16 Signs You’re A Philosopher (Or, Becoming The One!)

When you look at yourself for the last few years, you see yourself as a changed person. 

And, that’s much in a good way. You feel that you’re an emotionally mature person, now.

Moreover, the way people treat you also has changed in a lot of respectful ways. 

That might be signs that you’re a philosopher, and have improved a lot in your thinking and understanding.

Overall, you notice the shifted perspective towards every aspect of life. 

To confirm that, you better check the transition you notice in this new version of yourself. 


16 Signs You’re Such A Philosopher

Well, every philosopher may have their own perspective to look at things around.

But, some common characteristics make them stand out and are easy to find.

And if you also find the same qualities in yourself, mean you’re one of them.

1. You always go deep into the subject.

Especially when the conversation is about something important or special to you, you consider every smallest detail of it. 

You avoid small talk and expect some logical, meaningful, and effective conversation there. 

2. You ask questions to know more.

Asking questions to learn something is an obvious characteristic of the philosopher. 

Whether you’re in school or working somewhere, you raise the questions that make sense, but nobody asks. 

Maybe sometimes it gets too much. But you want to gain knowledge of this subject. 

3. You act more mature than your age.

Well, some people are impressed and some are intimidated by your intelligence

Like at your age, most people are still wasting their time on something else.

You know the important lesson earlier than anyone. Which makes you mature in your group. 

Well, your approach to starting early and learning faster is a valid sign that you’re a philosopher. 

4. You make the right choices in life.

It does not have to be perfect all the time. But, you know how to manage your time and self. 

Things are quite easy for you now.

As you better know to make the right choices and differentiate things. Such as, needs and desires. 

Being more self-conscious about your choices, you start to think like a philosopher, already. 

5. You listen to your inner voice.

Your mind and heart have a good connection.

That allows you to analyze the situation from various aspects. 

There’s an ongoing inner discussion within you…helps to make quality decisions.

Which leads to making decisions that are logical and better for you.

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6. You also listen to others carefully and actively.

It’s not only about sharing your knowledge and view but also about listening to others

Even though you’re not agreeing with something or have no knowledge of the subject, you care to listen to others. 

This is your way to respect others and their knowledge, which makes you a philosopher. 

7. You just can’t stop thinking about anything.

There are always some ideas or thoughts running in your mind, even on a busy day.

It’s like your mind is active all the time and never stops. 

Plus, you also have no idea where that idea comes from. Sometimes you’re lost in your imagination while in some you find yourself thinking about the past.

8. You might not have solutions to every problem. But handle them, well.

As a philosopher, you certainly know how to get adjusted to the situation and time. 

Indeed, you don’t have perfect solutions for every new problem.

But, your way of thinking about solutions is very unusual and innovative. 

9. You have a unique perspective on life and everything.

No matter what area of life this is, you’ve knowledge and experiences of most things. 

And as your way of thinking is different, the lessons you take out of any experience are because of your unique knowledge and understanding like no one else. 

10. You see people come to you asking for your views and advice.

If you feel it or not, people who know you might treat you like a philosopher. 

Your unique perspective, deep-level talk, and understandable nature are what make people come to you to get some advice. 

11. You are ready to learn always.

Even though you’re much better and upgraded than in the past, you never stop improving. 

The born curiosity to learn new things are in you.

You never back up from leveling up your knowledge and experiences. 

Indeed, you’re such a philosopher, who doesn’t think he’s that great. Believing, there’s still a lot to learn and improve.

12. You easily change something like negative habits or anything.

It’s not a problem for you to update yourself and change something that isn’t good for you. 

You might have removed yourself from social media and break your habit to watch TV long ago. It’s your philosophy that helps you to sacrifice for yourself and your life. 

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13. You observe and analyze too much.

Of course, thinking too deeply about something is the natural characteristic of a philosopher.

This is sometimes required and works fine.

But often you end up wasting your time planning and overanalyzing things, just like being a perfectionist. 

14. You simply feel it hard to adjust with others.

Some philosopher easily adjusts while some don’t.

Because of what they believe, they believe hard. 

Due to that in some cases, you might find it hard to connect with others. 

Having unique thinking and not being able to adjust to others, might also leave you alone in the groups.  

15. You might not have a big connection but quality people.

Not everyone you have in your life can relate to what you talk and how you think. 

You never forced anyone to believe in you.

But, you enjoy being with those who easily connect with your words and thinking. 

Possibly, your parents stopped caring about you or your family don’t take you seriously. 

But, when you’ve people who match your thinking, you don’t care much about others who don’t. 

16. You simply look for the meaning in everything.

Well, it’s your overly consciousness that makes you look for the reason first. 

Well, as a philosopher you might be a believer in the universe and its signs or not. 

But overthinking about every small detail and finding a purpose for (the why) are proven signs that you’re a philosopher. 

Overall, you simply don’t start things without finding any good reason. 

You want some analysis or be convinced by your proof before making a move. 


Due to that sometimes, you’re making your life harder than it should. 

That is something you also look at.

As being philosophers it’s required to be adjustable with new concepts and thinking rather than seeing the world from your side, only.