13 Signs Your Employee Is About To Quit (Their Resignation Is Coming)

Last updated on November 10th, 2022 at 06:38 pm

No employers would ever want their dedicated, experienced, and committed employees to leave for any reason.

Nevertheless, it’s shocking when it comes out of nowhere.

Well, the early warning signs that your employee is about to quit already be there, but you ignored them. 


How Do You Know When An Employee Is About To Quit?

‘Passionate and Productive’ Employees are truly the lifeblood of a company. 

When one of your best and most experienced employees leaves, your business doesn’t just lose one employee, but a genuine supporter. 

The one who has been with you for years, helping you to bring the company to where it is today.  

It doesn’t matter if they join another company or leave to start their own, the top skills and professionalism will no longer exist with you. 

You might find a replacement for the same position, but not a unique skill set. 

And especially when they are your favorite employee or someone you rely upon a great deal, this can make you feel somewhat insecure. 

Do you want to make it a little less depressing and painful? 

Then you better have some early signs from such valuable employees’ behavior, showing they’re about to send you a resignation letter. 

Here are the signs for that. 


13 Signs An Employee Is About To Quit

From feeling in your gut to not getting a satisfactory performance from your favorite employee, these are signs way you know that your employee is going to leave this job. 

Possibly they’re not happy at work or looking for a change and the list goes on. 

But, knowing that early and you can easily make some adjustments like keeping your employee or filling the gap before your best employee leave the place. 

1. When an employee takes frequent leave for ‘personal reasons’.

Either that employee is planning to escape out of the country or from this job. 

It’s no wonder that your favorite employee is more likely to take leave only when it’s required.

However, in the last few days, they broke the record for the laziest person in the company. 

A frequent small break during work time says, perhaps they’ve got an interview elsewhere. 

This is not always the case, but most of the time that’s what happens. 

They use such short breaks or leave early to plan for the next option.

All of these could be signs that your employee is searching for another job and may leave without any notice period. 

2. When your best employee withdraws from any new assignment.

Well, this is not the right time to yell at them. Check why they’re doing so. 

Maybe your best employee feels incompetent to take on a new responsibility or is in the mood for a vacation. Neither of these is valid reasons, we know that.

However, they are doing this, still. 

It is because they won’t be there as this project requires them to be. Possibly, they may have already confirmed the joining date with their next employer.  

Either they give strange reasons for not starting the project or they do not share any reason but their unwillingness. 

And these are signs that your employee is about to quit with no work left behind. 

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3. When there is a sudden change in their workplace behavior.

Your best employee is the one who makes you proud. Now, not so much. 

From the last few days, this employee seems unmotivated and defocused at work. Suddenly, they start to show up late or work at odd hours for no apparent reason. 

Perhaps they’re up to something, like something more important than this job. 

A sudden change in their behavior at work, in performance to their appearance and all, are clear signs that your employee wants to quit, because they’re not happier at this work. 

Perhaps they are dealing with personal issues or worried about their career. 

4. When your employee demands an unreasonable raise or promotion. (The definite sign!)

Of course, they know what to expect from you and what not to. That’s why they ask these. 

Their reasons for leaving are very clear but, they don’t want to disclose the real reason to you or the management.

So they present something that is beyond your reach, something they know they won’t get. 

Salary couldn’t be the only reason why they leave, maybe it’s something else. 

However, by making such unreasonable demands, they prevent you from asking when they send you a resignation letter. 

Probably your employee has got a better salary and a position somewhere else. 

And such confidence to ask for such unbelievable demands are signs your employee is about to quit this job. 

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5. When an employee becomes less available at work.

Departing employees’ participation in meetings and team works continue to decline. 

If it seems weird at first, then something strange might be happening there. 

That employee has been absent physically, and now emotionally, as well.

Because they may this job is killing them inside, they are not happy with this place anymore or looking for a change in their career. 

As an employer, it is better to prioritize their needs, rather than only taking something from them. 

Especially when your dedicated employees’ performance and involvement in the decision making lowing it’s a clear sign that your employee will quit this job. 

6. When your best employee starts hanging out with someone on a notice period.

Because they want to know about the exit process. Because they’re also planning for it. 

Following that, this employee was not involved in the time-wasting activities and all. But now he is. 

Moroever, you discovered that your few other employees are gossiping behind your back. 

Or your (unsatisfied) employees start to have a longer lunch break, where they may discuss reasons to leave and get ready for the next job options. 

In other words, your employees may be planning to leave together.

Such a negative approach to the workplace, excuses for minor things, and always complaining about the workplace are signs that your employees want to quit the job.

As they’re unhappy with their work, most probably. 

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7. When an employee shows no excitement or cares at all.

If there are no feelings involved, there’s something wrong. Especially for them. 

Normally, an experienced employee seems to be more anxious about business, more like a business partner. While a new employee is eager to begin every new assignment. 

But now, all you see is a careless look and a dual nature. From your old and new employees. 

Well, this state of no work motivation is proof that your employee feels not excited about the work or doesn’t feel that this job is not the right fit for them. 

Such are early signs that your new or best employee is about to quit and already have planned something for that. 

8. When an employee’s routine work habits have changed.

This employee is no longer the one who arrives early and leaves late. 

They may have reached their maximum work capacity here. Now they don’t want to work here any longer. 

So, they are planning on leaving, but before having an alternative, they need to work here. 

Due to their ongoing efforts to find the next job, they start to work at odd hours.

They may have been taking career counseling or applying for job interviews to set up a job.

That way they can leave their current job as soon as possible. 

Coming late to work and leaving early are obvious signs that your employee is looking for another job, especially when they refuse to share any valid reason, every time.  

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9. When your best employees begin to work less or harder.

Employees who are planning to leave are more likely to do so in either a good or a bad way. 

Well, a good employee wants to leave this place with dignity, fulfilling their every responsibility.

While the other one the bad employee shows no longer care for anything at all. 

Based on their nature, you get to see the different early quitting behavior. 

But, the point here is such sudden drops or becoming overworked without disclosed reasons are signs that your employee is all set to leave this workplace.

Maybe they’ve no work-life balance working here or feeling burnout. 

10. When an employee achieves a degree or qualification.

You may feel pleased that you will have improved qualifications at the same salary, but that’s not going to happen. 

Well, the employees usually take a degree or new course to improve their position and get a better job than they currently have. Keep that in mind. 

The good news, your best employee is growing professionally. Bad news, and that’s not for you.

This is a good thing to see an employee improve professionally with these abilities or with a professional network. 

They have taken such courses to set their qualifications, but see no future in your company. It’s unfortunate but true. 

However, these are also possible signs your employee is searching for a better company and a job where they will feel motivated, respected, and secure, overall. 

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11. When your employee reveals their true nature.

At first, this may shock you, but it’s what they are. Hiding it for a long time.  

This employee is maybe trying very hard to find the right job, but he or she never gets the opportunity.

Or they were searching for their passion, or they never had enough money for it.

When they know their time to leave is here, they will become careless and their true selves. 

Since they found a better job, they don’t have to impress or need you anymore.

Or now they’re ready and all set to start their own company. 

A surprising change in their nature and disregarding professionalism are not common but rare signs from an employee who wants to quit a job that they have dreamed about it, a long time ago. 

12. When your employee avoids interacting with you.

Before you, two had the iconic duo in the company, but now that’s no longer there. 

This employee of yours no longer seems enthusiastic and motivated at work or during team meetings.

When your best employee is about to leave, they seem strange and suspicious just like the new employee. 

That best and favorite employee is distancing himself from you. 

From becoming less interactive to suddenly becoming private and isolating, these are signs that your best employee is about to quit your job. 

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13. When you recently bargained with them for something.

Did an employee recently ask you for a raise or promotion?

Not the unrealistic demands, but the ones which they’re eligible for.

Did you deny them or have you settled for something that isn’t more profitable for them, but you?

Obviously, they are not happy with such alterations or settlements. 

You may feel that you have excellent negotiation skills, but using them on employees who have logical demands is not a good choice, at all. 

This way, you’re giving them a reason to quit since you don’t make them feel respected and cared for.

Like you expect from them regarding contribution and performance. 

Which later results in nothing but signing the resignation letter for the same employee. 


When an Employee Quits Because of You…

There are many expected and unexpected reasons why employees leave suddenly. 

Aside from such signs, if you have a gut feeling that the best employee is about to quit, it is likely you are the issue. 

Bad bosses are the major reason why most passionate employees quit their jobs. 

Before anything else, you need to check within yourself if you’re being the same toxic boss to them.  

It’s fine to be too concerned and result-driven about the performance.

Buy, you also shouldn’t ignore the role and importance of having such people on your side. 

It is better to keep the existing employee happy, considering their ‘reasonable’ demands. 

Referring to the signs above, you are early to realize that your employee is about to leave. And, the first thing you should do is find out WHY.

Are your employees unhappy at work, do they have better options, do they lack passion for the job, or what?

Be sure to schedule a one-on-one meeting with them to learn about their needs. 

The loss of a top employee affects the productivity and performance of the business, but it also undermines the company’s reputation. 

Likewise, it’s best to retain the departing employee (if possible) than to hire a replacement and expect them to work just as hard as the experienced one.

Whenever you feel like you, the fault is in your leadership, accept it. Whenever you feel like there’s a need to change management policies, change them. 

Do it for your employees, first then for your company. Don’t let your ego interfere in between. 

That shows that you care about your employees more than your ego and standard regulations.


Develop a system that rewards your employees from the start.

Make sure they feel respected and happy at work. And yes, don’t wait till they send their resignation letter to sign.