12 Signs Someone Is Your Well-Wisher

Among this bunch of ‘so-called ‘nicest’ people, want to know if there’s any well-wisher?

Yes, that someone you can trust without a second thought, someone who actually wishes best for you.

They might be there already.

Just, look at the apparent signs of well-wishers and you’ll know you have them. 


12 Signs Someone Is Your Well-Wisher

You want them, they’re mostly ‘a trusted friend’ or ‘family member’ who is closely related to you.

Sometimes, they seem hard on you, but they’re actually thinking good of you. 

They might not always sound nice to you, but they are your best advisors. 

Your well-wishers are those who think of you and believe you deserve better. They don’t just hope, but also do anything to help you be a better person. 

1. Only they’re with you when you need someone the most.

You find someone you can trust when you are all alone during the most difficult times.

There you also find two-faced friends and real ones. 

2. They might be hard to be with, but worth it.

Because they want the best out of you, not the worst. 

A well-wisher never lets you take the wrong path, they always guide you in the right direction. 

3. Their presence gives you hope and looks up to life.

In your low time, they genuinely do anything to support you. 

Anything they do for you is not with a secret intention.

But because they care for you and think of you as one of them. 

4. They stay true to you on the face.

Most friends who talk nice to you, are hiding the advantage in their mind. 

But, your genuine supporter never manipulates you, but always tells you the truth. 

5. They let you know when you’re wrong.

Only your true best friend is someone who is your well-wisher. 

They’re the ones you can count on. As they offer genuine advice and suggestions you need. 

6. They care to listen to you.

Some people only come to you when they have something to talk about. 

Your genuine friend makes you feel heard when you want someone to talk to. 

How To Know Someone Is A Well-wisher

7. They help you to be better in life.

Whatever a well-wisher does for you, they do it with the best intentions. 

Sometimes, they are the reason you get to reach your true potential. 

8. They celebrate success and seem genuinely happy about you.

They’re not jealous inside, nor they’re different people inside and outside

A well-wisher looks happy when you achieve something.

Because they know how much it takes to get there. And they’ve been with you the entire process. 

9. They never force you to be like them.

Around them, you feel the most comfortable and confident person. 

They never make fun of you publicly, nor try to put you down.

It’s a well-wisher who accepts you for who you are.

10. They stay honest with you and do not play games with you.

Whatever they do or say to you, is because they wish only good for you. 

The right friend values you, while the wrong one makes you feel miserable.

11. They secretly help you without you knowing.

Some people help you simply to take advantage of you or to prove that you are nothing without them.

While your nearest people like parents and true friends, genuinely wish the best for you, pray for you secretly.

Whatever they do for you, they see it as their responsibility.

12. They defend your name and stand with you.

Whether they’re around you or not, you can trust them.

A well-wisher friend is aware of your secrets, but still, never does anything to let you down. 

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Having someone think well of you gives you hope for the best every day. 

What’s the point of having friends or family that don’t care about you?

You deserve to spend more time with those who care about you, genuinely. 

Refer to the above signs to find that someone is your well-wisher that you can look up to when in need.

They won’t make you feel lost or abandoned, but do anything that works for you. 

Because they wish nothing but the well for you.