12 Signs You are Marketer And Actually Great At It

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:32 pm

The way you present your idea, provide instant suggestions, or can understand their problems and such are great signs that you are marketer. And this field is perfect for you. 


How do you know if you are a marketer?

Whether you consider yourself as a marketer or not, whether you’re associated with a professional degree or not, but your regular approach confirms that you are a born marketer.

It’s your personal traits showing that you live marketing every day, and it’s running in your veins.

If you’re here to figure out, Is the marketing field for you, or Am i a great marketer or not?

Then, here are some regular life signs to prove that you’re a marketing mind, and it is your favorite subject.

Here are the most common signs you are a marketer and there’s no exception about it.


12 Signs You are Marketer and Marketing is Your Passion.

1. You are a researcher.

You always try to collect more information at every time you see something new.

You have that inborn curiosity to understand anything and even the behavior of people around you.

You try to find the reasons and purpose behind new products, moreover, you also look for people’s philosophy and decision making to do something.

If finding one’s motive and provide them the right solution, is something that you’re great at…. then, you are a marketer.

2. You always have suggestions to improve products/services.

Not like a complaining client, but as a good observer, you always have some suggestions and tips for companies to improve their offerings.

From updating logo color to product supply, if you have creative ideas plus effective tips to serve customers better, then you are marketer. You very well know what others actually need.

And so, for the customer department, you always have some suggestions, that even companies found thoughtful and reliable to implement.

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3. You sometimes buy things that you don’t need.

Yes, you can be a collector of specific stuff that you feel passionate about.

But, here, you buy a product just to analyze it perfectly.

Moreover, you also want to examine the product or to know-how companies are serving their customers.

You buy things that you don’t need so that… you can develop something that others find worth buying it.

While your parents and friends are complaining over your unimportant spending, you take it as an investment to research to create something valuable.

4. You are a great presenter. And educator.

To educate someone, and guide them well..is something that you’re great at.

You like to share your ideas and concepts to help someone in their life.

You know how to make a positive impact on their life.

People around you really like the way you educate them and relate to the information you share with them.

Staying updated with trends and also keep others informed, if that’s what you like to do… then it’s a sign that you are marketer.

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5. You leave no sample products.

Every time you see that company offering the sample product, you rush there and take it without much thinking.

Well, others may describe this habit anyway, but all you want is to support a company well.

You are a born marketer and loves to give your honest feedback, by testing your product, rightfully.

You are actually the genuine audience, for whom the sample products are there.

Because you are the one who has some valid things to say, as a product user.

6. Your marketing mode is always ACTIVE.

Like you’re already thinking like a marketer, you are always interested to know how particular companies market their campaigns and what they are doing to serve customers better.

Results, every time you visit some business website, you always refer to their testimonials and reviews to check how great they are performing.

You are more interested to know the brand theme and unique promotional campaigns they’re following.

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7. Your market forecast is that much appreciated.

In your family and friend circle, you are the one who has the latest gadget to product updates before anyone else.

You are actually the one who starts the trend in your area and connections.

Whether it is regarding the latest gadgets or new techniques, your suggestions always inspire your group, at a higher scale.

Your marketer’s mind can predict the wave of new demands and upgraded thinking of customers.

Your product ideas and unique concepts always amaze others. These are the signs you are marketer.

8. Your product review and suggestions always help someone.

Even though you don’t consider yourself as an influencer, you actually are.

Especially when before buying, if your friends and close ones ask you for your opinion, then for then, you are an influencer, too.

As they know you have the latest updates and great info to share with them, they seek your advice first.

Probably you’re not aware of it, but people are noticing you and things you’re passionate about.

And, that’s why they prefer your words, over shiny advertisements and buying it immediately.

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9. You think in a very analytic and strategic way.

When you prefer to play strategy board games, rather than arcade and action games… because you like solving confusing things.

You think in a very strategic way, and like doing things that challenge your mind well.

Taking confusing things and to find creative solutions out of it, are such signs you are a marketer.

As you’re habitual to think about everything in a detailed manner, you analyze a lot.

You have that natural ability to imagine a situation and things from various angles.

10. You are highly creative and have an idea to create something great.

If you can’t sleep at night properly because you’re going to start your blog the next day. Or you suddenly feel excited due to your random content idea makes, then believe you’re marketer mind.

Like a marketer, you have amazing ideas and concepts all of sudden.

You’re an idea generator by birth.

Simply seeing something, you can picture the whole concept and make the related strategies, on the spot. Why?? because marketing is your passion.

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11. When you feel sorry after accidentally clicking the ads.

Only true marketers know the feelings of other marketers.

When you are reading an important blog and accidentally click the ads in between, if that hurts you then… you are a great marketer.

You really can’t see someone’s budget spent this way.

Inner self you feel so sorry, for the company, to whom you cost a dollar by just clicking thier ad.

Similarly, you prefer to skip the video ads on youtube the most, so that it can be shown to the right audience.

If you care for the other marker, then you are a great marketer, with no exception.

12. You plan a lot. At least for everything.

From even the smallest things in life to future aspects, you’ve plans for everything.

You know where you want to go and how to reach there.

You have a highly analytical mind and the ability to make a plan, on the spot.

You just don’t start anything all of a sudden, But you prefer to have SWOT analysis first, no matter anything you do in life.

If you are treating your time as a valuable investment, thinking of foreseen return first, then it is a sign that you are a marketer.

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So, What ‘signs of marketer’ do you relate to the most?

Degrees and professional education are not enough to create interest in particular work areas.

You may find people who feel lost even after having a degree, but they’re the ones who find their own purpose without any formal education and professional proof.

Just like every subject, marketing is also not limited to degree and academic poof.

You need to have the inner desires to aim and unlimited ideas to start from.

If you are born marker, your regular life and approach to seeing things prove itself, that marketing is your field.

Here given are some of those proving signs you are a marketer by nature and can choose it as a career.

If you see the majority of signs relating to your nature and daily life then believe you’re a born marketer, and marketing is your life.


Your passion doesn’t require a degree. And, Your degree doesn’t mean that you are passionate about it.