10 Harmonized Signs You Should Be a Musician

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:17 pm

If you ever think that your passion for music is just for something else, then these are proven signs that you’re born to be a musician. Of course, you’re not just a hobbyist musician, it seems that the music is in your veins. 


We all love music, right. But, not everyone has the same feelings while listening to it. 

The reason to listen or to play the music varies from person to person.

Some prefer music to pass their time to work, while some just want to divert their mood.

There are very few who can feel it deeply. And, here the characteristics and traits that make a good musician. 

So, How to know that, you are truly passionate about music or not?

And, this is the time to take music more than just a hobby?

Well, in today’s post we’re going to share some signs to know that music is a life for you. Plus, you have something that it takes to become a successful musician.


10 Tuned Signs You Should Be a Musician

1. For you, music is more than just a hobby and free-time activities. 

First of all, your purpose of spending time with music is quite different from those of music lovers.

You’re not only listening to music when you are free, or have something to get rid of in life.

You listen to music daily, plus you have allocated time for it. Because you’re either learning the music or feeling something special due to it.

Music is not just a tool or option for you.

It’s an essential part of your daily route, it’s your life… that you can’t live without.

When music is way more than fun-time activities, it hits you differently… and are signs you can be a successful musician. 

2. You feel emotionally connected while listening to songs. 

You feel the music so deeply.

More than a mindful activity, for you, music is a way to uncover your emotional side, too.

Yes, you get too emotional while listening to particular songs with intense meaning.

You don’t just follow that tune, there. But, also get the feelings out of the lyrics, too.

Sometimes, you’re so much into the song, you start bursting into the tears.

Because, you connect with this song so well, and feels like it’s written only for you.

That can be the fit signs to know that a music career right is for you.

Because when you can feel the music, you can create the better one.

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3. You make time to practice music every day.

No matter if you perceive music as a long term career or just a hobby.

But the way you schedule a time for practicing your instrument and follow it every day are signs that you have one required skills, to be a musician… a Seriousness.

Even, no matter how frustrated your day went or tired you feel in the evening, you never skip your practice schedule.

You feel excited with the idea of an evening music session, because it supports you to feel good about yourself, too. 

4. You exactly know which form of music you like the most. 

Everyone likes music and listens to it actively. But, that doesn’t make everyone a great musician either.

Why?? Because they enjoy the music and not feeling it fully.

They prefer to enjoy anything that makes them feel good. They like jazz, rock, country, EDM, or everything that sounds good to them, without actually knowing it.

But, the great musician is not great at everything, he is great in a particular music genre and enjoys it purely.

You have an instant answer to, “What’s your favorite music genre?”

You very well know what genre of music connects you better.

Maybe you haven’t think of making music as a career, But if you can connect with certain music deeply, then you can think to be a musician, of your favorite genre.

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5. You have some good sense of music. 

Your taste in music is really a unique one.

You have been listening to music for a long time and know what makes the difference between good and great music.

Simply by listening to random songs, you can figure out the notes that are perfectly played within.

You have the smallest details to suggest that can make a big difference.

Attention to detail to lyrics plus chords, are your special talents.

That’s really appreciated, and showing such signs you should be a musician. 

6. You are in another world when you’re with music. 

Music really connects you so well.

It brings you to a separate place, it gives you healing experiences that you really wish to feel.

You forget about your daily struggles and life worries when you listen to your favorite songs.

You sing with your closed eyes and can feel the music within yourself.

It frees you from everything, everyone in your life.

It encourages you to feel your existence.

When that’s the case, that means music can be a full-time career option for you. Because you’ve required characteristics of a successful musician. 

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7. You think musically.

You are a highly creative person, and can connect everything to music, so easily.

You have the best approach to present situations in musical ways.

Whether it is related to writing a song or a music note, your creative mind supports you well to make something unusual.

As expected from the musician, you’re creative with your thoughts and feelings, too.

Moreover, you get new tune or song ideas, from something that no one can think about.

Your natural ability to link everything to music, will, of course, help you in your music career a lot. 

8. You wish to be part of the music band.

You’re connected with the group of musical minds.

Your friends and close connections are associating with different music genres. That’s not the only required signs you should be a musician, but that does shape your mind accordingly. 

Being in the musical environment, you also start taking music differently, too.

You really care for music plus have burning desires to be part of the musical band.

Most importantly, if you are ready to take any challenges to be a musician or to be on stage, that means a music career is the right option for you. 

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9. You have required patience for this hard route. 

Fact is, the path of musical success is not for everyone.

Not everyone who dreams of becoming a successful musician ends up being the one.

Because not everyone carries the same desires, passion, and patience in this field.

Some lose the momentum in the early stages, while for some, their passion fade over time.

If you want to make something big in the music industry, then patience is another required skill.

Well, if you’re that passionate and can be focused during the tough stage, then you should be a musician. 

10. You have trust in yourself, that you can make it.

Simply having a desire or wishes to become a musician, is not enough.

A person has to stand up for ownself.

More than anyone, you have to trust in yourself, first.

Because, before or after becoming an artist, a person has to face many rejections plus dislikes from the public.

You better take their judgments, as their personal views only.

Not everyone will love your work equally.

And, you better not try pleasing everyone instead.

But, the important thing is, you have to believe in yourself, above everything and everyone else.

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What do you feel like, a Born musician or a hobbyist?

If you found yourself fine-tuning with the most discussed signs of a musician, then you really are passionate about music.

It’s proved that, for you, music is more than just a pastime activity, it’s your life, it’s your future. 

When music hits you differently, it becomes a purpose of your life. 

And we hope that, if you plan to take music as a career or already have started your journey to become a great musician then this info will inspire you, for sure. 

These are just notifying ‘signs you should be a musician’, that we want to share with you.

Plus, there are many more skills, and personal traits you want to follow to figure out: Do you have what it takes to become a musician or not?

Moreover, we also want to know your views, regarding what are you thinking about this post. Share your thoughts and experiences, in the comment section below.