11 Signs of Manifestation Is Near Than You Know

Last updated on October 27th, 2022 at 12:24 pm

You have no idea, but you are close to achieving your dreams.

We’re not assuming that, but those signs of manifestation are actually proof that your waiting period is over.

Now it’s time to get awarded for all the hard work & patience you’ve shown in the manifestation process,  so far. 


How do you know when a manifestation is coming?

Of course, you do your best every day to achieve your goals. 

There is no looking back at a time, there is no checking how far you have come, or whether to confirm whether you’re closer to your goals or not. 

As patient as you are, you know before expecting anything you should give in first.

Despite your confidence and go-getter mentality, however, you may want to check if the manifestation is near or not. 

You understand the process, but you’re curious to know how close you are to your goals.

Well, the signs of manifestation are always there if you can feel that way.

As the universe leads you to “that person” or to a “life purpose” for you, it same way gives you hints that your manifestation is working and you are getting closer to it. 

By not recognizing these signs, you end up waiting in silence, and there’s a chance you give up due to losing patience because waiting becomes harder now. 


11 Unexpected Signs of manifestation is Near

If you wish to verify that your manifestation is close, follow these hidden signs which actually motivate you to work a bit harder and never lose hope in the process. 

Because your dreams are about to come true.

Moreover, these signs are written in the order of what happens before manifestation, which is a way the universe connects with you so you can achieve your goals. 

1. You finally know what you want in life.

If you can set ‘bigger’ goals, that shows you believe you can achieve them. 

Your life now has a purpose or you feel more excited than ever, giving you a reason to wake up every morning. 

Because you have a purpose in life, you no longer feel clueless or stuck in life. 

If you pay attention and do everything to find your purpose, you will get it in the end.

Although this unusual way of finding your purpose might surprise you initially, later on, it keeps inspiring you over time. 

Having a passion to follow and the confidence to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals are initial signs that your manifestation is working and are on the right track. 

2. You see yourself as a completely different person.

As for you, it’s just about fulfilling your dreams. But, your growth goes beyond that.

You better be able to accomplish things destined for you. If you are not ready or need more lessons to learn then this universe puts you in situations where you have no choice but to work on yourself.

By working on yourself or your passion, you become a completely different person than you were.

Your outlook has changed, and you feel more confident than ever before.

Seeing yourself as a new person while working on your dreams are great signs that you are close to the manifestation. 

Because the universe has been working on you, to make you a better person. 

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3. You notice a drastic change in your life.

Before this, it was a routine, clueless and boring life, you were living. 

But, after finding the purpose of your life, you’ve changed as a person and so the way you treat your life is also changed drastically. 

It’s possible to change your life if you take manifestation seriously and work on your dreams instead of complaining or doubting. 

From being in the right company to start to value your time right, you see that good things are happening in your life, such are unexpected signs of manifestation is coming your way. 

Overall, positive environments and inner feelings help you make good decisions. 

4. You know you’re being tested and being prepared.

Not every challenge is there to stop you, some are giving you a chance to embrace yourself. 

Imagine you finally get the job of your dreams, leaving the job you hate. 

Now, everything is much better than before. Then, one day, something happened that forced you to quit this new job as well. You’re out of work now and have nowhere to go. 

If you wished you could wait until you become broke. 

However, you see it as a sign from the universe that ignites your warrior spirit

So, you decide to fight back and regain the confidence and hope to do something that you’re about to give up on.

Initially, the situation might not look good, but you know that’s the message the universe is sending you. 

Getting the right message at the right time makes all the difference. And you finally find the path that’s meant for you.  

You can feel that you’re closer to your dreams. Because you’re working on it now, finally. 

When challenges become lessons and hard times feel like a testing phase and these are signs that your manifestation is on the way.

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5. You receive signs from the universe that your manifestation is near.

The signs of manifestation are already in the universe and if you pay close attention. 

Especially when your goals are unusual and greater than ever, you might come across a lot of meaningful events in your life. 

Let’s say you went out to the mall with your mom and bought a random t-shirt despite not paying any attention to it. Because you were deep in thought at the time. 

As you wear it for the first time, you notice this printed on the t-shirt: “Great things never come that easy.”

That’s enough for you to forget about challenges and thoughts of quitting. 

Because you know these are one of the signs from the universe that your manifestation is coming to you. 

When you seek inspiration, you get it from anywhere. When you see trouble, you have it everywhere. 

6. You get that feeling from the other person.

Not every time the universe connects you directly. But, sometimes via another person. 

Maybe it’s due to the new person you recently met, or someone who has been a lifelong friend of yours, or the universe trying to reach out to you anyway. 

But, the reason the universe wants to connect with you is… to transform you and prepare you for the manifestation that is coming your way. 

There is a problem with your nature that is preventing you from achieving your dreams. And you need direction in order to change it for the better if you want to reach your goals.

You either receive moral support from this person or they act as your good luck charm. 

If you recently met the right people or were cut off from the wrong ones and feel good in yourself, these are unexpected signs from the universe that your manifestation is close. 

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7. You see dreams where you achieve everything.

Dreams are a reflection of what we do and what we experience regularly.

Well, dreams are also the way the universe tries to communicate with you. 

When your manifestation is working, you see in your dreams that you are at the stage after manifestation when all your dreams are achieved and you’re enjoying the life of your dream.  

The universe knows what it has planned for you, and this dream leaves you with an encouraging message. 

Seeing you already achieved your dreams in your dream are good signs of manifestation is near and about to get it soon. 

8. Your gut feelings tell you that you’re on the right path.

There’s no need to ask why, you just feel that way within. 

Your gut feelings are a great reason to believe in your efforts and never give up. 

No matter how frustrated you were yesterday, what happened to you this morning positively changed your mood. 

Today you felt it within yourself like your intuition reclaimed that confidence you were about to lose. The idea of giving up was no longer there, in your mind. 

That sudden feeling like you’re going to achieve your dreams sooner or working harder than before is nothing but good signs of manifestation that it’s on the way. 

The feelings you experience during this process motivate you to never give up. 

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9. You see coincidence or repeating numbers.

When you work on manifesting, any coincidences or activities that surprise you are signs the universe is trying to communicate with you. 

Either a surprising event happens or you see the angel number repeatedly. 

Every time you glance at a watch to check the time, it shows 11:11. When you watch your favorite sports or tv shows, 11 numbers come up almost constantly. 

You may take it as mere coincidence and forget about it after a few days, but when you catch the message hidden within that are signs that your manifestation is close, and the universe is slowly supporting you to achieve that goal. 

This is no longer a coincidence, but a message from someone who is helping you. 

10. You get to see the early success of what you are about to achieve.

The change won’t happen all at once, but gradually. 

You need consistent small victories to give you the motivation to keep going forward.

Because it’s telling you that your dreamy success is near. 

The manifestation path no longer remains troublesome for you anymore. 

Now that you’re in the final stage of the process, you’ll get to see hints through small achievements. 

Such positive signs of manifestation are there feeling you, inside… Don’t give up, you’re close to it. 

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11. You are no longer looking for the signs of manifestation.

When we least expect it, things happen. It is the pure enjoyment of achievement, isn’t it?

During the early stages of manifesting, you are all thinking about your desires, dreams, and where the journey will take you. 

You were all thinking about what you will get because you’re insecure and unsure about it. 

But, as you move forwards and notice unexpected signs of manifestation, that makes you feel more confident about yourself.

Plus, you start to feel that something is happening there, which means your efforts are worth putting in. 

Having such a positive feeling, you don’t think about the dreams or the results anymore. 

Since you are confident that your hard work will eventually pay off, your focus now is to do your best, rather than think about the outcome. 

Here you get to see as a growing person, seeing the smallest wins, feeling more positive now than before, these signs from the universe eventually make you feel like you no longer have to worry about anything. 

Because you’re in the final stage of the process and your manifestation is close.


What happens just before manifestation?

The above signs are in fact the process you might go through when you’re manifesting your dreams, and your efforts are in the right direction. 

Nevertheless, you won’t become a different or successful person overnight. The universe has been working on you for so long. 

Eventually, the universe will confirm that you are ready now before reaching your dreams. 

Those challenges and hardships you’re facing are nothing but testing phases that will make you more likely to achieve your dreams & desires. 

Like discussed signs, you feel like a better person every day, you lose certain ‘so-called’ close connections, but welcome the right people into your life. 

When things change around you, you feel better about yourself. 

Everything is there to help you to become a deep thinker who considers life in a positive way now on.  

When something is meant for you, you are also doing great efforts and you will be receiving signs from the universe that your manifestation is near.  


As the manifestation process is slow, it won’t happen overnight. However, the results are already there. So, it makes sense to wait and to work even harder for it.  

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