16 Signs Your Parents Don’t Care About You (What You Can Do, Then!)

Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 04:29 pm

Knowingly or unknowingly, the way they treat you, are proven signs that your parents don’t care about you or your feelings.

Such inappropriate behaviors from them are enough to know… your parents don’t love you nor they respect you.

As you deserve for being part of the same family.

This post helps you spot the red signs of disrespectful behaviors from parents toward children.

After that, we’re going to discuss tips on what to do when your family environment is toxic and when there is no respect and love left for you.

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How Do You Tell If Your Parents Don’t Love You Anymore?

Parents and family are there to support you when no one else. You want them by your side when no one else believes in you.

They are the ultimate support that keeps you inspired when you lose hope in yourself

But, what if such strength itself turns into a weakness of yours and becomes the cause of your toxic and miserable life?

Well, of course, it can happen, due to several reasons combined. 

But, the question here is… 

Do your parents love you, truly? Does your family take good care of you, enough?, Or…

Do you feel like you’re home when you’re with them, your family?

When they don’t love or respect you, you just feel it. From the way, they treat you at home. 

If you experience any negative signs of toxic parents at your ‘so-called’ home, then chances are they’re one of the very few unsupportive parents who don’t value their kids. 

So, What are those signs? Let’s discuss them in the next section.


16 Signs Your Parents Don’t Care about YOU

Parents who become too focused on themselves will more likely to ignore their kids’ feelings and needs.

Plus, they never care whether or not their children suffer from such difficult parents’ behaviors. 

By constantly showing toxic nature around, not respecting their son/daughter’s life decisions or priorities, or constantly verbally abusing them, and through all of these such parents show that they don’t love or care about their children, but themselves.

1. When your parents criticize you a lot, on anything you do.

Indeed, parents do provide support to their children, to make sure that their child follows the right path in life. 

By doing so, they eventually help you and are aware of such bad things to avoid in life. 

But, when your parents only criticize you and are only better at picking negative things about you, then signs your parents are not supportive enough. 

A toxic parent can’t see, think or talk good about their kids. 

They always have something negative to talk about kids, without caring about child’s feelings.  

Even when their children did some good work, they always find some faults in their achievements or completely ignore such accomplishments. 

Signs Your Parents Don't Care About You

2. You’re being targeted by your parents, most of the time.

Well, occasional humor and sharing stupid things their kids do kinda feel cute there. 

And there is nothing to bother about because parents love their kids so much and make fun of them, as part of their special feelings. 

But, something is not that right. 

Especially, when such toxic behavior from partners becomes common.

When parents do anything to embarrass their kids, they don’t care where they are, what the situation is or when they do it. They just do it anyway.

Probably, the same as what your toxic parents do to you.

Innerself, you constantly feel like being humiliated by your parents intentionally in front of guests, your friends, or any others. 

Even knowing that you’re not feeling good about such behavior if they never stop, and such are signs that your parents don’t care about you and don’t love you, at all. 

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3. Your parents take too much interest in your life. (Or, not at all)

Being supportive and taking an active interest in children’s life is perfectly fine. After all, such positive behavior makes children feel supported and relaxed, overall. 

But, when it comes to toxic parents, they take too much interest in their child’s life.

Even though their kids’ are that mature person, they still prefer kids to follow them on everything. 

Something that they wanted to do, but weren’t able to. Now they expect their kids to do the same, regardless of their life choices and personal interests.

A complete pressure, that’s it.

From routine life activities, career, or even marriage toxic parents interfere in your decisions a lot. 

Not only that, everything in your life you have to live according to your parents’ desires.

Your passion, interest, and regular needs are often dismissed by your parents. 

Similarly, such parents interfere too much in their children’s life decisions.

On the other hand, such toxic and irresponsible parents show no interest in their child’s life at all. 

They don’t know what their kids are doing in life, or even not bother about their future life. 

Well, these are not freedom, but being careless and free from every responsibility as a parent towards the kids.  

Such toxic parents let their kids do whatever they want to do, without any hesitations or worries. 

4. You have trust issues because your family is unfaithful.

Kids’ behavior is a direct reflection of their parents’ behavior at home.

They learn from their family members and parents more than anyone else.

If you’ve been raised by toxic parents and been in a negative family environment, your behavior and approach to life won’t be positive or faithful

Like, you see no good relationship between your parents, you don’t believe that it exists in the outer world as well. 

Same as, your family not caring and loving enough each other, they never feel the same towards you. 

You are constantly under fear that someone will treat you like your parents do or even worse than that.

Such feelings keep you from emotional intimacy, whether with a friend or a romantic partner. 

Lack of trust and not being able to see the positive side in any connection, are signs that your toxic family environment at home has a negative influence on you.

Your parents don't care about your feelings

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5. You always feel jealous of someone else’s parents and family.

You constantly feel like your family is not as supportive and good enough as your friend’s parents and families around. 

Having a healthy family vibe and ‘-feels like a home’, is completely missing from your life. 

When children are around you, are going for a family trip and all, you lock yourself in the room after dinner, as you meant for it.

Your parents have been putting off family trips for the past two years.

You see it as bad luck that you do not have such loving parents and family members.

You’re habitual to stay alone and away from your parents. Because they are either busy with their work and if not then with talking with friends or relatives. 

It seems like your parents are not caring for you, as they never pay attention to you.

Nor they are interested in doing something that makes you feel special and loved. 

They are too conscious about all other things in life, that they are left with no extra time to spend with you, or even listening to what you did at your school or why you’re not feeling well for the last few days. 

6. Your parents don’t love you, plus they don’t respect you. They’re all about themselves.

A default family rule says that every family member has to respect each other and share genuine care for one another.  

And that gives unique strength to family and develops a healthy relationship at home. 

That may look strange to you if you do not belong to a family that believes so. 

Your parents do not care about you, nor for each other as well. They are just too much for themselves and their status in society. 

All matters for them is their image, then their role towards you, as your parents

Especially, when your parents care more about their reputation and standards than your happiness and future, then these are signs your parents don’t care about you.

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7. Your parents have no time or zero care for you.

Living a busy life and becoming financially stable to support the family is a normal thing that we all relate to. 

But, financial support is not everything, as it’s seen. 

Physical presence and emotional support are above everything else. That most family members and children expect, normally. 

Totally acceptable that we all live a busy life.

But, sparing some time out of the busy life… is also a requirement of healthier and happier family life. 

While for your parents, their work-life, job, or business is more important than you are. 

When your family or parents never make time out of their busy lives and do not bother about your special day or any great things in your life, these are such signs that your parents don’t love you and have no care for your presence. 

8. Verbal and emotional abuse is a normal thing in your family.

No matter how right you can be, you never have to talk against your parents nor you’re allowed to share your opinions with them. 

That’s what your toxic parents believe. 

They can hurt you any time they can, and you have to be ready for their order, wherever they want. 

And if you say anything against them or their decision, you have to be sorry in the end.

That’s what has been happening in your home for a long time. 

Your feelings and your decisions are completely ignored and overlooked by your parents.

They never agree with you on anything, plus not even bother to know what you want to say.

Overall, such combined signs are proof that your family doesn’t care for you and your priorities in life.

And when you talk something against them, you have to be ready for their abusive behavior for the next few weeks, if not months. 

More often, such signs of toxic parents show that they will either ignore you or verbally abuse you for what you did or didn’t as they want.

All because they have no feelings for you and don’t love you, as well. 

why don't my parents care about me

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9. Your parents want you to live a life of sacrifice for them.

Every parent has sacrificed many things for their children’s life. And there is no excuse.

After all, parents can go to any limit and do anything to give the best life to their kids. 

But, when such parents take such responsible acts as a favor and not as their parent’s roles towards the kid, then such adult kids have to face a lot later in life. 

Following such signs of toxic parents, they express behavior that actually puts pressure on the children.

Such parents constantly remind their children of what they have sacrificed for them. And now, they expect their son or daughter to do the same in their life.

Instead of valuing their life priorities and inner happiness…

When parents force their children to choose the career which they like or marry a person which they choose, these are ultimate signs that your parents don’t care about you, not about your feelings and about your life. 

Because they are your parents, you have to follow everything that they want, they are always right and you are wrong every time. 

And that’s what toxic parents think for their kids.

10. Your parents always blame you for every negative thing in their life.

In simple terms, you are blamed for every bad thing that happens in your family. 

Your parents have been blaming you and found you responsible for negative things that ruin their life or relationship. 

Instead of knowing the situation from their side, or correcting their behavior, your parents make you feel guilty for everything. 

Unpredictable behavior, passing the blame to other people (or you), and running away from their responsibilities…are the most common characteristics of negative personalities

And, all that you see in your parents and family.  

Rather than accepting flaws and being responsible parents, when they drag you intentionally these are signs that your parents have no care for your feelings. 

They only care about themselves and the ego they carry within.

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11. Your parents show you don’t deserve to be part of the family.

Hard to believe, but it’s a fact. 

Some parents never allow their kids to be with them because they are too conscious about their self-image and reputation. 

No matter what but toxic parents never want to talk about their children, nor do they want their kids to introduce them as ‘parents’ at a special event or anywhere.  

If you feel like you’re not worthy enough for your family or parents, then it has to be your parents who made you feel that way, through their unhealthy behavior towards you. 

Even on the small issues at home, your parents make you feel guilty for being part of their life, without caring about your feelings. 

At most family gatherings they make fun of you and of your appearance or something that you can’t change. 

They constantly compare you with others kids to pull you down. 

Even knowing, you are already having a hard time, your parents force you to leave the family home as quickly as possible.

All combined signs together prove that your parents don’t love you, and actually don’t care about you, as well.  

When your parents don't love you

12. Your parents are never around when you need them.

No matter whether a person is an adult or a teenager, parents and family are the ones that person looks up to when things are not going well in life. 

Even after knowing about your problems, they do not care to be with you.

Neither will they put their own ego aside, nor do they feel guilty for their toxic behavior.

They let you deal with the problem on your own, without even bothering to call you.  

From your birthday celebration to handling you when you’re emotionally struggling, your parents give you excuses but not the time. 

Seems like they aren’t seeing you as their priority in life. 

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13. When parents act as if they’re your competitors.

This is probably hard to believe.., that your narcissistic parents do care more about them than you. 

Unfortunately, there are some parents who are so jealous that they cannot even tolerate the success or happiness of their children. 

Ideally, children see family and their parents as inspiration sources in life. 

However, such parents never talk positively about their children, nor do show respect for their efforts.

They are all good at making children feel bad even when they achieve something in their life. 

Insecurities and jealousy amongst family members are by far the most hurtful things that can happen. 

Since you know no one at home will celebrate with you, you can’t enjoy your achievements fully. 

And such toxicity in the family environment, are possible signs that your parents don’t care about you and your feelings.

14. Your parents want you to repay everything they did for you.

No amount of money can ever repay our obligation to our parents and family. 

Parents play a crucial role in the success and life of a person.

Everything they do and provide is out of their responsibility as ‘ their parents’ and there’s no pressure involved. 

Some parents, however, only expect a return on what they have done for their children. 

The way such toxic parents act, clearly no longer represents their responsibility as parents, but rather their entitlement to everything they’ve done for the children.

Eventually, they keep pressing their grown-up children to fulfill their demands. 

There’s an emotional pressure on kids when parents who are so toxic all care about getting something back, without knowing kids’ priorities and plans. 

Having parents who always claim to have done things for their children to pressure their kids and want something to get done, are signs that they are not responsible parents who provide their love and support to you anymore. 

But, they are more like lenders who want their debt paid, no matter what.

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15. Your parents don’t respect your feelings.

The older also need to respect and look after the younger’s feelings and needs. 

The people closest to you, your parents and family members prefer avoiding you than taking care of your needs and feelings. 

They might always prefer your brother or sister over you.

Rather than treating you both equally and correctly, they usually favor your siblings. 

You are not shown the same respect and love from your parents, as your siblings or other family members. 

Whenever you attend family functions or take a family trip, you feel mostly ignored and avoided by your own parents. 

Silent treatment and clear ignorance like this, are signs that your parents don’t respect you, also they don’t care whether your feelings are hurt or not.

Your parents never show love to you

16. Your parents don’t accept you the way you’re.

This is a truly terrible sign.

It’s pretty normal for parents to accept their kids as they are, but your parents completely ignore you.

It seems that they are ashamed to call you their son or daughter for whatever reason. 

Although you don’t know what’s wrong with you, your family members and parents constantly act as if they don’t care and respect you.

It may be that your parents compare you to your siblings or to children in the neighborhood.

They constantly want you to believe that you’re not smart, intelligent, and perfect like they think you are.

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Possible Reasons: Why Your Parents Don’t Love or Care About You?

Living with toxic parents and family is never easy or inspiring. 

There are always negative feelings and confusion in the mind, wondering… Why my parents are not like others’ and what are my faults?

It can’t be one specific reason, but there are some common reasons why your parents have become such a negative influence on you.

It is possible that there is another reason, not just you or your parents. 

  • They were raised and treated the same way by their toxic parents. 
  • Their family environment was so negative, leaving such a bad memory. 
  • They were abused in their childhood by their parents, family member, or the nearest one. 
  • They are stressed and can’t see any hope in life. 
  • They might have suffered from mental and emotional suffering
  • Irresponsible parents have no idea how to raise kids, nor do they care to learn. 
  • Their kid reminds them of the bad memories they have had in the past. 
  • Self-centered and narcissistic parents have no care for anyone, including their own children.


What Do You Do When Your Parents Don’t Care About You?

Knowing your family and parents are being toxic is a really painful situation for anyone.

And if your situation is quite relatable with the earlier signs of toxic parents or family, then taking the right action becomes necessary. 

Here are some possible ways that you can follow to deal with toxic parents or unsupportive family at home.

1. Try to forgive & forget as the first attempt. 

Think about your life, you don’t have to stay involved in something that is not good for your present and future life. 

Forgive them because they’re your parents. Forget them because you care about your time.

2. Discuss with them how this family environment affects your life. 

Indeed, having open communication is the ultimate solution for any confidence in a personal or passionate relationship.

Although, it’s also the most difficult option. 

You have an idea that your family won’t understand, and that’s fine. 

Still, one try is well worth it. 

3. Get to know what bothers them. Apologize when you’re wrong.

Well, you know that they’re being toxic and disrespectful towards you.

But, also try to look at the situation from their viewpoint as well. Who knows after discussion you found that it’s your doubts alone. 

Alternatively, your parents also put aside their egos once they realize you care for them. 

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4. Never compare your family with others’, ever. 

Of course, there is not anything that goes right between you and your family. 

But, after all, it’s a family matter and you need not share it with someone who is not part of it. 

Stop comparing your family with those of others. Comparison will do more harm than good.

5. When you have no choice but to live there, keep your Patience.

We don’t recommend leaving your home just because you have a toxic family and parents who don’t care about you. 

Things can get better if you think, try and give enough time to it. 

When your family members try to put you down with negative remarks, then you better avoid them. Make sure you don’t feed such toxic nature anymore.

If you ignore them and don’t pay attention to them as they want, they simply either stop doing it or find another target. 

When you try every possible method and see no change in your parent’s behavior towards you, then you should feel ready for the next step.

what to do when your parents don't care about you

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An Ultimate Approach Towards Your Unsupportive parents…

Often, we are told to cut off the toxic people out of our life. And, that’s the most practical solution, too. 

After all, you don’t have to care for those who have no care for you. 

But, when your parents are being among those ‘toxic people’ in your life, then the decision of moving on is indeed quite tough and challenging, there. 

Because, they are your people, your family on whom you can rely. 

But yes, your mental health and inner happiness should come before anyone else’s expectations from you. 

And if discussed signs that your parents don’t care about you, describe your present life, then you need to do something about it. 

Something really bold enough not to them. But, for yourself. 

Exactly, you have to make yourself ready for the right (and the toughest) decision in your life. 

Remember, ultimately it’s more about your life and your future. 

Your parents are supposed to make your life respectful, purposeful, and comfortable overall. And, not miserable or challenging. 


But, if they are being toxic parents who don’t love you or care about you, then it’s better to move on because they are failing at their responsibility as parents.

And of course, you’re not responsible for that.