18 Signs You Need To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House (Yeah, It’s The Time)

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 06:47 pm

Do you have a sudden urge to be independent? Do you feel that it’s time to leave the nest?

Either it’s your confidence or pressure on you, but these are valid signs that you need to move out of your parents’ house.

Because this is the right time for you to do so.  


How to know when to move out of your parents’ house?

If you still live with your parents even after you have finished your education and gotten your dream job, this is nothing to be ashamed of.

You can repay them for what they did for you by taking care of them and assuring them that now they can retire from their job whenever they want. Because you’re ready now. 

When you’re not quite ready, you’re probably still depending on your parents.

To be more independent, responsible, and mature you need to make hard choices in life, and leaving your parents’ house is the first one.

Initially, moving out of your home seems challenging, but there are advantages, as well. 

It has a lot to do with being able to take care of your needs to make important life decisions. 

If you feel like you need to leave your parents’ home, you should first understand why this is the right time.

And why that’s necessary.

Well, the decision to be independent and by taking your responsibility right, you make your parents feel proud of you, eventually.

But, it’s better ask yourself, Is it pressure on you from your parents or your surroundings? Or do you feel ready for that? 

Remember, every decision is good if it is taken with a positive approach and at the right time.


18 Signs You Need To Move Out of Your Parents’ House

Before making any sudden decisions, refer to these signs if you aren’t sure whether it’s just pressure on you or if it’s time to move out. 

The following signs will make you feel confident about leaving your parents, letting you know that it could be beneficial for you in the end.

1. You feel like you’re ready to move out of your nest.

Do you want to know the right time to leave your parents’ house? That’s when you feel it ‘from within’. 

Yeah, that time when you feel more confident and ready for it. As being a mature person you know when it is right for you. 

Maybe now you have a job that pays well, and now you have even more reason to leave your comfortable life behind and embark on an independent life. 

As a financially independent and emotionally confident person, this is your first sign that you are ready to leave your parents’ house. 

2. You think about your life, your future ahead.

The good thing is you’re becoming mature and considering your future. 

You want to make something in your life and not want to just fight over TV remote with your siblings or parents anymore. 

You feel like there’s a need for a change

This leads you to believe that you need a place that truly is yours. 

You feel like you’re ignoring your dreams by staying at their place and have to forget about your priorities. 

If so, then such are signs that you need to move out of your parents’ house. 

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3. You aspire to experience life outside of your home.

There is no pressure from your parents or anyone else, but out of curiosity, you wish to leave your nest. 

That is definitely a good reason over any other. 

Since you don’t see moving out as a problem, but rather a great adventure. 

You are excited about moving to a new city or country.

You are eager to meet new people, and you want to enhance your social life. 

When you feel positive about leaving your home, these are better reasons as well as good signs that it’s time to move out of your home. 

4. You want something that your parents don’t understand.

Call it generation gap or orthodox thinking, but this is the way your parents see the world. 

You will run into trouble if your thinking doesn’t match your parents’. 

Maybe you wish to have loud music speakers at the weekend parties, or you would like to adopt a pet. 

No matter what you want, they won’t let you have it, even if you buy it yourself. Because they can’t see the value or need of it. 

Do not blame your parents for not understanding you and not knowing what your young self desires. 

After all, it is their home and you should not forget that. 

When your parents completely change the way you think and you have to sacrifice your needs due to that, and such are signs it’s time to leave your home. 

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5. Your parents are toxic and controlling in your life.

It’s definitely not a good reason, but a pressured one that forces you to think that way. 

You might have a difficult relationship with your parents and your family environment is simply not good for you or your future.

Most of the time, you feel frustrated and challenged at home. 

It becomes increasingly difficult to live peacefully and happily if you are surrounded by such toxic parents and negative surroundings. 

It’s impossible to think any good of your future self, when your parents don’t love you, are constantly trying to pull you down, or are not adding any value to your life. 

Such challenging life situations due to a toxic family environment are signs that you need to move out of your parents’ house. 

6. You are spending too much time in your room or outside.

Staying in your room or coming home late are similar problems. 

Maybe you don’t even see this as any trouble to you. But your parents do. 

Even caring parents think it is a problem for your future self.

And so they wish, you’d better leave this place to be mature enough to be independent for yourself. 

Your parents won’t like it if you use this place as a hostel or as if it’s your property. 

Do you have to follow strict rules like turning off the light at a certain time or no entry after 10 or something like that? 

These are tactics parents use to get their children to behave right. 

If you see any of this such behavior and these are your signs you need to move out of your house because you are either being an irresponsible kid or a lazy one. 

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7. You wish to develop your identity and have a social life.

When you belong to a well-known family, your fame and reputation are already set. 

There doesn’t seem to be any social life and individual identity for you outside of your reputable and big family. 

Probably you want to have your image and life outside the home. 

You want to meet new people and enjoy a good time, rather than following any protocols. 

When you want to have your personal life separate and limited to you only or want to be remembered with your name, then these are signs that it’s time for moving out of your family house. 

8. You have a lot of guidelines and rules to follow at home.

It feels like you’re in a hostel when you’re at home. Free food, but too many rules. 

Your parents’ constant restrictive behavior and controlling nature show that they want you to know that you’re still in their house and that you must follow their rules. 

These rules your parents impose on you, are a result of their desire for you to leave. 

Such rules are nothing but signs that you need to move out of your parents’ house to enjoy your freedom. 

And, your parents worry about their personal space, too. 

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9. You feel discomfort bringing someone to your (parents’) home.

You can’t bring your friends or girlfriends home, because this is your parent’s place.

You most often spend time at your friends’ houses or else you feel embarrassed to invite them over to your house. 

Or you and your partner meet at her house or you usually have to book a room for it.

This clearly shows how your social life is ruined since you live at your parents’ house. 

When you don’t have your personal space or can’t give your partner unbreakable attention at home, these are signs that you need to move away from family soon. 

10. You have invaded privacy at home due to constant interruptions.

It’s hard to stay focused when your siblings and parents come into your room very often. 

Even further, when you are not allowed to lock your door, your private life is no longer remains limited to you only. 

Your parents and siblings are making it hard for you to spend time with yourself. 

Especially when you’re a private person and don’t open up too much about your life to the nearest person, still living at your parents’ house, it is difficult. 

If you are not able to find the tranquility or it becomes tough to stay focused on your study, work, or else at home, these are signs that you need to move out from your parents’ house. 

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11. You get to see secret hints (signs) from your parents, to leave their place.

You might feel comfortable at home, but your parents don’t. 

Either your parents are angry with you all the time because you still don’t understand that. Or being an adult yourself at home, they can’t have their time, too. 

Whatever the reason, but with such hints, your parents are asking you to leave.

When your parents don’t speak it clearly to you, but their approaches to say so.

Like you feel uncomfortable, they may be feeling the same around you for the same reason. 

And such secret clues are signs that it’s the time when you need to move out of your family house. 

12. You are too dependent on your parents and family.

You shouldn’t ignore this if you want to make an impact in life. 

So far, you’re habitual to be so dependent on your parents for everything. As long as you’re still young, or at school, that’s fine. 

But, that’s not good when you reach the age to start working. 

Sometimes it’s okay not to make your meal.

However, it’s not okay to rely on parents to make your life decisions, at the age when you should be responsible for such decisions.  

Everything you do, you are reliant on your elder sister or parents. 

Even though they might not complain about that, as an adult you should know your responsibility. 

Too much dependency on others and not being able to accomplish anything on your own are signs that you should move out by yourself and become more independent. 

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13. Your partner or girlfriend feels uncomfortable at your home.

They feel so because your parents or siblings often check up on you when you two are there. 

Like you don’t seem to have a private space in your room, you neither have a personal life, too. This makes it difficult to maintain your romantic relationship

If your bedroom is near the main hall or not big enough, it would be inconvenient. 

That or more things similar to that create trouble for your time and you may take these as signs that you should move away from the family house to have your own space.  

Supportive partners make moving out together a lot easier than just wishing for it. 

14. You have to drive a long distance to reach your workplace.

As if you go home only to eat and sleep, in the rest hours you’re at work or on the road. 

If your college or workplace is far from home and you have to commute there every day, that could cost you far more of your day than just transportation costs. 

You may spend most of your day at work or in school. 

The travel time, however, is an unnecessary waste that can be used to accomplish some productive purposes.

If possible, you can move to the nearest workplace or join the college located nearest to your area or hometown. 

When most of the daytime goes into traveling and you have no time left for other things those are signs that you need to move out of the place that can reduce this commute time and add more hours to your daily life. 

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15. You are constantly told that you need to grow up.

That means you’re not as mature as someone of your age should be. 

Whoever is giving you the advice to be more responsible or act more mature is your family, parents, or truest friends, they want the best for you.

You really need to listen to them if you want to make something in your life

Whether it is you who feel this way or your nearest people point this out, these are signs that you should leave your parents’ house, because you are not growing enough there. 

16. You want to be independent in life.

There’s nothing wrong if you want to be independent. It shows you’re ready to handle yourself. 

After completing your education and attaining your degree, your next goal is more about becoming an independent individual and leaving your nest.

We appreciate you for that decision. 

 It also shows that you’re mature and feel that it’s the right time to do so. 

Such feeling that you are ready to take on some challenges in life and figure out your life on your own is a sign that it’s time to leave home and create your way of living. 

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17. You want to write your story your way.

In case you feel that leaving your home would be more exciting and positive to your life than being at home, that means you have the choice. 

Constantly being in your parents’ care may cause you to become careless and reliant on others.

Moving away from parents is an adventure that empowers one to make confident decisions at the right time.

If you’ve been lazy and insecure but now decide that you want to do something new for your life, leaving this comfortable life can be a fresh start. 

It is true that moving out of your parents’ house will be more challenging than it seems, but it is worth the effort to work on your growth. 

The desire to do something for yourself, work on your development, and strive to become independent are signs that you need to move out of your parents’ house, a comfortable living, and free yourself to explore your life your way. 

18. You reach ‘that’ age of moving out of your parents’ home.

It’s not the age, but rather your understanding that might be the reason why you should leave home now.

Well, the fact is there is no specific age when you should leave your parents’ house. This is because everyone has different life conditions and situations to face. 

Based on our life experiences, it would be better to make the right decisions than to be pressured by age or numbers. 

There might be some career or life challenges you encounter that others do not face.

It’s OK to live with your parents for a while due to a difficult period in your life. 

Whenever you are financially stable and do not want to be a burden to your family anymore, then it is time and a sign that you are ready to move out of your nest. 

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When you realize it’s time to leave your parents’ house…

There is little insecurity in letting such a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle go.

There are some challenges to face, but there are also perks. 

It may be because your cousins or neighbor friends moved out and you are still living with your parents, or whatever the reason may be.

Still, you have to make the decision to leave your home on your own. For your good.

Your decisions should be based on your life situation, not on the expectations of others. 

When you feel more connected to the above-discussed signs that you need to move out of your parents’ house, it’s obvious that you’re ready for it. 

That feeling may be caused by believing you are ready for that, or you may wish to become independent, or you may feel ashamed of still relying on your parents. 


The reasons for leaving can be positive or negative, but these signs prove that this time is right for you to leave your family.

Whenever you feel that by yourself, that means you are on your way to becoming a more mature, independent, and self-made person.

And because you realized your responsibility at the right time your parents definitely going to be proud of you.