9 Signs You Are Underpaid At Your Present Job

Last updated on August 5th, 2021 at 07:22 am

Agreed, that it’s not okay to discuss your salary at work, with your colleagues. But, what to do about those feeling of Being underpaid? How to know if you are really paid as you deserve or not? And these are your proven signs that you are underpaid at work and also not appreciated for your contribution to their company.


Of course, you love working at this job, because it’s your passion. You like the culture and environment in this company, which feels actually like home to you.

But, apart from this all happiness and satisfaction… Will stay at the same job, if you are not getting paid as you deserve? A big NO. Right??

And why not, your work and career are way more than just your salary at this company.

But, when you’re underpaid and not valued as they should… then, it’s time to make the right move for your better career. Because it’s about your self-worth, which is far valuable than the company’s profits or inflation rates.

So how to know if you are paid well, as per your contribution or not? And what to do when you’re underpaid?

Well, firstly you don’t have to take any major risk or straightway discuss it with your boss. First, just proofread such given signs and know are underpaid or being ignored intentionally from the raise?


9 Signs to Prove You are Underpaid at the Present Job

1. Your company’s latest job posting shows the same. 

The simplest and direct way to know if you are underpaid or not is to refer to the latest job posting of the same role, on your company’s site.

Companies often update their pay scale or job description based on market standards. 

And, if you notice a huge gap between the pay scale for new employees of the same position as you are, then it’s sure signs you are underpaid.

May your company have eyes on market salary standards, but forget to update it for their current employees, just like to you.

Similarly, when you also want to refer to more job portals, figure out the salary gap between your company and other companies’ offerings for the same role. 

And, with such right info, you can draw your boss or employer’s attention, and ask for raise to match industry stats. 

2. Company constantly gives you dates, but not raises.  

No matter which role or position you are working in, your contribution to the company always has to be appreciated, surely.

You have invested your time and energies for the success and growth of the company and you deserve a pay raise, too. 

Even though your company is in good financial condition, making profit consistently, and still, your teammates including you are not given regular promotions and salary updation, then it’s proven signs of being underpaid at work.

Of course, as a valuable person, you have the right to ask so, because you’re giving too much to this company than you receive in return.

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3. You are unappreciated, ignored, and underpaid. 

Every time you want to discuss with your boss or manager about your pay raise and salary update, suddenly your boss has any important meeting to attend. If not, then you are assigned a complex project to perform, on an urgent basis. 

They never discuss your salary revision too openly, even with you. 

And when you take a stand and ask them anything about it, you are either ignored or mocked completely.

Well, these can be sure signs you are underpaid, probably they still don’t think that you deserve a raise, or it’s them who just are not in the right mood to do so. 

4. When your salary is revised. But, it does not look like a Raise. 

The great news is after all the hard work and long-term waiting, finally you got your salary raise.

And the bad news is, this salary revise does not look like a raise, By any means.

Your boss shows some interest in appreciating your efforts to his company. But when you get to know the amount of raise, you realize that it doesn’t even fit your transportation expenses or even coffee bills. (1 or 3% is not a raise, it’s just a rewrite). 

Maybe your boss, a penny-pincher or blames inflation or that bad boss who completely undervalues their employees’ contributions at the company.

Whatever the case may be, these all proven signs that you’re underpaid, and undervalue for your skills.

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5. You get promoted just to take more responsibility.  

Your work responsibility and assigned targets are something to know your value in the company. 

Well, this a good side that your boss or manager truly relies on and has trust in your performance. That of course a relaxing sign, that at least you are appreciated for your performance. 

But, here you are rewarded with extra work, and not with a monetary reward.

Whenever you go to discuss your salary raise, all you take back is extra work and more responsibility eventually.

Their expectations from you increase day by day, by when it’s your turn to ask for raise even after giving better performance, they saddle you with higher expectations from you.

Mean to say, when your work responsibilities increase much faster than your salary raises, then it’s pure signs that you are underpaid there.

6. High employee turnover at the present company. 

Employees tend to change their job when they feel unappreciated, unmotivated, and of course underpaid.

Really, there is no need to stay at the job when you are not awarded for your valuable contribution.

If your coworkers or team players are leaving jobs for better growth opportunities, then it’s clear that they are not happy with either present work, with the salary they get, or even if they want to level up their expertise.

And the most common reason is… other company paying more, and offer more benefits for their employees. 

A high employee turnover ratio is a direct indication that your company is not good enough to pay the standard salaries or even they are not interested to respect their employees’ contribution likewise.

It apparently shows that your pay scale is also lower than the market standard. And, here you need to refer to some online job portal and compare your salary with the average pay scale in the market, for the same position.

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7. You had some issues with your boss or management. 

Are you feeling neglected and isolated at your present job? Are you constantly feeling like being undervalued in the company?

Then, apart from your performance and work standards, something more going on in the back there.

If you had some personal issues with your top management or boss earlier, then chances are you end up having hard times at the job.

If your colleagues get regular appraisals, bonuses, and appreciation, and when only you are not on the same list, then you need to take this case personally, because the situation is that personal now.

To satisfy their ego or as an act of revenge, you are being targeted by your toxic, insecure, jealous, or intimidated boss or manager.

Of course, this can be the reason why you are not paid as you deserve.

Recheck more signs of being undervalued at the job.

Plus, take the right decisions that are suitable for your career, before wasting more time at such a place. 

8. You have been in the same job for years. 

Great to know that you are in the same job for around three or more years.

That simply shows your dedication and value for this company, GREAT.

But, do you know your employers can take advantage of this situation, knowing that you aren’t interested in changing your job or will work for them for even more years. 

Even in most cases, the employers tend to appreciate the new employees more… than the present ones.

Yes, that’s the fact.

Companies focus on keeping new employees which they hired in the past few months or a year. But, often completely ignore the ones who have been working for many years.

If you are working at the same job for many years and realize your pay raise is equal or even lower than new joiners or less experienced, then believe these are signs you are an underpaid employee.

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9. (Ultimate sign) Because you never asked for a raise. 

Not every company follows a professional way to raise their employee’s salaries every year or twice a year.

Mostly a small and medium-sized company never takes an initiative to appreciate their employees as they should.

They just wait also think… if their employees will take a stand and they will consider for pay raise. 

Ask yourself, Have you ever discussed your salary increase with your boss? Are you feeling shy to do so, Or just happy with whatever you are earning with this job?

It can be other reasons, But when you have not asked for it since after working for so long, then definitely will continue to being treated as an underpaid employee.

Simply because… your employer or boss will not take it seriously if you are not serious about it.  


So, Are you a satisfied, patient, or underpaid employee?

The situation of underpaid or undervalued can be solved with a mutual discussion with your boss or employer.

So, you don’t have to overthink much about it. But it can get worse if new employers get to know that you were underpaid at your previous job.

As the result, they also tend to offer the salary that again is underpaid, with all your surprises.

Because had truth is… companies offer you a salary based on your past salary records, over expertise and achievements you have.

So, to avoid yourself from being in the trap of underpaid history, you better know that… Are you underpaid or not?

It’s totally fine to follow some right approach, just to secure your career and most importantly to stay motivated for the work that you are passionate about

Never leave it on any chance, when you found most discussed signs of underpaid from the present job.

Remember, it’s not about your performance, only. You are giving important time of your life, which you can invest in a better place or even to your own business, too.

So with these signs you are underpaid, all we want you to notify that whatever job you’re working at make sure you invest your time, Right.