18 Signs You Think With Your Heart (Instead of, Your Head)

Last updated on September 29th, 2022 at 06:38 pm

Sharing the advice “follow your heart” is easier than actually doing so.

When making decisions in life, do you consider ideas in your mind or feelings in your heart?

When in doubt, follow these signs to know that you think with your heart and not with your head. 


Why Do You Want To Follow Your Heart?

Well, you’ve been living the same routine life for long and desire a change, but insecurity in the mind is holding you back.

That means, you’re living in your head. 

Of course, stepping outside your comfort zone is not easy. At times, though, it is necessary. 

If you follow your heart, you know exactly where your life is going and what you want it to be.

In life, only relying on your head prevents you from doing new things, even if you have so much potential. 

There is a point in every person’s life when they have to make some kind of change and that is where they realize… Are you really following your heart or their head? 

Also, there are some good reasons to think with your heart, and put your mind to rest.

Because when you follow your heart…

  • You will not have any regrets in life. 
  • Your life is exactly how you want it to be. 
  • You get to know your true self and embrace your uniqueness. 
  • You become well aware of your abilities and potential. 
  • You live a happy and respectful life
  • You learn a lot, try something new and get things done on time. 
  • You learn to accept life and be dynamic and flexible. 
  • You enjoy each and every day in your life. 
  • You begin to respect and love yourself more and more.

Now that you know why it’s a good idea to follow your heart, let’s see whether you actually listen to your heart or not, with the possible signs.


18 Signs You Think With Your Heart

There are regular signs from daily life experience and especially when making the choices and decisions in everyday life, which make it clear that you are a heart person.

1. You’re following unique goals that only you can understand.

This means your goals are not just big, but also revolutionary. 

Some self-doubt might have plagued you. Or, your parents show no care and respect for you. This is because you choose a field that no one sees a future in or is a bit risky. 

Since you follow your passion, you know exactly what you can do. 

Ignoring your head and thinking with your heart, help you to be self-inspired and continue to pursue this work with great interest. 

2. You always challenge yourself to get better when you follow your heart.

There’s no doubt that when you love what you do, you want to do more of it. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to do things that fill your heart.

If you do, there’s no pressure, just your excitement that challenges you to improve on yourself. 

If you get inspiration from your work and keep continuing to do more of it, are such signs that you think with your heart, not your head. And, you are passionate about what you’re doing. 

3. You don’t waste your time on negative thoughts.

Continually worrying and critically thinking about everything else is not what you do. 

When you start following your heart, all you want to do is make it happen.

This is because you enjoy doing things your heart wants instead of stopping yourself. 

Thinking with a heart makes everything seem worthwhile at least for fun. 

4. You are never clueless or stuck at any time.

After all, why would you? After all, you are not following anyone, but your heart. 

Your life’s purpose and goals are yours alone. Because of this, you strive to improve yourself each day and meet your goals. 

Additionally, when you follow your heart, every day feels like a new day. 

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5. You have no problem working all alone.

You may have asked for help, but no one can help you better than you can.

It is either too boring to other people, or can’t connect with the expectations you have. Due to this, you think it’s a good idea to work alone rather than seek help.

After all, you can easily figure something out by yourself when you think with your heart.

6. You’re unable to keep anything private, cause you’re a heart person.

Passion and excitement always lead you to reveal more than what’s asked for. 

When someone asks about your work, you simply start explaining your entire journey to them. 

You actually believe that everyone has the same passion and interest. 

Whenever you meet someone new, be sure to tell them more about yourself. That is a sign that you’re a heart person who connects with others easily and trusts them. 

7. Your ideas and thinking make other people feel insecure.

What you do is beyond their understanding or something they desire to do, but lack the courage that you possess. 

You can easily get rid of something that does not fill your heart to find something that does.

Due to such a powerful nature, you may intimidate others at work, giving them insecurity or jealousy of your skills.

Your unconventional ideas are totally creative and completely unbelievable to others.

8. You are now out of your comfort zone.

Life feels so much harder, when you do something that you’re always doing and stay the same. 

In your heart, you always feel to do something new and more. It’s not fear that keeps you from challenging yourself. In fact, you enjoy it. 

No matter what, you don’t want to be average and live the life everyone else follows.

You don’t stop but do something that hits you differently, which are signs that you think with your heart.

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9. You develop some good connections in your life.

No matter what happened, you never lost faith in the goodness of the world. 

Having experienced rejections in your life, now you learn to accept the person for who they are.

As a result, you are interested in maintaining friendships and having a good relationships

Saying no to others is hard for you, and you always have time for others. Whether it is to listen to their concerns or to provide them with assistance, you do it from your heart.

10. You have faith in the universe and its signs.

That’s what leads you on the right path in life or something you need. 

You believe in the universe’s efforts and in the signs that are sparked by regular things as a way to make wise decisions in life.

Whether it involves choosing the work you genuinely enjoy or making adjustments to save a relationship. 

Your decisions in life are not only influenced by your thinking, but also by your feelings, in your heart which are signs that you think with your heart and never misses reading the universe’s direction.

With faith in universe, you adopt the changes required in your life, showing you’re a wise person.

11. You take things personally sometimes.

Those who think with their hearts tend to get emotional and take things personally. 

Because they are involved in something with their whole hearts, and when something doesn’t work, or someone doesn’t appreciate their efforts, heart people feel hurt.  

You expect others to share the same excitement you feel.

This put you in a vulnerable position, leaving you with a heavy heart. 

12. You know to get over the negativity in your head.

You definitely feel hurt when there’s a rejection in a career or a relationship. But, do not let it ruin your faith in your passion or love.

When you find something that hurts, you forget about the past.

The same it’s easy for you to feel hurt, you also know to get over it as soon as possible. 

Holding grudges and thinking about past failures is difficult for you. Because your heart’s desires help you to stay focused on a better future. 

13. You have a very easygoing and dynamic character.

You have a highly flexible and easy-to-connect personality, which helps you to get involved in everything. 

You pay attention when someone shares their passion and love for something, as you’re a heart person.

You both emerge feeling very positive after the conversation. 

Overall, you’re an approachable person that everyone admires and loves being around.

14. You’re working in any creative field.

In a work such as this, it’s important to have someone who listens to their heart. 

You are passionate about this field and have created a whole new path for yourself by following your heart.

Due to your creative thinking, you make your field look more enjoyable and exciting which others might have no idea about. 

Always thinking from the heart will help you to become an artist and become great at it. 

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15. You can’t control your feelings and emotions.

It’s common that heart people to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Indeed.

You express your emotions and feelings quite easily because you’re not thinking too much about anything.

But you take things too deep in your heart. 

When you ignore the logic and consider your personal feelings are one of the signs that you think with your heart, that makes you a sensitive person. 

16. You always encourage others to follow their hearts.

Because you’re a kind-hearted person, you can feel the others’ pain they’re going through. 

Whenever you know that someone is in pain, you do your best to help.

You know you’re a heart person when you can’t see anyone alone or sad. So you are there to accompany them. 

Knowing someone’s giving up on following their passion, you give them moral support and confidence to keep doing the work they actually love.

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17. You might make some reckless decisions, but learn in the end.

In following your heart, sometimes you ignore what your mind warns you about. 

This happened with the most heart people who take such reckless decisions and follow unusual paths and end up isolated and stuck

Because they’re so drawn to the feelings in their heart, they ignore the rational thinking that is right.

Which leaves them with a lifetime of learning to consider the mind as well.

18. You’re living the most exciting and happy life than anyone in your connection.

Rejection and bad experiences don’t end your life, you will always find some reason to move on.

So By far, you’ve learned some valuable lessons from your heart, which have helped you to be more adjustable with your life.

You never take things too personally and be hard on yourself or anymore. 

You’re free of worries and overthinking that might stop you.

You’re living in the present, which helps you live happier and have an exciting life than ever.

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What Happens If You Follow Your Heart?

Knowing that you relate to most of the signs in the above list means you think with your heart, making you an emotionally driven, passionate, and focused person. 

It actually helps in your various life aspects such as career and relationships where adjustments need to be made. 

If you think from the heart, you can sometimes avoid negative thoughts, which will help you live your best life and get out of your comfort zone. 

The first and foremost reason to follow your heart is- you have the ability to live your life satisfyingly, with no regrets.

When your heart says something and you don’t do it, there’s always a reminder that you wish you could do it one more time. 

However, if you think from the heart and do it at the moment, you will make it a memorable experience for you to remember even if you’re not good at it or it’s not your thing entirely. 

Both mind and heart have their unique functions to affect how we feel and think. 

To make better decisions in life, we should carefully consider the mind’s and heart’s perspectives first. 

You don’t want to leave life with regret, also to make any silly mistake blindly following your heart that completely changes your life forever. 

Sometimes taking a decision based on your gut is the best option, especially when you have a backup and a time to fix things.

Later on, even if you fail, you have something else to do and go on with life having it as valuable lessons. 


The overall point is that sometimes it’s better to think with your heart and live the moment that might never come again. A regret about something you didn’t do is much more painful than the regret about something you did, failed, and learned something from.