12 Signs You Complain Too Much (And, Really Need To Change)

In one way or another, we all complain about major and minor issues in life. However, don’t get used to complaining about literally everything or everyone.

Whenever you feel like you’re becoming a horrible person that you can’t focus on the positive, these are early signs that you complain too much.   

It’s perfectly fine to share your review as is. But too much honesty or criticism is a problem. 

Since you have developed this negative habit, being positive and motivated has become difficult for you. It’s time to change your perspective on the world.


12 Signs You Complain Too Much

At the workplace or in a relationship, dealing with a complainer isn’t easy. 

In the end, most people keep their distance from them because of their negative outlook.

No one wants to be ‘that’ guy. And, so are you.  

Whenever you feel like ‘Am I complaining too much?’ or are advised to be more positive and open to new ideas, you might be one of the complainers. 

In case you’re also a complainer, here are the traits that you may recognize. 

1. You always notice the fault in something, somehow.

You may strive to make everything perfect or expect everything to go your way. 

It’s hard for you to get adjusted to the situation or someone as they’re.

From your viewpoint, something is always lacking and it bothers you forever. Even after it’s fixed, concern remains.

Such complaining doesn’t feel like a problem to you, but for people who live or work with you. 

2. You have a negative perspective on life.

It’s just in your nature to always see the negative in anything. 

Whether something is not going as planned or success comes but in a different form, you complain the same way. 

You can’t think about what you get but what you missed.

When you tend to bring the negative out of everything, it’s nothing but your complaining nature. 

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3. You make things harder than they actually are.

Do you enjoy challenges or do you want to get away from them? 

Challenges make life worthwhile, they give us reason to keep going.

When you hope for an easy-going life with luck taking care of things for you, you’re making your life harder.

There may be challenges in your life or at work right now. 

Instead of seeing them as opportunities for improvement, continually talk about how unfortunate you are, which is a sign that you complain too much about everything in life. 

4. Your connections start to ignore you.

You might not have the idea that you’re habitual to complaining a lot, but those around you do. 

Of course, you don’t mean to put anyone down or ruin their mood; you’re just being yourself.

But sometimes, it’s required to be nice to someone for several reasons.

When you keep your bold nature to everyone and never stop complaining, you find that people feel intimidated to be around you.

5. You never manage to finish what you start.

Your tendency to complain too much always causes additional problems. 

If you are constantly worrying about the perfect things or focusing on something that can go wrong, you will never get anything done. 

When you argue about what might go wrong but do nothing, you leave a bad impression.

For you, it’s more important to focus on the failure scenarios. This way, you don’t change, not get started, and not let anything happen. 

6. You always feel tired and bored to do something.

When you complain too much, you feel exhausted both mentally and physically. 

Even though you’ve just shared your excuses and prevented the work, you still feel as if it was a lot of work. 

All of your attention goes to the negative side of things, and now nothing feels encouraging and interesting to you anymore. 

Instead, you put yourself in a stressful situation and carry a burden you don’t need. 

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7. You may have been advised to correct your complaining nature.

When things go too far, people will draw your attention to your complaining personality. 

At work or in your friend circle, someone is being honest with you and expresses their worry about your complaining habit.

Take it as signs that you’re complaining too much.

When most friends and family advise you to change your nature, it’s a time to change.

8. You see that people aren’t comfortable sharing anything good.

Some people may have warned you about your complaining habit. But you didn’t stop. 

You no longer appear to have changed. So they prefer to distance themselves from you. 

Neither your friend nor office colleague takes you seriously anymore, nor do they talk about anything positive around you. 

Seeing that people are going away and keeping their mouths shut when you ask about something good are signs that you complain too much. 

9. You aren’t getting the most out of your life.

Instead of being grateful, when you constantly complain about life, you feel like you lost yourself and are stuck for ever.

If you’re mostly focused on the problems and hardships, you never feel excited about what you will get after going through a struggling period. 

Slowly it becomes your habit and you can’t see the good in anything anymore. 

10. You compare yourself too much with others.

You either want to be the best among others or you feel jealous of others who do good. 

It’s hard for you to see that you’re unique from others. Instead, you feel ungrateful. 

Even though others may have faced the same challenges, you don’t believe that anyone could have the hard-luck life as you’ve been living. 

 Because you complain a lot about your bad luck. 

11. You think you’re not complaining but being real.

The problem with most complainers is- they don’t know they’re complaining. 

Whether you express a just opinion or a realistic approach, it’s all yours.

There’s a difference between being negative and giving advice to others. 

Here, the way you always pick a point and talk about it shows clear negativity.

12. You still think about your failures or the chances you missed.

There must be some reason why you complain too much all the time. 

Maybe you’ve been hurt before or miserably failed that destroyed your confidence.

It’s the negative past may have caused you to lose your confidence, trust, and hope in good things.

Well, it’s all because you can’t stop living in the past. It’s not easy to overcome failure, yet it’s essential for a fulfilling life.

All you here waiting for a miracle to happen. 

This won’t happen unless you do something instead of stop complaining and whining about the past. 

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What Happens When You Complain All The Time?

Having a realistic approach to everything and everyone is fine.

But, as per the situation, there are required some changes in your approach to behaving. 

In contrast, when you identify more with the above signs, it means that you complain too much and that it has affected your life and the lives of those around you.

Your approach to complaining about everything makes your life miserable

It is possible to have a better life with an optimistic approach. 

But if you complain about everything and take a negative approach, you miss the bright side of life and get nothing positive.

It doesn’t matter how hard it feels, you should give your best effort with a positive mindset. For now, it is better to ignore potential failures and negativity.

However, your complaining nature keeps you at the place and hinders your progress. 


It all takes having an optimistic approach to life to make life interesting and positive.

It is impossible to be a complainer and a winner at the same time. You’ve to be more flexible, adjustable, and understandable if you want the right things in life.