10 Signs You’re a Bad Person (In fact, You Don’t Know It)

It seems heartbreaking, but that’s true, my friend. Your personality signs showing that you’re a bad person to your surroundings. And definitely, that’ll be hard for you to admit that. Because you never feel that way, that you’re actually being evil to others. 


What are the signs of a bad person?

So-called nice behavior, hypocrisy, narcissism, secret jealousy, backstabbing, two-faced, and whatnot. 

That’s shocking, How could anyone put up with a list of such bad traits? 

And, yes, such negative, evil and bad people do exist in this world. 

It’s quite hard to find them at a very early stage. However, if there are any toxic or bad people around, they all dominate the environment as a whole. 

“Be positive” and “Be with positive minds” are actually prove that we’re living in a negative world with bad people around. 

Well, that’s the reality.

But, the question is… How can you spot a bad person from whom you should stay away? 

And, you needn’t wait too long or manage any proof, there. All you need is to read a person’s regular behavior that eventually shows such signs of a bad person inside.  

On the flip side, It’s also possible that you are that negative person we’re discussing here, when you recognize these bad signs in your personality as well. 

If that’s the case, it’s important to take action before things worsen for you or the people around you. 


10 Signs that You’re a Bad Person Than You Know

1. You’re two-faced and never show up your true self.

Your outward behavior is usually nice, but only you know what’s in your heart behind your sweetest behaviors.

If you plan or ever think about backstabbing your best friend or colleagues, then such are signs of a bad person with an unpredictable nature. 

Ask yourself, Are you trying to take advantage of someone, or Do you want something from them? Or Do you need to wait for the right moment to unveil your dark side?

Remember, people will eventually figure out your true face if you’re always hiding it and still craving vengeance.

So it’s better to stay true to yourself and others around you, as well. 

Don’t deal with something deep within yourself. Feel free to talk with people, about whatever upsets you. 

2. You can’t forgive, also never can forget.

Agree that when you feel emotionally hurt and broken inside, it’s hard to move on in life.

There comes a time when we have to forget everything and start over for our own good. Sometimes we have to release our ego or something that bothers us to release ourselves.

Problems arise when you can’t easily forgive others, nor you can forget what has gone wrong there. 

By holding grudges, you actually create problems for your nearest people, additionally. 

When you have toxic behavior in your personal life, you keep your people confused and stuck the same as you are. And those signs that indicate you’re a bad person to be around.

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3. You just talk and listen to no one.

The conversation is supposed to be two-sided. But, when you’re in the conversation it’s only about you and you alone. 

You want everyone to listen to you, but you give no ears when they are talking to you or share something important there. It feels like you’re trying to dominate every conversation. 

Your friend, colleague, partner, or family members avoid long conversations with you. Because it’s all about you and not about them. 

Cutting people off the conversation and keeping the focus on yourself alone are proven signs you are a bad person who has no respect for others’ words or their presence. 

4. You are a negative person, too.

You worry too much even on the smallest issues.

Whether that something directly relates to you or not, but you tend to think of it, negatively over and over again. 

Most people are really uncomfortable with you discussing positive aspects of life. Because you always have something negative to talk about and if not, then you end up discouraging them anyway. 

You have the superpower to bring negative or bad out from anything or from anyone.

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5. You only remember people when you need something.

There’s nothing wrong when you ask for others’ support and take the help of anyone in your contact. Our lives can be greatly improved by working together, and so ask for the right help. 

However, when you only depend on others for their needs and never contribute in return, this is a clear sign that you are not a good person. 

When you know someone is in need, Do you make yourself disappear for a while? Or Do you always make excuses so that you don’t have to return a favor?

That means you have no respect for yourself, not for others, and nor you value their efforts.

Because you’re a bad person who is only there for own cause.   

6. You do nothing other than just complain and argue.

As a worried and frustrated person, you believe that everyone is against you. 

You have the feeling inside that everyone is trying to harm you. You look at everyone as a sense of doubt, without any actual proof or reasons. 

The people around you often find you confused plus secretly complaining about your nature. Everyone knows you complain constantly and can never be satisfied by any means.

As topmost signs of a bad person, no one likes you, and even afraid of being around you.

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7. You’re approached to do something evil things together.

People really call you to get some evil ideas and tactics on how they can punish others or take revenge.

It’s because you are the master at such toxic behaviors, and everyone knows about it. 

Most people never tell you about the positive, successful, and inspirational events to you in such a confident manner. But when something wrong or bad happens such people ensure that you are informed of it for sure. 

As the most common signs you’re a bad person, you usually surround yourself with the same negative people like you.

More individuals with similar evil or toxic mindsets are drawn to you. 

8. You are a dishonest partner, friend, and team player.

A lot of people lie and speak negatively at some. But, not every time, same as you do. 

All of us prefer to lie somewhere depending on the mood and the situation. But, you are a liar, who has created a whole world full of lies around you. 

You always leave people feeling confused and uncertain over anything you say or do there.  It’s your negative behavior that bothers them constantly.

You’re not a good person who likes to work in a team and contribute to relationships or friendships equally.

Because as an evil person, you prefer yourself more than anyone else.

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9. Everyone actually feels bad vibes around you.

Believe it or not, but we all carry a certain amount of positive plus negative energy with us. 

Having us in that environment matters a lot because we don’t just physically show up, we also bring our personal vibes with us. That mostly feels by people around without actually our doing or saying anything there. 

When you’re around people actually feel strange feelings about you, they could be signs you’re a bad person. 

So far, you have left a negative impression.

Which causes people to behave towards you in a certain negative or unfamiliar way. 

10. You always run from your responsibilities.

A bad person never feels responsible as part of a team, group, friendship, or relationship. 

In case when they get to know that things are not going well, or something bad is about to happen, they secure themselves first. Is this something you do as well?

Then, you’re not a nice person that everyone avoids to work or stay together. 

You often prefer to blame others rather than taking any responsibility for your behavior. This is one of the most common signs of a bad person that your behavior shows. 

You’ll also never get enough trust from your people, nor will they accept you as their leader, or partner.

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Have you considered changing your Bad image?

Certainly, it’s not pleasant to realize that you are the one responsible for the negative and troublesome aspects of your life as well for those of others around you. 

Anytime that you feel like you’re constantly holding yourself back and being hard on others, then such are your opportunities to do something that changes your life for the better. 

It’s fine to have an opinion and live life on your terms. 

But, you need to stop and think for a second when your individual approach causes troubles in other’s lives, too. 

Such signs of a bad person are enough to get an instant sense of someone’s originality. So that you can maintain a distance from them from the very early stage. 

Well, it may be such signs that you’re a bad person (and you may not even be aware of it). 

In that case, you should redesign your approach and thinking to handle your negative emotions, rather than letting those demons take control over you. 

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