18 Signs You Have A Quirky Personality

Last updated on November 24th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

Most of the time, quirky people come across as a ‘weird personality’…. but they are all different. 

If your approach to life is unique, you speak your mind, and be yourself, regardless of how others see you…and these are early signs that you have a quirky personality.

And, following these special traits will confirm that. 

What’s apparent is… by being yourself, you actually attract others, while some see you as weird and stay away.

And, it won’t change you because you don’t live by other people’s opinions, but enjoy being who you are and keep an open mind.  


What Does It Mean By Being Quirky?

When someone says that you’re a quirky person, that simply means that you’ve a unique personality that is hard to predict and connect with. 

In fact, you must be unsure whether to be proud of it or should you change your behavior. 

But, it’s important to understand first that having a quirk is just part of being yourself. What you do is original and unique, overall. 

Having a quirk is a good thing that you’re different from the rest, and you actually have a personality. 

Additionally, you should also be aware that people could label you as ‘crazy’ for being too eccentric.

That’s what happens to most quirky people commonly.


18 Signs You Are Quirky Personality

If you want to know whether someone in your group or you are, there are some set traits of a quirky person to consider. 

It’s just part of your unique characteristics that make people find you interesting and strange.

And your quirkiness often comes from your behavior, styles, accent, the way you interact with others, and weird habits you have, (even as part of OCD). 

You’re born with these unique traits, and it comes from within, mostly. 

1. You enjoy the same things differently.

The way others look at things and someone is a lot different than yours. 

It’s in your quirky nature to pick something interesting and crazy out of anything.

You can make odd things look interesting to others, with your unique perception.

2. You speak your mind without double-checking.

Impressing others and getting someone’s approval… is not what pressures you. 

You are driven by what you think about yourself. 

Every idea you share proves that you think with your heart.

You don’t care about others’ opinions about you, but you’re known for staying as original as you are.  

3. Your thoughts, words, and actions always vary from others’.

It’s in your nature not to stay the same. 

You don’t do things differently, but in your way, which makes you creative. 

Everything about you, from your weird habits to your way of doing things, are signs that you’re a quirky person to them, and you don’t even try to fit in.

4. Your quirky nature always drives you to explore.

It’s in your nature to seek new adventures and new missions. 

You’re ready for the challenges in work or life.

You give in to excitement to get something new. It’s no secret that you take unusual paths. 

You’re born an explorer with great curiosity. 

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5. You’re a very energetic and inventive person in your group.

When you work somewhere, your team looks up to you for new ideas. 

Whereas in a casual setting, your friends and others turn to you for some insight and feedback.

The ability to craft words, unusual ways of doing things, and endless thrilling ideals are common signs of a quirky personality who is known to make things memorable. 

Your creativity and thoughtfulness are appreciated in your professional life. 

6. You surprise or upset others with your crazy ideas.

Those who enjoy unconventional things will be more likely to be impressed by you.

Your ideas, suggestions, and approach to doing normal things differently are what keep you apart from the rest. 

Some feel it is a crazy idea, whereas others appreciate you for being so creative. 

7. You are never afraid to show off your excitement.

When you’re overjoyed with something, you just show it without much care. 

You don’t care how others think of you or how someone will react to your childish excitement and emotional state. 

But it’s your quirkiness that lets it out in the best form. 

8. You thrive when being at odds with most people.

Well, the great thing about a quirky personality is, that they don’t care about others’ opinions. 

This helps them to be who they are.

You might listen to others carefully and respect their differences. 

But, you also never hesitate to share your opinion, no matter if they can relate to that or not. 

Often, it’s hard for you to connect with others and their words. That you better beware of. 

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9. You’re very good at many things.

Obviously, only someone with eccentricity can accomplish many things with perfection. 

In addition to your regular job, you have some creative talents to add color to your life. 

Having artistic skills, knowing more languages, and having interesting hobbies are signs of quirkiness that never let you feel bored in life. 

You always have something to do besides mindless scrolling on social media. 

10. You can make anyone laugh with your quirks.

You’re the one who is often referred to as the crazy, if not quirky person in the group. 

It’s in your nature to make another laugh at anything.

It’s because you’re able to bring humor out of nowhere. 

Even sometimes, just by being around you, you somehow make someone cheerful.

11. You help someone to embrace their real self.

Because you know how awesome it is to be different and original, you let others do the same. 

If you see someone in your group is introverted or hesitant, you’re the first to comfort them.

You make them feel encouraged and special about being their real self.  

But the reality is, inside you’re shy and still help someone overcome their hesitation, which is enough signs that you’re a quirky person. 

12. You manage to get quirkiness from anything somehow.

You can’t stay still for five minutes; you always look for something fun and odd.

If you’re waiting in a long line, you drag others into the refreshing conversations.

You comfort strangers with your communication skills and make small talk a great one. 

13. You constantly have love and hate relationships with many.

Your quirky nature makes you unpredictable and hard to connect with.

Some people might enjoy your craziness and weirdness to some extent.

The problem is there when you go overboard with your quirkiness or act oddly… you make others feel annoyed, easily. 

But, anyway, people enjoy your quirkiness and crazy ideas when they have time. 

14. You’re shy with some people and crazy with another.

It’s your unpredictable nature, the great trait that makes you a quirky person. 

To some people, you are just a shy person who is always scared and hesitant to be yourself.

Whereas to some, you’re the craziest one in the group. 

Well, it’s all about the level of comfort they provide… allowing you to switch between an introvert and a quirkiest personality.

15. You never stop being so awesome and original in any situation.

What you do and say is all by yourself. You remain true to yourself, unaffected by others. 

No one can change you, and no one dares to. But what comes out of you, you’re in full control. 

Inner self, you know that you’re not perfect. 

But you live your limitations as your superpower which is a sign that you have a quirky personality maybe by birth.

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16. You have a lot of friends, but don’t limit yourself to any camp.

You are already quite popular with your quirky traits and habits. It stands you apart. 

Most people are well aware that you exist.

Your quirky personality makes everyone recognize you for unique reasons.

In reality, you’re a popular person. You develop your connection wherever you go. 

Well, you might have many friends, but no best friend.

You believe in having good connections with everyone and treating everyone the same. 

17. You’ve no problem laughing on your own.

People call you crazy not for what you do, but for how you deal with your flaws positively.

You’re known for having a light and happy-go-lucky nature.

While having some fun, you also have no problem joking about your imperfection in style. 

In the end, your quirkiness happens to make someone’s day. 

18. You naturally attract or turn people away from you.

No matter what you do, your quirk grabs others’ attention effortlessly.

People know you’re quirky, they know you think out of the box.

So, whenever you have something to share, they pay attention.

Sometimes, you feel it hard to stay focused on something and be serious, when needed.

This is why some people prefer to stay away from you.

Also, they don’t take you seriously at all.

It’s fine, your quirkiness makes your life and that of others more interesting and lively.


Why Being Quirky Is Good (And, When It’s Not)?

If you relate with most above traits, those are signs that you have a quirky personality. 

Then, you’re often viewed as a creative genius and weirdo. 

With your unconventional approach to the world, and ability to think creatively and do things in different ways, your quirkiness sets you apart.

Well, the question is, Having such a unique nature a good thing, or is it better to change?

The first thing to note is, that being quirky is not a problem unless it comes naturally. It adds interest and excitement to your life. 

It allows you to be your best version.

There’s no point in hiding it if you were born with a quirky nature.

You’re unique actually. 

But, if you are the one who tries to attract attention and does crazy or weird things just to impress others… you should know that it is a mental illness. 

Embrace your quirkiness.

But, also learn to be understanding and flexible in situations.


If you feel that you’re a quirky person, accept that as your strength.

A unique personality like yours certainly entertains and annoys some. 

But, having such original nature is a great way to enjoy life as a fun adventure.

Don’t need to change yourself, because this is how you be your ‘original self’.