11 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job (Because You Simply Hate It)

Last updated on September 22nd, 2022 at 05:50 pm

Not giving your best even if you trying hard or pushing yourself to go to work every Monday… is enough to show that you hate what you do.

And if you need more hints to decide is it now time to quit this job, then keep reading as we are going to share such signs that it’s time to leave your job.

Because seriously this is not working out or you don’t care about your job anymore.


You hate your job, actually who doesn’t. But not everyone hates their job for the same reason. 

Some hate their company due to not giving them appreciation and pay-rise as they deserve.

While some lose their passion to work,  while some hate their job, just because everyone does the same, so. 

But, we are not here talking about… why you also have to hate your job.

Here we are discussing that your decision to quit your job is right… Because you have an acceptable reason for it.


11 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

1. You are literally forcing yourself to go to work. 

When you are not in the mood to go to your work, on Monday, Tuesday, Wed.. means every day, then that proves, you hate your job truly.

Not having the mood to go to work occasionally after a long vacation, is fair.

But, when you hate working every day then signs it’s time to find new opportunities and leave your present job. 

Because, your successful career demands you to do something, with heart and full focus.

With high pressure and lack of interest, nothing can be achieved, either in a career or in life.

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2. When a job is costing you, your health.

Your job pressure gets so high that you ignore your personal health completely.

You forget about the last time you felt relaxed and took a full night’s sleep.

You are overworking… But, due to the frustration of securing a job. 

You recklessly running after company targets, and ignore your mental health, completely.

If you notice relatable signs then it’s time to leave your job.

Because this job is consuming your life, too. 

3. You only have negatives things to say about your job.

Is your way to a job pass with regrets and frustration only?

Is your elevator talk with colleagues, Is it all about your lazy manager or a bad boss?

Don’t ignore such secret cues, as are actually your perspective about the work you do at the present company.

When you have just negative things to say about your work and company, then signs it’s time to quit your job.

Because you can’t fake satisfaction forever.  

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4. When there’s no future scope in the same job. 

When you get no more opportunities from your present job, you better make the right decision for your career, too.

You can’t be that careless to stay in the same job for long… even after knowing that this work has no future scope. 

For your career, it’s better to leave your job that adds no value to your life.

Over anything else, you’ve to first think about your future career, too. 

When you found that you’ve no growth opportunities in a present company or this job may be useless in the future, then it’s time to move away from this job.

5. You are working with lazy, toxic, and political employees. 

The work environment does matter when it comes to performance and motive to work harder.

You can’t stay focused and dedicated to work when you are surrounded by complaining co-workers.

When your boss or manager is not the right leader, your co-workers are backstabbers, and you see yourself being one of them.

You have a passion to do something and a desire to create your future better.

But such a negative work environment, won’t make it easy for you, anyway.

So better to quit your job and find the right place where you can grow as you dream. 

6. You are not feeling great at corporate culture. 

Probably you are looking for some remote position with flexible work time.

Or you prefer a work-from-home lifestyle the most.

Chances are you end up feeling frustrated at your corporate job too soon.

Of course, working at home and the company are two different aspects and not everyone is happy with two, either.

But, if you feel more focused on managing your time by working at your comfort, then office jobs will be a daily struggle for you.

And, for your better, it’s good if you understand your desirable work environment first. 

It’s perfectly fine when you want to work remotely only.

The problem is when you try hard to adjust yourself to the situation, even after knowing that you’re not fit for it.

When it comes to working productivity and quality, you can’t force yourself… you deserve a sound work environment.

When corporate culture is not a good fit, then such sign it’s time to leave your job.

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7. You are expecting something else.

You have joined a new job with all that excitement and passion to do something new here, that’s great.

But now things are not going well, after a few weeks or months.

The work you’re given is completely different from the actual job profile.

So now, you feel stuck at your job and regretting your decision.

That can happen, you are not responsible for that, either. 

When work at a job is not matching with your career profile, it may cost your time and skills, too.

You better not spend your time in a job, that is completely diverse than your career goals.

After all, what’s the purpose of spending years doing such jobs that do not help you to develop skills, that you aim for, actually.

If so, then signs it’s time to leave your job because you’re doing wrong to your overall career profile, too.

8. You are not passionate about the work you do. 

You can not do everything with the same interest.

Maybe you are not feeling great at this job or one work, that doesn’t mean you are careless or dull.

It simply means you are not passionate about this work.

If working on something becomes very hard for you every day, then you lack passion for it.

If you don’t want to stay frustrated and unmotivated forever, then better to look for a new opportunity.

You need to take a logical decision and to find something that you really passionate about.

Not feeling committed to work is one of the best signs it’s time to leave your job.

Not because the job is not right, but because you are not the right fit for this job. 

9. Your contribution is always ignored. 

You are giving your everything to this job, you are working overtime to meet the company’s goals.

You have preferred company over your personal life, too.

And, if still you’re not appreciated, then you’re thinking right that… you’ve wasted your time.

And if you don’t want to waste your time anymore, then are signs it’s time to quit your job.

You don’t have to invest your time and efforts… in work or in a company, where you won’t be appreciated for your contribution.

When your contribution is not respected, as you deserved, then leaving this job is the only option, you have there.  

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10. When you’re feeling too comfortable with this job.

Yes, you read that right. Having a too comfortable job is equally a problem, likewise.

This relaxed work may feel great to you right now… But, it may create problems in the future, too.

You don’t want to be the same forever, Are you?

You want to grow and make something great in life.

And if yes, then it’s time to leave your job that is too comfortable.

To make something worthwhile in your life/career, you need to leave your comfort zone first. 

11. You agreed to almost all earlier points. 

Okay, so you are now on this page looking for “signs it’s time to leave your job”, you already read this article and accepted all points equally.

You know, you are not feeling passionate about your present job.

You are thinking to change your job, as soon as possible.

You accepted that you’re not happy with your job.

You really want to double-check your decision regarding ‘to quit your job’ is right on not.

And, now you’re feeling great about the decision to change your job. 

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How do you know when it’s time to leave your job?

If you relate with most given cases here, then it’s proved that… you hate your job, truly.

The idea of going to work really frustrates you every day.

These are the most common warning signals and if that connects with your present job, then are signs it’s time to leave your job. 

Because not a single job is worth more than yourself… and your life, of course. Do you agree?