he wants to promote you to. 

10. You have one-to-one communication with your boss more often.

Well, you are not treated the same as every team player in the company. 

You and your boss frequently have meetings on the major minor details…

Regarding review on on-going project performance to what can be done extra in the new assignment. 

Such one-to-one communication is a clear indication that your boss has an active connection with you than any other one in the team. 

And when you see that such things that you suggested in the organization or work pattern are actually followed…

That means your boss truly relies on you to make the correct decisions. 

Getting timely feedback to actually work on it are signs that your boss wants you to stay because your role in the company is getting more important than before.

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11. Your boss knows you very well, as an employee and in person.

Obviously, this extends far beyond monthly work reports that only show how much you contributed to the company and whether you worked as planned.

Your boss knows you more than an employee and you two also have some good connections outside the work. 

Just as your boss knows something about your work-related strengths and weaknesses, he also knows what you expect and what you need. 

Such a boss will provide good support through the process…

And actually try to provide what makes you feel good about being part of this organization. 

These great connections are signs that your boss likes you more than an employee and never wants you to leave this company.

12. You are getting popular in the company.

It’s all because of the performance and your impression on your boss, together. 

He might have shared his trust in you and your abilities with the management.

From calling you up on important meetings to expecting active participation in company events are signs that your boss sees you as a valuable employee. 

Moreover, your boss gives your name as an example of honesty and dedication to the work.

That further leads to the signs that your boss wants you to stay because he trusts you and wants others to learn from you.

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13. You are provided a sound environment and support.

A good boss is well aware of the team’s requirement for a sound workplace as one important element to stay focused on their job. 

When you share your opinion or reviews about your work requirement as a whole team…

And when your boss takes a serious interest in it and does the required changes that means they care. 

Well, the perks are not limited to monetary only.

It’s more like providing a sound work environment and giving the workplace amenities that employees never ask but generally expect. 

When your needs are taken into consideration like allocating the separate cabin, moving to the preferred place…

Or allowing the remote work without much doubting are signs that your boss trusts you and your performance. 

Moreover, he doesn’t want you to leave this company. 

14. Your boss lets you represent the team or the company.

Have you been given the chance to represent your company at any external meetings or conferences?

Would your boss assign you to run such an important meeting while he is away? 

If so, that means your boss has good faith in you. 

Indeed, what you are provided is truly a next-level appreciation that very few employees receive.

Further, this not only boosts the employee’s confidence but also makes them feel part of the company. 

Anytime that your boss gives you such rare opportunities…

That means you are good at your job and are obvious signs that your boss wants you to stay for a long time. 

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15. Your boss wants to promote you and so takes extra care of you.

Having worked dedicatedly and given your best, now you are an important part of the team and of the company. 

Your boss really trusts you and believes that you are the right person to count on. 

The boss will do anything to keep you in the company if you are consistently performing well and delivering top-quality work.

You notice that your boss gives you special benefits and advantages that no one else receives. 

From regularly complimenting on your performance to attempting to make you feel appreciated at work and these clear signs that your boss wants to promote you. 

Because your boss sees you as a valuable investment.

16. Finally, when your boss says so.

It’s definitely a rare case when your boss says that he is impressed with your work. 

Well, there are many reasons and formal protocol is in the way to express his genuine appreciation for you as an employee.

But, when your boss truly sees the value in you, he just says it anyway. 

Your boss or manager genuinely speaks up that he wants you to stay in the company…

Further, he also considers great care of your requirements as an employee and as a person, which means your boss has trust in you. 

From sharing the indirect signs to clearly showing genuine interest and efforts to keep you in the company are signs that your boss is impressed with your work and never wants to leave this company. 

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What to do if your boss tries to get you to stay?

The management is indeed more concerned about the overall profit of the company and your individual contribution to it. 

And you can see such good treatment as a reason to take advantage of your abilities and skills.

But, you also need to look at these personal skills, you have due to working with this company, as well. 

You can leave this company and find a better one.

As your company is having trouble replacing you, you may also face the same difficulties when you choose this job for the next option. 

Especially when you see the genuine efforts from your management and boss to keep you in the company, you better look at the situation from both aspects. 

Don’t think that they are just taking advantage of you…

It’s more like a mutual connection when you both contribute to each other’s success equally and support each other to achieve the desired goals. 


At last, if you see the most common signs that your boss wants you to stay, you can use this opportunity to negotiate your salary and other benefits at the job. As long as you are appreciated at your job and allowed to live life outside work, it is totally worthwhile for you to stay with the company.