16 Signs You’re Embarrassing Yourself By Choice

“Dude, you’re embarrassing yourself (and, me too)”

“No, look, everyone is smiling. I’m just famous here.”

In reality, those people are laughing at you and commenting on you. 

You think you’re popular among them. 

Indeed, you’re getting attention…But, because of your stupidity. 

While someone who cares for you, such as a true best friend, will tell you not to embarrass yourself in front of others anymore. 


16 Signs You’re Embarrassing Yourself

If you make a mistake and everyone catches you, it’s no big deal. 

It happens to everyone at any stage in life. 

But when you do something intentionally to get attention, at the cost of your self-image, this is a problem. 

You might not feel it at first. 

But, due to your quirky nature, no one will take you seriously anymore.

This is the time to stop embarrassing yourself, if your behavior indicates the following signs:

1. You’re not learning lessons still.

Every mistake you make is a way to learn new things.

Not educating yourself, but keep making the same mistakes in life and you make yourself embarrassed by having small goals and mindsets.

How do you know if you're embarrassed

2. You stick to your old concepts and thinking.

You still see the world the same way you did five years ago. 

It’s better if you update yourself by that time. 

When you’re not doing anything to improve yourself and your lifestyle, you embarrass yourself in front of others who are ambitious and growing in life. 

3. Your behavior is getting worse every day.

It’s too easy for you to pick a fight with anyone at any time. 

You disrespect parents, family, and also with strangers on the way to school. You find it difficult to let go. 

With such trash behavior, you’re attracting the wrong attention. 

4. You’re just lazy and do nothing even for yourself.

You lie on the sofa, lock yourself in the room, and watch web series all day. 

You’re not doing anything important even for your life. 

All might feel fun until someone asks ‘what you do for a living’ and you feel embarrassed for a moment. 

5. You try to be exactly like someone else.

When you disregard who you’re or your uniqueness, and try to be someone, you’re embarrassing yourself. 

People start to make fun of you for copying someone.

Maybe now you’re losing the real you and living someone else’s life.

6. You never listen to those who wish to help you.

Your best friend and family make you aware of how you embarrass yourself. 

But, you’re listening to no one with good advice. 

You just have to do what you think it’s right. And, you keep doing crazy things.

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7. You force someone to be in a connection with you.

Expecting too much from someone to love you or talk to you, doesn’t offer any good. 

You can’t accept rejections. 

Here, you try to make someone change their decision and accept you. 

When you attempt to impress someone or get their approval for doing anything, it is a sign that you embarrass yourself. 

8. You don’t value yourself and behave harshly toward yourself.

While others try to say something good about you, you still mention the negatives. 

There’s no way you believe that you could be better ever. 

It shows that you’re not happy with yourself and punishing yourself to stay lost in life.

9. You do things that no one does with an open mind.

We are not talking about taking a different path, but the odd one. 

You know you might look bad or it’s crazy, but you’ve to do the same. 

You take the risk to embarrass yourself.

10. You talk bad about those who are loved by everyone.

If you try to spread rumors about someone who does good for others, making yourself look bad.

When you act so jealous or manipulative, most people will find you unpleasant.

Signs Your embarrassing yourself

11. You try to cover up when you make a mistake.

Well, making mistakes or being unaware could be embarrassing.

But refusing to learn or still trying to be perfect is a clear sign you’re embarrassing yourself by repeating the same mistake. 

11. You overreact to every small thing.

It slowly becomes your habit to make small things into big issues.  

Most people who know this trashy nature of yours, try to stay away from your unnecessary dramas. 

Maybe you’re called a drama queen or spoiled brat.

13. You don’t try to adjust to a new environment.

It makes no sense to be rigid when entering a new environment. 

While you simply keep acting the way it feels right to you. 

As a result, you make yourself alone from the rest in the same group. 

14. You’re putting yourself and your ego first.

You think you’re the best at whatever you do. 

By focusing on your needs alone, you’re embarrassing yourself at work.

Most your coworkers know that you can’t be a good teammate, as you can’t think of anyone beyond yourself. 

15. You do care so much about how others perceive you.

On social media, you want a certain number of likes on your pictures. 

And you have no problem doing anything foolish or even think about it. 

When you care too much about others and want them to like you forcefully, you might be ready to put yourself under embarrassment.

16. You just have to be famous anyhow.

Being famous is a common desire that most have. 

While not everyone will do anything just for fame. They do feel insecure and awkward to behave a certain way and cross the limits.

But you have no issue at all. 

You take chances on silly things, to get more attention. 

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When You Feel Embarrassed Yourself Now…

In most cases, you feel so, because you experience social anxiety and feel ashamed of your mistakes.

This might seem embarrassing at the moment, but don’t worry about it too much. 

It’s just temporary. By then, they will forget. 

Doing things that are nonsense or ridiculous over and over again can lead to embarrassment for life.

You might enjoy doing such things and be happy that everyone watches you. 

The above signs help you know that you’re embarrassing yourself in life. 

If you keep doing it, no one is going to take you seriously. 


Sadly, you degrade your self-image by yourself. Stop trying to be perfect or like someone else. 

Accept yourself for who you are, If you made a mistake, accept that. There’s no shame about it.