12 Signs You are An INFP, The Rarest Personality Type

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 08:32 am

Do you consider yourself as an INFP personality type? Or can’t decide your personality between INTP and INFP types?

Then, probably you want to refer to these listed signs of INFP, that prove you are an INFP personality type, for sure.


A person with an INFP personality is, of course, the rarest one.

You may not find them anywhere. But when there is one of them around, simply by being with them and you will know that person is INFP.  

You accept that you are a private person, you know you are driven by your personal views and feelings, you are creative by heart.

You like spending time alone, but also show your care to other’s words and feelings, equally. 

But, if you are confused about whether you’re an INFP personality type or just an introvert, then here are the signs you want to confirm.

Take a look at few signs of INFP personality, and if you relate with most of them, then you are an INFP.  


Signs you’re an INFP Personality Type

1. You feel charged by spending time alone. 

Most of the time, you spend time alone, with yourself.

You don’t feel any pressure or hard times… when you have to live alone. Because you may have been alone, for a long time. 

Of course, you like to meet new people and to have a logical discussion there.

People often labeled you as introverted, because most of the time you spend with yourself, rather than being with them. 

Similarly, your nearest people mistakenly take you as an extrovert, because when talking about your passion or things you love, people get to see your true personality. 

Which is extremely confident and passionate, the complete opposite of an introverted personality.

When you know how to control your feelings and emotions, plus also know how to express them to the right kind of people, then signs you are INFP. 

2. You keep most things to yourself. 

You have so many things to keep yourself busy alone.

Spending time alone is your favorite activity and you don’t mind what others think of you, either.

You usually don’t like to share your dreams and plan with others. Because some will not understand, some are not trustworthy, and some are not of your type. Simple!!

Others may criticize you for not being too connected and open to everyone.

And, it’s okay for you… you accept yourself as you are. You stay true to everyone, including you.

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3. You daydream a lot. 

As an INFP, you are imaginative. You have the whole world in your mind.

The place, that no one knows about. It is the place to feel refreshed or get healed… when your feelings are hearted or ignored.

Sometimes you go that deep into your dream life, that others have to wake you up to bring you back into routine life.

But anyway… you enjoy the time living in such a fantasy and experiencing the best vibes within.

Overall, such a daydream is something that drives you towards your purpose in life.

These are combined signs you are an INFP personality type, who believes in ownself, more than others. 

4. You have a set of values and feelings, to follow and to express.

Everything you do in life, you have a set of rules to consider.

It’s nothing that crazy principles, just your checklist that you consider before doing or reacting to any situation.

Whether it comes to take some decisions in life or contributing to the relationship, you make mindful choices and adhere to your principles.

No matter what you never ignore following such values and gut feelings, because as an INFP you know what’s right for you.

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5. You are associated with the creative field. 

It notably discovered that most INFP personalities often are found working in any creative field like writing, arts, music, entertainment, and on.

Rather than expressing their words openly, they use their profession or arts to express their feelings and deep thoughts to the world.

Well, again… their art not always that expressive. But is like a hint, enough to get the hidden meaning within.

No one easily found that actual ‘meaning’, but as an INFP you think that someone of your type will get the message, eventually. 

If you consider your artwork as a medium to connect with the world, then signs you’re an INFP. 

6. You get ideas and inspirations within. 

Like an imaginative personality type, your thoughts and imagination are very powerful.

You can literally think of anything and anyone, without actually having more info about it. Even when relaxing or doing nothing at all, your thoughts and imagination are there to keep you busy.

Sometimes people find you smiling without any reason because they have no idea what’s going on in your mind.

As an INFP personality type, you get your best idea after spending time with yourself. Because you are self-inspired.

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7. You always need a solid reason to do something. 

Well, you are not the personality type that measures everything in terms of monetary and social appraisals.

Do you know you are an INFP, when you are not working for money and status, at first. These are not your motive, also that isn’t inspiring you to do something.

You want a purpose, a solid reason behind doing something.

Because… for you, it’s not about results that matter.

But, you also look to make the best use of your time and energy, too. Moreover, you want satisfaction from any work. You really want to enjoy the process while working on it. 

Before doing anything, you connect that with your personal set of values and feelings, and these signs prove that you’re an INFP. 

8. You choose the minimalist lifestyle.

While others are going after heavy jewelry, luxurious cars, the latest gadgets, and being famous, you prefer to stay away from these all.

You don’t aim to collect materialist things in life.

Your goals simple. They are more related to inner peace, happiness, and relaxed life.

You don’t believe in showoff and being admired by everyone around you.

If you are truly inspired by the minimalist lifestyle, then signs you are an INFP who doesn’t have regular desires and big dreams in life. 

You like being minimalist and of course, you are a right fit for it.

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9. You are optimistic in life. 

Your positive approach to everything in life is just outstanding.

Even people around you feel surprised to know your level of positive and mental calmness. You don’t lose yourself when time is not good for you.

Instead, you keep it to yourself, stay cool as possible, and do something that you are supposed to do.

Overall, you feel confident about yourself, plus show your trust and belief in someone else, too.

Such confident signs you’re an INFP personality type, because you believe in yourself more than others. 

10. You are adjustable with whatever comes in life. 

Being adjustable with the situation and people around, is one of top quality of yours as an INFP. 

Complaining and being clueless is not your option when things are not going as planned.

You feel relaxed and make necessary adjustments with your plan, to yourself and take better advantage of life opportunities. 

You’re an INFP personality that is very flexible to the life situation in front of you.

You are the one who never complains, just focus on personal efforts and make own way, anyhow.

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11. You have a list of expectations to be fulfilled by your future partner. 

You are not desperate for having someone to share your feelings and life with.

Similarly, you are not open to any relationship.

Before making any serious commitment, you examine that person very well.

You never make yourself available for everyone. As there is a list of certain qualities and personal specialties you expect from that one person.

You don’t just fall in love, driven by your feelings alone.

As an INFP personality signs, you take time, explore such relationships and then choose someone to share your life with.  

12. You separate yourself from any conflicts.

Just as you prefer to live your life freely without any regrets, you never keep yourself busy in any conflicts and unnecessary fights with anyone.

You’re an INFP and you don’t have anything to prove to anyone.

Instead of arguing with someone and wasting your time, you just accept that and not give them any further clues to keep this argument going.

You take most mindful decisions, and also care about someone’s feelings, too. 

When needed, you also apologize, because the same you care for yourself, you respect others equally. 

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How close are you to being an INFP personality?

Well, these are some of the common signs that perfectly match with the most INFP personalities. 

Of course, as a rarest and extremely dynamic personality, there can be more INFP personality signs will be there. But, throughout the article, if you found connected with most given details then signs you are INFP personality type. 

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for us, then let us know in the comment section below.