14 Signs You Text Too Much To Someone

Last updated on February 24th, 2023 at 05:45 pm

Texting is fun when with the right person at the right time. 

If you’re a clingy friend, you often annoy your friends and anyone in your connection.

Because you don’t care to check if someone wants to chat with you or not. 

You might have many things to share. 

But the way the person reacts to your texts indirectly lets you know that you’re texting too much than needed with your friends, crush, and even partner.

Be sure you aren’t over-texting someone.


14 Signs You Text Too Much To Someone

When you often feel like “Am I texting too much?’ That means, you already do. 

The point is you better text someone who is interested in texting you back. 

You don’t limit texting to just sharing things but you also demand ‘perfect’ reactions, which proves you’re taking texting too personally.

The following signs will be enough to know when you text too much to a friend or crush. But, the wrong person especially. 

1. You mostly get responses like “I’ll talk to you later”.

Default messages or readymade templates mean they don’t want to speak with you now. 

Maybe that person is busy. Also, you’re not their priority, either.

If this is something you get most of the time for someone, that indicates you text someone too much and they’re always busy for you. 

Signs You're Texting So Much

2. You receive nothing special but dull messages back.

While texting someone you’re excited and they text you too short. 

Earlier, this person shared an engaging text back. Lately, their replies are getting shorter and shorter.

Possible that you’ve been texting too much to them and this person is no longer interested. 

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3. Your friend or crush starts to ignore your text messages.

Agreed, that this person might be busy with something. 

So busy in life, that they don’t get time to text you back. 

But it’s happening on repeat. 

That proves that this person is ghosting you and he/she no longer cares to reply to your text back. 

4. When someone doesn’t text back you call them.

Apparently, you seem so desperate to get a response from someone. 

You can’t let your friend or crush have their own space. 

You want a response anyhow. So instead of waiting for them to respond, you call to have a conversation. 

This is a sign that you’re annoying someone through text and now with a call. 

5. You never pay attention to what others say but text anyway.

You don’t care what they share or want to say. 

You just have to say what you want. 

This person tries to inform you that they want to discuss the same in person.

But, you force them to hear your entire story through texting. 

You’re an impatient texter who just text too much.

The result, your crush may lose interest in you because you text too much, literally for everything! 

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6. Your message is just worth a one-word response.

‘Lol’, ‘good’, ‘fine’, ‘yea’, and all one-word texts seem normal to you. 

But if you pay attention, you will notice that someone responds to you in such a way. 

It’s a sign for you that you’re texting too much to the wrong person who is bored with you. 

7. Your message makes them go offline instantly.

WhatsApp or other messaging apps might update you when they receive your text. 

But this person does not want to say anything back. 

Apparently, this person fears if they text back, the conversation may continue for another hour.

And they do not have much time to waste on you and they start to ghost you.

Signs Of Over texting Someone

8. You’re the only one who sends the first text every time.

It’s fine that you feel comfortable texting anytime. but someone isn’t. 

See if they really want to text you or if they just have to, since you don’t stop.

Have they ever initiated the conversation or is it just you?

If that’s you initiate texting all the time, means you’re texting too much and to the wrong person. 

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9. You text anytime without checking if it’s the right time.

While texting a friend or online match, set a time for chatting. That keeps the excitement alive. 

When you text too much, you easily get bored or annoy another person. 

Texting someone just because you’ve free time and nothing else is normal.

But someone already has a problem with your excessive texting habit.

10. Someone has to block you to stop getting your text.

It’s certainly not a good thing if this is from your crush. 

Before muting the conversation, they update you on when and what to text.

It doesn’t matter to you at all.

At last, to stop you they have to block you to prevent any future text from you. 

11. You often ask that person why they don’t text you back.

Someone may not be good at texting but prefer to meet in person. 

While you want to build a connection based solely on text. 

You make fun of this person for not being a texter like you.

If they don’t have an issue with you, you behave as if they do. 

This is one sign that you take texting too seriously and are being judgy.

12. Even in person now someone tries to avoid you.

While texting, they already know you. 

Due to your over-texting habit, you have exposed your life to that person and there is no longer anything to discuss.

Now you’re just sharing the same things over and over again. 

You don’t feel it, but someone is bored and wants to stay away from you now. 

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13. Your replies are too unnecessarily long.

Well, you also could respond with a short text reply, but you’re not. 

If by habit, when you text too much and have to answer in detail, it irritates someone. 

You make the conversation too long without the need.

That friend or crush doesn’t have time to read it all at once. Which also shows you’re a desperate texter. 

Signs Of Excessive Texting To Wrong Person

14. And, it’s always someone who ends the conversation, not you.

Because you are unstoppable at texting. 

You just don’t want to end the chat or you don’t know where to end it.

So someone has to do it. 

If you text the wrong person and that’s too much, you notice that it’s someone who stops you with a ‘goodbye’ or ‘good night’ text like every time.  


What Happens When You Text Too Much?

Due to your habit of over-texting, you aren’t leaving a good first impression on your crush or new match. 

Even if that’s your friend after a while excessive texts get annoying. 

Because you’ve nothing much to share and you’re just saying the same over again. 

In those hours of chat, you reveal so much about yourself that isn’t needed. 

Regardless of how special a connection you have or how excited you are while texting someone, ensure the other person texts back the same way.

In case of doubt, refer to the above signs to know that you text too much to someone. Not only that but you text it to the wrong person. 

Especially when you want to impress them or have a connection with them, stop texting so much. 

Let the chat flaws and listen… they, too have something to say.