11 Signs Your Roommate Likes You Secretly

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 05:53 am

Feel like your roommate seems (romantically) interested in you? 

Well, maybe your roommate is developing feelings for you. Or, they’re just trying to connect with you. 

Everything is possible. 

And, there are some signs that your roommate likes you and holds special space for you.

Firstly, it’s important to be confident about that. Especially if you also feel similar to them.


11 Signs Your Roommate Likes You Secretly

You and your roommate share the same roof. Not family nor friends. But still, act like one. 

A roommate fills in when you don’t have family around or friends to hang out with.

Here you don’t only share a room, but also a part of your lives together. 

There’s a possibility that you or your roommate may feel attracted. 

Believe me, things get special when you notice these signs from your roommate.

1. Your roommate stays with you more. Actually, she likes to be around you.

Everywhere you go, your roommate accompanies you.

Before coming with you, they make sure you’re alone.

From grocery shopping to outfit shopping, your roommate joins you.

In a way, she’s happy to be part of your life outside a room.

Signs Your Roommate Is Interested In You

2. He or she becomes more supportive to you.

Of course, they are. Your family is far away, and friends are hard to reach.

Both of you become dependable in time.

Thankfully, your roommates understand what your mood is and support you.

You won’t remain sad anymore due to them. They keep you cheerful and motivated.

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3. Your roommate occasionally flirts with you but calls it a joke.

When your roommate likes you as a person, they can’t resist flirting with you.

Imitate your style, do something like you. This proves that your roommate closely observes you.

They might also try to get your attention this way.

Such are signs that your roommate is attracted to you but try to hide it. 

4. You can feel the sexual tension in the room.

Well, this one is most common when a crush is around. Same vibes from your roommate.

You might not talk to each other enough, but your eyes say a lot.

A shy roommate looks uncomfortable around you as they carry some feelings for you. 

5. Your roommate touches you and that’s nothing awkward.

The roommate has no problem sitting close to you while watching your favorite shows together.

It is possible that your roommate feels much comfort with you in that way.

Neither you nor they make things too awkward.

And your roommate tries to find more ways to touch you.

Such as patting on your shoulder or holding hands on an evening walk. 

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6. Your roommate can wait for you to do something together.

Whether it’s dinner time or shopping, you find your roommate waiting for you.

They enjoy doing small or special things with you.

These are some small gestures from your roommate that might tell that your roommate has feelings for you and considers you part of their routine.

7. A roommate prefers to hang out with you rather than their friends.

Slowly, you are becoming more than just roommates.

You’re now best friends doing things together and sharing a good time.

But your roommates are feeling beyond that. Possible that your friendship turns into love.

Your roommate is fine with skipping their friends’ party but choosing to spend the weekend with you. Because your roommate is into you. 

8. Your roommate asks questions about your relationship.

When most of their conversations center around this topic, that’s not normal interaction.

Maybe your roommate is trying to find out if you have someone in your life already.

And if you’re single, they ask questions about your relationship priorities and plans.

All are enough signs that your roommate likes you and hopes to have a relationship with you.

Signs Your Roommate Has Feelings For You

9. You both feel very comfortable with each other.

As you both move away from home, here you and your roommate are more like family now.

You both know enough about each other.

Due to that, there’s comfort when you two are together.

They don’t have a problem sharing routine chores with you and are ready to help.

Maybe your roommate likes you as a person and sees you as a good person.

10. Your roommate likes to talk about their day with you.

Earlier, they talked the same with their parents or bestie, and now with you.

Your roommate kind of starts trusting you and likes you.

From what happens at their work today to what’s their plan for next year, they happily share everything with you.

If your roommate has no interest in you, they won’t share anything. 

11. You’re now part of their world.

That means, now you both know each other at a personal level.

Your friends, family, and parents are aware of each other.

You both also comfortably talk to each other’s parents.

Lately, your roommate also asks for your suggestions and takes you seriously.

They are also helpful when you need them on your side.

It’s like you’re both becoming one life, sharing one room. 

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Now, Your Roommate Fall For You, What Next?

Felt somewhat similar signs from the list? That means, your roommate likes you, but he or she is hiding that feeling from you. 

Well, if you also like the same way and consider them as a good person to be with, you could make a move.

The reason to share these signs is just to confirm what’s going on in that room.

Now as things are clear, you could get ahead and share your feelings. 

Who knows you could mean to share the entire life then on? So, all the best!