8 Signs Someone Doesn’t Trust You

Last updated on September 28th, 2022 at 05:58 pm

Whatever connection there is, if there is no trust, then it has no meaning. 

Whether it’s about friendship, relationship, family ties, or a professional connection… without trust, you alone can’t make this connection work. 

‘This person’ may have personal reasons.

But when someone doesn’t trust you without any reason, it seems unreasonable. 

You stay true to them and have given them faith… But still, that’s not enough for them. 


8 Signs Someone Doesn’t Trust You

If you want to improve your connection, or merely to keep it, ‘mutual trust is important.

The same as respect.

If there’s no trust and no respect.

When you feel that someone has no trust in you, you’ll notice these signs in their behavior. 

1. This person never takes you seriously.

Whatever you say to them, they don’t pay attention. They simply avoid it. 

‘This’ friend or coworker does not show any interest to know more about what you have to say.

Maybe they look down on you or simply they see you as a competition.

Even when you don’t want to compete or be better than them, they feel so.

2. This person always asks you to prove everything you say.

Yeah, whatever you say, you believe or you do… they want verification. 

Because it’s hard for them to trust you, for whatsoever reason. 

You need to provide some valid proof and reasons for them to believe you.

This isn’t limited to a few cases. But, they do so every time, which indicates this person has no trust in you. 

3. This person doesn’t just ask but interrogates you.

We all have that one friend who asks too many questions. But ‘this person’ is extra. 

Their questions are clear to get all the details. As if they want to know everything.

The repetitive questions they ask and the pace at which they do so… feel like you’re their ‘suspect’. 

By asking tricky and the same questions, they hope to get you. Because they don’t trust you.

4. This person always tries to hide something from you.

Possibly they might be broken emotionally by trusting someone, making them avoid deep interactions.

When someone doesn’t have trust in you, they won’t reveal more about themselves.

The reason could be they’re either afraid you’ll make fun of them or use it against them.

This could be one in your family friend circle or at the office, who never engages with others.

The fear of being played is there, preventing them from opening up. 

5. This person doesn’t pay attention to you.

They don’t just lack trust, but also they show no care about you, as well.

Whatever you do or say, it means nothing to them.

Possible that earlier you might have made one mistake and this person hasn’t forgiven you yet. 

Sometimes they also let you know that your cheater or liar… or treat you as if you are. 

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6. This person avoids giving you any important task.

This happens at the workplace or home. Instead of trusting you, they do it themselves.

Whether it’s your boss or your teammates preventing you from taking on big projects or not giving you much responsibility.

Such are signs that someone doesn’t trust you or doubts your abilities. 

It may be because of your past disaster, or you’re still incompetent for this work.

7. This person always has to double-check on you.

They only trust you when they do not have another option but you. 

Even when you make promises, they keep a watchful eye on you.

They can’t fully trust you on the inside.

A micromanaging boss, a perfectionist, or a controlling freak always watching over you and making sure you don’t make anything wrong.

8. This person believes you… only when it’s negative.

You haven’t been able to convince them so far. But negativity and criticism. 

If you say something nice to them, they will be suspicious of you.

Whenever you criticize them or point out their bad nature, they take it very seriously.

For them, all positive things are lies or tricks. While the negatives are the only facts. 

It’s like this person has only an eye on the negative outcome of anything, and is waiting for it.

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9. This person might have a trust issue.

Well, it’s not that they don’t trust you only, they just can’t do it to anyone. 

When a person has a trust issue, they can’t connect with others nor do they want to.

Because they see everyone as the same. 

If ‘this person is your friend, partner, family member, or someone from your work, knowing someone doesn’t trust you is certainly a negative experience.

You cannot make your relationship any stronger or any more special… when you see these signs from someone close to you.


Everyone wants to be respected and admired

But, when someone has no trust in you, things get complicated every day. 

If you want to win their trust, let them know you aren’t like the person who cheated them, used them, or hurt them before. 

Agreed that broken trust in the past makes someone never trust anyone again.

But it’s the trust alone that is still required for a new connection to start and keep it.