15 Signs You Are A Trashy Person

In your terms, the way you live, it feels like you are just ‘being you’. 

But, in reality, you’re a trashy person in the end. 

In the hope to be the best than everyone, you are being unattractive, eventually.

In the process of looking classy, you treat yourself, and others so badly that they turn away due to your ‘smelly’ behavior.


15 Signs You Are Trashy (But See Yourself As Fancy)

You never get a positive gesture from others. 

You notice most people, (the good ones) stay away from you.

Nor do they interact with you much and never take you seriously ever. 

And, these are the reasons plus signs to know that you’re being that trashy person.

1. Your first impression is trashy everywhere you go.

Not because you look different.

But also you do weird things. And act the way that normal people won’t do in public.

Signs of trashy personality

2. You belong to a group that is negative and hateful.

When you have friends who are trashy themselves, you never feel the need to change.

You become just like them.

Being surrounded by such garbage people, you look at the good things in life with disgust. 

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3. You just want attention no matter which way.

No matter which way it comes or if others laugh at you or make fun of you, you just want them to at least talk about you.

You don’t even care if they look down on you, you get attention. 

4. You start picking fights anywhere for anything.

It’s just too easy for you to pick up a fight with anyone at the place you visit for the first time. 

Because you can’t adjust with others nor even you try to.

5. You care about no one, and not for yourself.

Being a trashy person by yourself, you obviously have no care for your health or appearance.

Point is… you also don’t care about the people around you, as well. 

You play loud music, don’t behave properly, and often invade other people’s comfort. 

6. You can’t even keep your room and house clean.

Not talking about the home, you don’t even care to arrange your clothes properly. 

Living in a smelly room with no proper furniture and no feel-good atmosphere. 

You’ve collected too much junk in your room, and have no time to throw it out.

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7. You don’t have good dressing sense.

Your appearance always makes you look noticed in the group. 

Nope, it’s not too classy, more in a trashy manner. 

No one ever dares to look like that at home, but you go like this everywhere. 

8. You don’t do anything to look good.

How you smell, how you look… nothing does matter to you. 

You get a stinky gesture from others. People are talking while their hands are on their noses. 

Worse, you irritate them even more, by getting closure.

9. You make fun of those who are clean and active.

Because you’re being trashy, the only good thing you can do is to spread more garbage. 

And that by criticizing someone who is doing or looking better than you. 

10. You don’t know how to behave correctly.

It’s like you’re a childish adult who still has no idea how to talk, act and behave as per the situation. 

Signs of a trashy man or woman

11. You treat others like trash.

For you, being good and nice to others is useless. 

You often criticize those who do good in life and help others for good causes. 

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12. Your parents and family avoid showing up with you.

Because every time you go to family functions and all, they feel embarrassed. 

Whether it’s regarding your absurd styles, dressing sense, or arrogant behavior… you’re different from many and easily recognizable.

They hate to introduce you as one of them. 

13. You have a bunch of negative habits.

From smoking to drinking, you have bad companies already.

You have habits that are not helping you to go anywhere in life. But downwards.

14. You have nothing to do with life other than gossip.

There’s literally nothing you have to do to improve yourself.

You hang out with a bunch of other trashy friends like you. 

Whose life goal is to have fun try to be cool and party hard every night. 

15. You often feel ashamed of who you are. But still do nothing.

For how you behave with someone, later at night you realize how unnecessary that was. 

You want to change yourself for the better. But you can’t.

Because you end up being a trashy person again the next day. Fo, some way or another.

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If you want to avoid being viewed as a garbage person with nothing good to offer, consider these signs as a warning to know that you are a trashy person or becoming one.  

Start getting yourself out of that situation of ‘garbage’. You don’t deserve to be there. 

Of course, you can get out of it. First, you need to throw some junk out of your life.