10 Signs You Notice, When You Love Your Job

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:34 pm

The way your Monday morning start and your mindset while going to work are signs that you love your job and doing something that you are passionate about. Read on to find more signs to check whether you love your job or not? 


Everyone is working at something. Everyone is doing something anyhow. 

But, not everyone has the same interests, dedication, and love for the work they do.

Some have to force themselves to wake up in the morning, simply because… they hate their job.

While someone needs not for an alarm clock, because… Passion and love for work is enough to wake them up. 

So, which one are you?  Do you love your job or just doing it, for the sake of it?

Are you passionate about the job, or just spending time there anyway?

Let’s find out here. Sharing the common signs that you are passionate about your job and really enjoy your work, too. 


Top 10 Signs You Love Your Job

1. You wake up in the morning with excitement. 

You can say that you are doing something you’re passionate about when you wake up in the morning, excitedly.

Indeed, when you love your work, you can’t wait to start work.

Your morning route is completely different from those other regular people, who hate their job.

You wake up excitedly and get up ready so fast.

Because you always have some fresh ideas to work upon and you’re feeling positive to start something new at job.

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2. You just forget about yourself. 

When you do what you love, you forget about everything and everyone around you.

Even further, you forget about yourself, too.

At the moment just work is there in your mind and heart.

Not due to pressure or frustration to accomplish this task, anyway.

But here you prefer to work because you love your work and enjoy the process, that’s it. 

3. You have no idea of time, when you love your work. 

You hate your job, when all you do there is just wait for the clock to hit 5, to enjoy life out of the office.

If you are working at a regular job and still not have an idea or even desire to check the time left, then signs you love your job.

Because you like what you are doing there, you don’t even realize the time. 

As you are that much into this work, you truly love working at present office. 

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4. You give value to your work… for you, for others. 

Whether you’re building something out of your passion or even selling insurance or credit cards, and when you love your job… you tend to value your work more than anyone else.

You trust your product or services… because you’re passionate about it.

Inner it feels like you’re doing something valuable for society, too.

You enjoy your work and think this is your way to contribute to society.

The person who sees you while you presenting your ideas or products, can feel that you’re really serious about your work.  

5. You can talk about your work. Positive, of course.

You are passionate about your work, you really enjoy it while doing it.

Hence, you can talk about it for hours, to anyone.

You just love the idea of being busy with this work.

You are always excited to discuss how great your project is and what this work means for you. 

Especially when you don’t complain about your job, that signs you love your job, and happy with the work you do there.

6. When you love what you do, your work ethic inspires others. 

Whether you feel that passionate or not, But people around you perceive you as a passionate person.

They can see how focused you’re, while you are working on certain tasks.

Your colleagues, your boss, or managers know that you’re hard working employees in the office.

You don’t show-off, but it’s people who found you as a dedicated person, eventually.

Really, your work pattern inspires your environment to work harder.

Doesn’t matter that in a positive way or in a frustrating one.

But, when you love your work, you end up influencing others for sure.

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7. You set goals by yourself.  And be ready for new challenges. 

It’s sure signs that you love your job and the work you do there…when you set goals by yourself.

Yes, you don’t wait for orders to set your work targets.

You love your work and know what will be your next goals.

You set challenging goals and love the process to follow them.

Because…passionate people are self-inspired… and So you are.

No one can put you down, when you are focused and committed to your work, you love doing. 

8. You track your progress, By yourself. 

Not everyone around you, are that serious and motivated to work.

They just come to the office on time, so that they can leave on time.

They hate their job. And so don’t care about their work, either.

When you love your job, you show some serious interest in it.

You care to put the required efforts, to achieve the goals.

Moreover, you keep your eyes on your work and analyze your performance over time.

Tracking your own performance are such signs that you love your job, and really serious about it.

Because you are self-driven to this work, and just want to grow, that’s it. 

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9. You never complain about your work. 

Most people are working at jobs that, they don’t like.

Yes, it’s undeniable fact that, most employees are unhappy with their job.

They are always complaining about their company, their boss, lazy coworkers, and all.

Overall, they just hate their job and work-life anyhow.

You are not the same, you love your job when you never complain about it to anyone.

You never feel frustrated with new goals.

You don’t let anyone’s behavior and words defocus you from work, you do and love doing.

Because you know your role and you follow that right, at your job. 

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10. You are overworking.

The ultimate sign to find that you love your job or not, is to check how you perceive it.

When you work too much, due to just frustrations and thoughts of losing a job, that shows… work is like pressure for you.

When you work too much, with the full confidence and concertation showing that… you love what you do and are passionate about your work.

Both cases make a person workaholic, indeed. 

Yes, you are overworking than you should and sometimes ignoring other important aspects like food, sleep, and even family time, too.

You’re so overworking that even your family starts worrying about you.

Doesn’t matter, Are you working due to enjoyment or due to tension, but your family knows it all, anyway.

When your family appreciates your passion, and also advises you to take the required rest,too … then signs you love your work.


So, How much do you love your job?

Here given are the most proven signs that you love your job and doing something that you really care about.

Moreover, if you want to know, Do you really love your job or not, then just check your feelings during the first two hours of the working day.

Check, Are your thoughts supporting you or forcing you to the job. 

And you’ll have your answer, right.


Do you love your job, then let us know what you’re doing. Share something that you’re passionate about. We’re just curious to know.