14 Signs You’re A Warrior Spirit

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 06:56 am

Everyone here is fighting their war in life, but not everyone is a warrior.

If you see these unusual signs then you are a warrior spirit who is fighting for a special purpose. And as a fighter spirit, you are able to inspire not only yourself but also others.

That makes you a person with a good heart who genuinely cares for others, and is never afraid to sacrifice for them, as well.


How do you know if you are a spiritual warrior?

Life itself is a war, as we live it out there. And we are at daily war. 

But this battle requires more than physical strength.

We have to be able to deal with it both mentally and emotionally. 

We have to learn how to manage ourselves in the event of emotional pain, grief, failure, and so on.

Staying strong and remaining calm isn’t always possible. 

There comes a time when you have to adapt your nature and your thinking, depending upon the situation.

And it’s not only a matter of fighting, sometimes you better learn to ignore. 

And that provides a spiritual warrior with a special ability. 

They have a unique goal, they work to achieve it with their full force.

And when of course, when such challenges arise, they know how to confront them, doing anything or nothing at all.

However, the great thing about spiritual warriors is their level of understanding more than physical strength.

Which keeps them going and focused while going through the tough time. 

And that’s This is not just about themselves, they also have the ability to fill others with the same energies and trust.


Signs You’re a Warrior Spirit

Well, the qualities and skills of the spirit warrior go beyond physical force.

Of course, which is hard to find and not so common. 

Want to know if you have a warrior spirit or not? So these are the qualities and signs you would be able to identify because that makes you one of them.

1. You have a deep connection with spirituality.

At the first signs of the warrior spirit, you strongly believe in the spiritual aspects, to a large extent. 

What’s more, your words, beliefs, and actions are all aligned to the spiritual. 

You were born with the spirit of a warrior. If not then, the environment you have raised has contributed greatly to inflaming your spirituality. 

This further allows you to connect with other people and things beyond a personal level.

2. You have a strong and powerful character.

This is not about being an intimidating person. But strong enough to stand up for others, too. 

Whatever you think and say makes others feel attracted to it, eventually. Without you have to do anything about it.

Because they’ve has been seen you as a growing person who is honest with own self. 

Your strong character and ability to take care of others, needs, and roles are signs that you have a warrior spirit that is mostly found in the born-leaders.

3. You learn to find a way anyhow.

Recovering from problems and challenges is in fact an adventurous ride for you. 

You don’t get nervous not you easily give up when things get harder.

You are always prepared for the challenging times and any hardships that come anyway. 

The great willpower, strength, concentration, dedication, and trust that you maintain while facing difficult times, are proven signs that you are a spiritual warrior. 

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4. You are fully conscious of the spiritual process.

Whether you can see it or not, people around feel you’re becoming a better person every day. 

Your approach to working and seeing the world continues to change. And that change is a lot more positive and beneficial way to your future life. 

You keep giving your best as you should without looking at if life treating you well or not. 

Inside, you know your life has a purpose, and your manifestation is near than before. 

Such, hope lets you keep your journey exciting throughout the entire journey which is a sign of a warrior spirit. 

5. You live your life as if you’re on a special mission.

You no longer complain when life gets harder. You just accepted the challenge. 

Everything that happens in your life, you connect it spiritually. That gives you the ability to think beyond reserved thinking and see it as a message from god.

Well, a tough time no longer breaks you. 

Because now, you count them as a way to become a stronger person. And, that is a sign that you’re a spiritual warrior who is just on a mission to be an upgraded version. 

6. You never miss the signs from the universe.

Whether you have a deep faith in God or the universe, you care to get the message. 

Anything that happens in your life, you don’t get stressed. 

You find the secret hints that an event has for you. You see it to check whether you’re on the right path or what it’s trying to teach you. 

When you pray for the strength to face the challenges instead of having a life without problems, such are signs you have a warrior spirit who stays strong no matter what. 

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7. You fight and survive alone, by yourself.

Possibly, you’re not getting enough support and care from your nearest ones. 

Your family and parents are against your decisions and not happy with you at all.

But, you know what you are doing and where you’re going in life. 

Overall, mostly you’re misunderstood or ghosted by someone, who wants to impose their thinking on you.

The signs of warrior spirit tell that they are confident as well as faithful. They believe that they can figure something out all by themself.

8. You are born to take on new challenges.

This does not mean warrior has to be fearless, but they know how to use the fear properly. 

Because it’s that fear that keeps the spiritual warrior moving ahead. It’s the fear that a warrior wants to conquer and to become a better version of themselves. 

You see your life as a daily challenge and act as if no matter how big the problem there’ll be, you’ll going to make it, even the hard way. 

Which are signs that you are a warrior spirit who sees giving up in not the only option.

9. You genuinely support and inspire others.

You have been weak earlier, so you know how to make others feel inspired and confident. 

It’s the ultimate purpose of the warrior to protect the others who can’t do it by themselves.

As a spiritual warrior, you help others to find their purpose and provide help in whichever manner you can. 

Overall, you never expect anything from others. 

The signs of warrior spirit say, that they support others to deal with dangerous people or the challenging phase. Helping them to become emotionally stronger, too. 

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10. You can be resilient when it’s time to.

There’s always a time when you see no hope and your all plans are falling. 

It could be a time to quit and start something that you used to do. Or, you could level up your efforts and make yourself ready for it. 

Well, if you choose to buckle up and keep going, that’s a sign you’re a warrior spirit. 

Whether it’s the pressure from outside or within, you know how to be resilient, and let the universe do the right thing. 

That allows you to keep giving your best efforts without any pressure. 

11. You do something that others can’t believe.

In life, you know that you have a special reason, and no one going to understand that. 

There’s no confusion or insecurity there. You better know what things are important in your life and whatnot. 

And what others think or believe about your purpose is none of your business. 

When you believe in what you do and never let any outside world’s negativities impact your focus anyway, that are signs that you are a spiritual warrior. 

12. You are very committed to your purpose.

As a warrior spirit, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving the goals in your mind. 

Well, you’re after the goals that are uncommon, special, and meaningful. Which allows you to stay dedicated and passionate about the entire process. 

Due to such a great amount of hard work and dedication, you keep your journey refreshing and unstoppable. 

Further, that also become the source of inspiration for those who are around. 

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13. You know how to manage your emotions and energy.

Being a warrior, you very well know how to stand by your deep thinking and beliefs

You never simply let your doubts or others’ confusions control you. 

Instead, you know how to make the best use of your emotions and energies. And, using any negativity to push you forward.  

While others are heavily impacted by their environment and the people around them, you stand by yourself and never lose yourself

Such are signs that you’re a spiritual warrior who never loses your identity.  

14. Your purpose in life is very clear to you.

You are proud, confident, and self-motivated in the life you live. 

There’s nothing that changes your beliefs and values. What you believe, you take the right action towards it. 

Sometimes you may easily get frustrated due to constant rejection and pressure by the outside world. But, having clear goals gives you hope for the future. 

Which are signs that you’re a warrior spirit, who gets the inspiration within and never holds back. 

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How do you get a warrior spirit?

SO, far with such signs, you already know that you’re a spiritual warrior. 

But if you found some qualities you have yet to develop, that means the warrior in you is in the making. 

Anyway, so if you want to be a spiritual warrior these are some ways to become one:

The process of developing a warrior spirit starts with changing your view of the way you look at routine life challenges.

They are not to put you down, but to bring the best out of you. 

When you prefer to learn from the tough times you get to learn more about yourself.

That way, you get to know how powerful and stronger you can be. 

Have a goal that is unique and special to you.

For that, you better work upon yourself and grab every possible opportunity you get in life. 

Get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to be a warrior, there must have a fear in your heart.

Break that fear and experience anything new for the first time. That allows you to test your limits. 

Always count on your abilities and confidence.

When you are after goals that only you believe in, the journey won’t be easy, there’ll be a challenge on your way. 

Be prepared. Keep learning and growing through it. 

Learn to be silent for some time. Believe in the universe and let it create the right situation for you, and try again. 

Help others who can’t stand by themselves and especially when they’re right.

Use your fighting spirit to inspire others with your confidence and knowledge. Do your best to support others in life. 

Stand by themselves and help them keep going, just like a warrior. 


You’re a warrior spirit when you are ready to overcome every possible challenge. Here, instead of losing your confidence and yourself, you end up being the most thoughtful, stronger, and inspired person ever.