12 Signs of a Good Boss Who Is Hard To Find

Last updated on May 6th, 2022 at 07:29 am

Whether you want to know the top qualities of a good boss, or looking for a leader to get inspiration from, then these signs of a good boss will definitely support you to find the one. Such qualities or signs are of course rare. But, that’s enough to check, Are you under a good supervisor or not? 


How to describe a good boss?

Most people often complain about their horrible boss.

There is so much negativity around the corporate culture, which eventually feels like the word ‘Boss’ is itself a negative, though. 

But, in this article, we are not going to discuss why to hate your boss or the quality of a bad boss.

As a change, we are going to share some qualities of a good boss, supervisor, or manager that are truly a leader which everyone wants to follow. 

Because this boss is really inspiring and encouraging to their employees. Sounds like a myth?

If yes, then take a look at these signs of a great boss or manager and you will find that… Is your boss really that good enough or the same as the majority of employees have?


11 Rare Signs of a Great Manager or Boss Who is Hard to Find

1. A boss that appreciates their employees, fairly. 

A great boss is not the one who only show-up when things are not going well in the company.

Or just to remind the team about their mistakes in the business. 

He/she is the best boss or manager when he never forgets to appreciate their employees. 

Without any direct connection or favors, a good manager treats every employee equally.

The contributions of every employee are of course appreciated the same as their nearest ones. 

Similarly, signs of a good boss/manager showing that every team player feels acknowledged by their performance, rather than treated by direct contacts. 

2. A great boss trusts and never micromanages. 

If you are constantly being watched and tracked for your performance then definitely your time at your job will definitely be challenging enough.

When your manager or boss is just too conscious about work quality, then he will micromanage eventually. 

On the other hand, if your boss, superior or manager shows the required trust in your ability and gives you enough room to work as your specialty, then signs you have a great manager there.

Because they are confident about their team and let them do the work, rather than making it harder for them.

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3. A Boss who knows the importance of employees’ careers. 

There is a boss who has eyes on the company’s profits only.

And there comes a good boss/manager who is also aware of his responsibility towards his employees and team players, as well. 

After working together for a long time, a good supervisor gets to be aware of their employees’ specialty very well.

They never ignore such hints to see employee’s work interests, passion, and skills.

Moreover, they show an active interest in employees’ career development programs. 

As a most important sign of a good boss, employees feel secure and confident about themselves not at the job only, but also in their career. 

4. A Boss who is responsible for the team and their performance. 

That team is really fortunate to have such a great boss who knows his own responsibility very well.

Because in most cases, team leaders, employees are blamed due to the wrong decisions taken by their boss or superiors. 

A great boss doesn’t indulge themselves in blame games, they take responsibility as expected

Rather than complaining or passing it on to others, they focus more on finding the solutions.

Overall, by staying with the team and accepting their own mistakes, qualities a good boss leaves a positive example to their employees.

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5. A Boss who values their and employees’ time right.

You can easily spot a good boss who keeps his meeting short and straight to the point.

Whereas a bad boss is more entertained with irrelevant discussions apart from important ones…. a great boss values office hours well. 

They’re concerned about employees’ hours, along with their own.

Next, they appreciate employees’ time and dedication to the job, as it should.

A great boss never does anything that disturbs employees’ personal schedules out of the office hours.

Because they are well-aware that employees do have a life outside the office.  

6. A Boss who has control over his emotions. 

Whether it’s relating to losing an important client from the business or having some internal issues at the office, a good boss shows his mature behavior throughout.

Rather than being controlled by their negative emotions, a good boss wants mindful discussions there. 

Whereas a bad boss blames their employees for every wrong thing that happens in the company.

A good manager puts more focus on how to improve the situation, what are the possible solutions and leads their team to the right path

As the most common characteristics of a great boss, they know how to separate personal and professional relationships.

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7. A Boss that encourages their employees. 

From valuing the team’s best efforts to welcoming the new employee in the company, a good boss knows how to make their people feel encouraged and noticed.

They very well know what their employees need, and so support them, without even asking. 

When your boss trusts you and appreciates you, he/she gives you room to make required work decisions, then you also eventually feel inspired to give your best efforts to the company. 

Indeed, the most important signs of a good manager state that their employees and team players are motivated to contribute to the company, without any pressures and threats. 

8. A Boss who seeks advice and opinions when required.

Bosses are not perfect, they are human, too. And, not every boss accepts that, so.

Your time at your job will be a daily struggle if your boss thinks he is the best among you all. Moreover, he wants everyone to follow as he says because his decisions and work patterns are just perfect. 

When it comes to signs of a good boss, they never try to be the best in the company.

They know they can not do everything, instead they delegate their work to the one with specialized knowledge and experience. 

They trust their employees and also never hesitate to ask for advice from their employees. Because they believe in individual efforts and skills from a particular job.

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9. A Boss who is adjustable and flexible with his policies. 

When a company’s rules and policies are given more importance than employees’ life, then the work environment will be discouraging and negative in the end.

Of course, rules and principles are required to keep everything well-organized at the office.

But, such rules are worth following when they are flexible with the time. 

A good boss never forces employees to follow the rules. Instead, they create a sound environment that itself aware employees to understand the values of such rules.

Moreover, a great boss understands the situation well from the employee’s side too.

And so, he gives their employees instant relief from such rules and guidelines, which creating trouble in routine life. 

10. A boss who listens to their employees. 

Having an unfriendly and weak leader or boss is the most common thing.

But, when you have a boss who at least, listens to your opinions and what you want to say…. and are such signs you have a good boss. 

A friendly boss creates a sound environment for their employees and gives them a chance to speak up and share their views.

Under the direction of a good manager, every team player feels heard, confident and respected, indeed.

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11. A Boss who makes their employees feel like a valuable part of the company. 

The ultimate characteristic of a great boss states that they treat their employees the best way.

Like a true leader, such a boss appreciates their employees’ time and work very well. 

For them, employees are not just the responsibility of the company, But a real asset of the company.

A good manager/boss never forgets to appreciate employees’ performance and their contribution to a company’s success.

Even on the smallest win, when employees feel encouraged indeed, are showing signs of a good boss. 

Bosses never undervalue the importance of company employees under any circumstances.

For them, employees are the Top priority, which ultimately leads to the most loyal team and dedicated employees in the market.

Same as better investment, a great boss knows how to invest in their employees because they know employees’ actual value. 

12. A Great boss will never let you feel like he’s your boss. 

It’s really hard to find such a boss who actually acts as a leader and not just a manager or boss to watch out for everyone’s every action. 

They are trustworthy, constant, and show care for the people they work with. 

Such an understandable boss knows that their employees may have priorities in their life

They give their employees enough time and support to take care of themselves and focus on personal life rather than force them to sacrifice it for the company.

Moreover, they make them approachable to their people. 

Whether it’s about discussing business goals or life situations, when employees feel free to share their ideas or experiences then these are the best signs that they have a good boss who is hard to find. 

And of course, most other employees don’t have them.

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What qualities make a likable boss?

Well, these are some top qualities of a good boss supervisor or manager, that separate them from the regular bosses.

Whether you looking for the right boss or you are the boss… then this list is enough to notify you about such rare qualities of a good boss that every employee wishes that their supervisor has. 

Of course, there can be more signs of a good boss, manager other than listed here. Which varies according to a person to person.

But, if you want to be a great boss for your people then take one sign or trait from the list and start implementing from this day.

Initially, your employees will be shocked by such a radical change in your approach.

But they will eventually adopt it after realizing that… they have a good boss who is hard to find.


Do you have something to add to this list or any suggestions for us like other qualities that you see in your present boss or manager, then let us know in the comment section below.